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  3. I am interest to join Peer group for CPD submission purpose i too am a SAS doctor let me know how we can discuss and which sub specialty are you interested in I will try to do the CPDs and we can review I would like to know miminim how many doctors are needed to make a peer group thanks
  4. Hi , anyone is taking Part A in June? im thinking of sharing spmm to reduce the cost . pm me
  5. Hi I manged to get where I wanted (NW London). Good luck with the upgrades
  6. considering that CASC format has changed from Jan 2018, a few pertinent questions can be addressed by those who appeared and are planning to appear this year. The important highlights of the new format: Linked stations have been removed. all stations have stipulated duration of 6+1 min. The very first doubt which i am facing in my preparation is in practicing the scenarios which were earlier part of linked stations and had extra time compared to new format. i am finding it difficult to cover all the domains in 7 min, especially the ones involving assessment. Any tips?
  7. Last week
  8. Hi watershed. I've been offered a CT1 post to start in August... very happy. It wasn't my top choice location so now I'm waiting on the upgrade system... still not quite sure how that works (do we have to wait until after 16th March to potentially be offered upgrade...) Hope you were successful too!
  9. I dont know about that. but yes am available to practice a few stations provided the timings can be worked out.
  10. Hello I appeared in January. Unfortunately was unsuccessful. Can I join with your group. Thanks
  11. Hi Do you know if we can appear in CASC in Singapore from UK. I am interested to practice in Skype as well. My Skype id is Thanks
  12. well I am currently based in India. you can skype me on, and we can try to plan out something
  13. Hi I am interested in practicing with you. Let me know your contact details . Same here, I am UK trained and based in UK thanks
  14. Hi I am planning for the same and would like to join up with you. Please let me know if you are OK with this. Just to add, I am a UK trained doctor and based in UK at present, this is in view that if you are based abroad there can be time differences thanks
  15. I am planning to take the may 2018 CASC at singapore. Looking for partners to discuss stations over skype. Also suggestions and tips are most welcome.
  16. Hello Dr Hayat I am curious as to how did your exam in Singapore go? Can you please advise.
  17. Dear Colleagues, I am hoping to take CASC in September 2018 and looking for a study partner. Please let me know if anyone is available Best wishes !
  18. Hello all. I am Dr Osayi Consultant Psychiatrist Nigeria
  19. Hi! How can I join the group?
  20. It's there now
  21. Earlier
  22. hi I am going to appear MRCPsych Paper B in oct 2018 , please provide me study material
  23. Been offered speciality doctor post with no on calls. Any ideas about negotiating start salary with core training experience, MRCPsych and section 12 approval. Hoping to get ST4 job from August 2018.
  24. Does anyone know when will the college email results of paper A tomorrow.. it says before mid day they will be emailed
  25. Me too! Thank you
  26. Thank you
  27. Also interested in this! Thanks
  28. ... is correct Many thanks to this.
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