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  5. How is your job affected by the pandemic? How do you conduct your work differently, community and inpatient? Do you look after COVID-19 positive inpatients? Do you have the appropriate PPE? Are you being re-deployed?
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  7. paper A is SPMM enough or psychmentor
  8. Thank you for responding. Do you have the ebook Psychiatry in Primary care? If yes please email me
  9. I did it and was successful in May 2018. A book entitled Psychiatry in Primary care was a wonderful resource as well as the past papers and Oxford handbook of Psychiatry. Good luck!
  10. Has anyone done the Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry Ireland exam? Need resources. Please guide
  11. Has anyone done Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry RCP Ireland? Need help.
  12. Please help anyone?
  13. Hey, I’m interested and would prefer to start early, based in Manc so would be online practice. Thanks
  14. Let me know if you are interested in online CASC practice thinking couple of hours on weekend and/or an hour on week days.
  15. Hi Jamie...i would love to join in. I can travel to London but post work will probably be difficult. Is there any chance you meet up during the weekend?
  16. Hi looking for study partner for September CASC. I have decided to start early so that its not too stressful nearer the exam. Anyone interested? I am based in Berkshire but happy to travel to London and nearby areas. Alternatively, could meet up over Skype. Thanks
  17. Interested for part time practice
  18. is anyone around London?
  19. Hi all A couple of us have formed a little CASC practice group in preparation for the September 2020 exam. We meet weekly (usually after work) at the The British Library near Kings Cross station in central London. It's pretty relaxed and we just spend an hour or two going through stations. It's been really useful so far. If anyone would like to join, please message me. BW Jamie
  20. Dear doctors I was working in forensic psychiatry for 5 years and got bored so I changed to gen adult for last 2 years. I am liking it but I have 24 patients and in total we have 4 doctors. A full time consultant, full time Specialty doctor (myself), one trainee CT1 and FY2. CT1 is generally out for MRCPsy course and off after nights+study leave. It generally leave us with 3 doctors most of the time. The guidelines of Royal college is that all patients should be seen every week. On top of this we have admissions/discharges/reviews/ professional meetings/carers meeting of patients on leave. This case load is overwhelming. Can somebody tell me how many patients (max) a doctor should have to provide safe care and also to complete admin/legal stuff?
  21. Anyone who has been to the recent ST4 old age clinical scenario staton, could you please describe how to approach the station please You are a newly appointed ST4 trainee in old age psychiatry. Martha Jones is an 84 year old lady who has been admitted to the organic in-patient ward 2 weeks ago having been found wandering. She had an ACE of 68 and was found to have a urine infection that has been treated. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s has been made following a CT scan that showed atrophy. A repeat ACE has improved to 73 – dropping marks in recall and orientation, with errors copying a star. She was previously living independently. She wants to go back home when she is feeling better, however her daughter/son wants her to move straight into a local dementia registered residential home. The occupational therapy assessment indicates she would probably manage at home with a care package three times a day. In the last ward round the consultant noted she had capacity to decide to go home. The patient’s notes indicate she lives alone in council rented downstairs flat with a cat. Martha’s daughter wants to speak to you about discharge plans. You have Martha’s permission to speak to family. You have 15 minutes with the daughter/son but you can finish earlier if you choose to do so. The interviewers will assess your communication skills and your ability to form a successful doctor – carer partnership
  22. As everyone knows the iPhone went on shelves today. Did anyone manage to get one? Post your thoughts, etc, here Im getting mine soon
  23. nah, i didnt find it offensive. It was just a crap joke Good on ya 4 tryin though. What do u do if a bird shits on your car? Dont ask her out again
  24. Theres a large Advertising Agency in Mumbai, I have heard from friends, which has Taxi allowance for GIRLS after 9pm and for GUYS after 12 midnight. can you name the agency? and do you think its equality of the genders? like as written in our Constitution?
  25. I guess a reward is like the "Leadership" skill, but it isnt from mastering. I think that would be a cool idea. Something like an extra skill point for each weapon?
  26. please get in touch on
  27. Please how many attempts are allowed for CASC
  28. Can anyone advise what is the weekend and nights frequency in different Psychiatric subspecialties, for example, general adult, old age and CAHMS? I know it depends a lot on the Trust but would like to know everyone's individual experiences in different Trusts. TIA.
  29. Can anyone advise what is the weekend and nights frequency in different Psychiatric subspecialties, for example, general adult, old age and CAHMS? I know it depends a lot on the Trust but would like to know everyone's individual experiences in different Trusts. TIA.
  30. My email is; please get in touch My email is; skype is: notorious.me2 My email is; skype is: notorious.me2
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