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  4. Hello SamMak, thanks for starting this group. I would like to join this whatsapp group. My contact Number is +44 7471964883.
  5. Hello everyone Those who are preparing the casc exam can join the casc group. You will be able to discuss and share your knowledge about casc. This forum also can help you to pass the casc. I have passed the casc recently mainly from the support of this group. Good luck in casc and happy preparation. Thanks Tom
  6. It will not be valid but will definitely give you decent clinical experience which is appreciated all over the world, as psychiatry is a specialty where demand supply will work in your favour always. Maybe a good idea for you could be to write MRCPsych exams during your PG in India (CASC part might be tricky but not undoable). That will open many doors for you esp w.r.t. Australia and the UK. Good luck.
  7. I would say do a few months of locum work (not competitive) and then apply for a core training post. A lot of people come into psychiatry from other specialities and in my experience are welcomed.
  8. Hello Dr. Sean, Kindly share your number or email ID to give a call and have a further discussion. Regards, Isha L
  9. Hi do you have WhatsApp, your number is not working?
  10. 923003616671 add me 923003616671.
  11. I'll try to summarize the ques posted before & add in some that I remember: MCQ 1. Drug contraindicated in alcohol: Metronidazole 2. Percentage of antisocial personality disorder in prisoners 3. Which is not part of testamentary capacity? 4. Psychological amnesia: for crimes of passion 5. A man complaining of left hand weakness. Tests come back negative. How to test if someone is suffering from functional cause? Hoover's test 6. Annual conversion rate of MCI to other forms of dementia: 5-10% / 15-20% / 30-40% 7. Man with schizoaffective disorder previously adequately treated with Clozapine, but he recently had epileptic seizure. His Clozapine level is at the upper end of therapeutic range. What's the next step? Options: Stop Clozapine / Reduce Clozapine dose / Add Valproate 8. A 40+ year old man currently in depressive phase, but has history of mania ~ years ago. What's the best tx? Lithium / Valproate / Quetiapine / Lamotrigine 9. Clozapine not indicated as outpatient initiation for patient with? Options: DM / Hypertension / H/o paralytic ileus 10. Memantine contraindicated in? Options: eGFR 51ml/min/1.73m2 / Epilepsy / H/o myocardial infarction / HR 55bpm 11. 5 year old boy with severe learning disability, microcephaly, noisy & hypertelorism. Options: Cri-du-chat / Williams / Angelman 12. Which of the following is true about Williams syndrome? Options: Most causes are sporadic mutations / It's caused by mutation in chromosome 22 / It causes severe learning disability 13. REM behavioral disorder: More common in Lewy Body Dementia 14. Antipsychotic with best evidence base for initial use in Parkinson disease: Clozapine? (Quetiapine was one of the options too. The word "initial use" got me in dilemma actually) 15. 35-year-old man diagnosed as ADHD with moderate functional impairment. What's the best treatment? Options: Methylphenidate / Atomoxetine / Clonidine 16. Which of the following has the best ROC for alcohol screening? Options: AUDIT / CDT / GGT / MCV 17. Which of the following is true about non-epileptic convulsion? Options: 1/10 patients in specialist service have non-epileptic convulsion / 90% are women / Usually no urinary incontinence / May have preceding epileptic seizure in the past 18-20. Referring to the Fagan nomogram given, prevalence of an illness is 10%. Positive LR was 2 while negative LR was 0.5. - If a person was screened negative, what's the probability he has the illness? - Same ques as above, but prevalence changed to 30% instead of 10%. - What contributed to the difference of probability in the example above? Options: PPV & NPV has changed / PPV is heavily dependent on prevalence / Sensitivity & specificity have changed. 21-24. Excerpt about wanting to find out about old people in nursing home's sleep. Interview was done & electronic questionnaires were distributed to the carers. - What was the aim of the study? - What was the sampling method? (Options: Convenience / Purposive / etc) - What was the strength of the study? - What can be inferred from the result? 25-27. Funnel plot (assymetrical with missing dots near the broader end). - What was missing in the above data? (Options: Big studies with negative result / Big studies with positive result / Small studies with negative result / Small studies with positive result) - By filling up the missing area with new plots, what happened to the result? (Options: It is more representative of true finding / It underestimates the effect size / It overestimates the effect size) - What was the bias causing the asymmetry: Publication bias. 28-29. Forest plot with unpublished result & published result and a total effect regarding comparison of Agomelatine vs placebo. - What can be inferred from the data? - What was the strength of the study: Including unpublished results. 30. A trainee has been asked to do an audit on their clinical practice. So he collected the data, presented his finding in the meeting. 8 weeks later, he re-audit again. What's missing from his audit? Options: Lack of intervention / Lack of new treatment option to improve the problem 31. What is the pathology in ADHD? 32. A new drug is found to have equal efficacy and safety with an old drug. How to evaluate the benefit of this one? I think it was cost minimisation analysis. 33. You're interviewing a child with PTSD secondary to child abuse. What's the approach for his other siblings? Options: Not to ask about trauma directly unless disclosed by child / Have session with the siblings without the abuser (forgot other options) 34. A patient was previously on Paroxetine but stopped taking it abruptly for few days. He's now back with anxiety & agitation. What's the likely step? Options: Start another antidepressant (forgot the drug given) / Restart Paroxetine and taper off slowly 35. "Empty chair" is associated with which psychotherapy? Answer: Gestalt therapy 36. A lady who was always neglecting her responsibilities at work and not cooperative with her colleagues was recently made redundant from work. She said it's because of her colleagues badmouthing about her rather than admitting her mistake. Options: Rationalization / Denial / Reaction formation / Displacement / etc 37. Risk of suicide after deliberate self-harm: 1 in 100 38. Narcolepsy is associated with which of the following? Options: Extracampine hallucinations / Myoclonic jerks / etc 39. Which is the most effective primary prevention of alcoholism? Options: Promote sensible drinking / Increasing the price of alcohol / etc 40. Treatment option for pathological gambling: Naltrexone? (unsure of answer) 41. Patient just recovered from manic episode. How long should he wait before he can drive again? Options: 1 month / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year / etc 42. The ability of a questionnaire to measure what it sets out to measure. What type of validity is this? 43. Something on test-retest reliability 44. Calculating specificity 45-46. Kaplan-Meier curve showing probability of not developing depression with time among smokers & non-smokers. - What does the y-axis in the graph represent? (Answer: Probability of not developing depression) - What conclusion can be drawn from the graph? (One of the options was, by 10 years, 95% of the non-smokers develop depression. Don't fall for the trick! Remember that the y-axis is actually the probability of NOT developing depression) 47. Common psychiatric disorder in SLE: Mania? (unsure) 48. Question on bulimia & anorexia 49. High heritability in: Schizophrenia? (unsure) EMI 1. Abstinence after successful heroin detox with a supportive partner: Naltrexone 2. Completed alcohol detox 2 weeks ago & currently having craving. Pt wants to prevent relapse: Acamprosate 3. A lady chronic alcohol user currently presenting with confusion, ophthalmoplegia. Tx: Thiamine 4. Learning from imitation: Social learning 5. Encouragement by giving reinforcement unrelated to the desired behaviour: ?non contingent reinforcement 6. Assessment for mx of difficult behaviours: Functional analysis 7. Mother complains child having haematuria. Upon urinalysis, found red food colouring instead of blood in urine: Munchausen by proxy 8. Man been investigated for colon cancer but negative findings. He still insists having colon cancer, and now claims that he can't work anymore because of it. ? Factitious ?malingering? 9. Lady been investigated for illness many times but all negative findings. She insists doctors are missing something. Hypochondriasis 10. A young man just underwent rhinoplasty but now claims he's nose is even more malformed. Body dysmorphic disorder 11. A 6-year-old girl referred for repetitive hand movements starts losing ability to speak. ?Rett's 12. An 8-year-old boy is unable to interact well with his peers in school as he couldn't understand the conversations especially if the classroom is noisy. Once he understands instructions and knows what's expected from him, he's able to perform well. ?Normal development 13. An adopted girl's foster mother is concerned that she doesn't attach to her, but would start crying when she's put in the crib. ?Reactive attachment disorder 14. "Experimental event rate - (minus) control event rate": Absolute benefit increase 15. 1 / ABI = NNT 16. Questions on learning disability - Rett's syndrome, Landau-Kleffner's syndrome, etc. 17. A lady currently in 1st trimester of pregnancy having 1st episode mania. What's suitable tx? (Options: Fluoxetine / all types of anticonvulsants / the only choice of antipsychotic in the list was Haloperidol) 18. There were questions on the different types of dementia - including Alzheimer's, Binswanger's, Lewy Body Dementia, etc. 19-21. 3 questions on PCL-R: What is the History / Clinical / Affective component? (Options: Psychopathy / impulsivity / Needing activity to kill boredom / etc) 22-23. Key term for solution focused therapy & DBT 24-26. Types of family therapy 27. Fredreich ataxia, biswanger Thanks to all the sharing here, we managed to get up to 76 recall questions LOL! That's like half of the exam Hope we all passed the exam, fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!
  12. Does anyone want to join a WhatApp group for paper B in October 2019?
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  14. Hi Did you take it?
  15. Interview child with PTSD ? Not ask about trauma directly unless disclosed by child.
  16. hey!! would love to join the group.
  17. Hey, I just joined as a 1st year Resident in Psychiatry here in India, Planning to give my paper A by the end of the year. Would really appreciate all the help I could gather, right from what books to refer and how to go about writing the exam with the ongoing residency. Thanks Looking forward to an amazing time here.
  18. Also - empty chair technique - gestalt IPT - brief psychotherapy session question on patient stopped paroxetine, now coming back with anxiety agitation etc
  19. EMI about forensic scales: HCR-20 and PCL-R (Affective, historical and clinical) Possible answers: Personality disorder, Psychopathy, Impulsivity etc
  20. Question about - lady not doing her work and was released from work. She blamed it on people badmouthing her?
  21. Partial Defense of mixer
  22. Risk of suicide after deliberate SH - 1 in 100 Narcolepsy- extamcampine hallucinations? Not sure about the answer. Confirm if anyone knows. hoover test was answer for some test of legs There was a question about pseudo seizures can’t remember that. I chose the last option lol can’t remeber which one was it Question about primary prevention of alcohol. All seemed like primary options lol I think that was a tricky one. I chose sensible drinking option. Not sure of it. Question about cortical and subcortical dementia. One answer was normalisation
  23. I don't know what the right answer was. I think I chose the option about the lack of a new hypothesis? (I know the exam was just yesterday, but I've already forgotten which option I selected)... Overall, though, I think I (mostly) picked the same answers that you guys have noted. Still, it seems that you guys have recalled the "easy" questions... there were some that were quite difficult... seems we can't recall those questions... LOL... Anyway, we'll find out in a month's time... And keep posting whatever you recall...
  24. Pathological gambling- naltrexone?
  25. Question on antidepressant for severe depression with a previous episode of mania 20 years ago antipsychotic for psychosis associated for Parkinson disease having best evidence Affective PCL item histiric and clinical HCL items key term for solution focussed therapy, DBT Family therapy questions driving time after manic episode Defense mechanism- displacement? Calculating specificity- was answer 95% for first question? Fredreich ataxia, biswanger in emis Face validity construct validity test retest reliability I think it was purposive sampling Ethical issue study I’m emi- rct? Kaplan meire curve Psychiatric disorder in sle- mania? Bulimia and anorexia questions High heritability in - schizophrenia ? Suicidal prevalence after self harm? Ocd same ratio in male: female
  26. Updated link to new version
  27. Hi LocumSHO, do you know what was the answer for this question? Was it the lack of intervention or the lack of new experimental treatment before re-audit? I was in a dilemma
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