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  2. I have applied for GA first choice in South Wales, but I got unfortunately North Wales which would not be possible as I have got little ones. I am currently holding the offer wishing to have an upgarde... But what would happen if no upgrades happen till 2nd May? If I decline the post, I wouldn't be offered any more jobs in the current round, but if I accept hoping for possible upgrades, I might not be upgraded and I might then have to go to North Wales away from my children Any advice regarding similar situations?? Would anybody be interested to swap SW with NW?
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  4. hey!! I'm in Ireland at the moment. I work here in Psychiatry. You could contact me by email as I don't go on often to the forum if that works better for you. Regards, Dr. P
  5. I am interested in joining
  6. Please give your opinions about Casc examination set up. Thanks
  7. Yes it's for free and we contribute to the discussions. It's to help everyone to pass the casc. Good luck and happy preparation
  8. Where are you located?
  9. hey! I'm taking the diploma on using the past papers topics, and just doing long cases. I was looking for a study partner if you are interested? regards, Dr. P email:
  10. anyone interested in prepping for DCP ???I'm taking it on may 17th Dr. P email :
  11. I think there was hyperreflexia so I put serotonin syndrome. You can also get high temp with that. the mock b paper says amisulpiride is best to augment with clozapine if poor treatment response but the exam asked what would be best when associated with weight gain and high cholesterol which is why I put aripiprazole
  12. Hi everyone. I'm a consultant psychiatrist, practicing in Kerala, India. Planning on attempting Paper A this year.
  13. Hello. Has anyone accepted the KSS post for this? I have another job offer but this Specialty would be my first choice. I happen to know that a slightly higher ranked trainee has been offered the post I want, but his first choice would have been KSS. Knowing if this is still available (or not) would help him make a decision on the post I want before the deadline. Many thanks in advance.
  14. There are dual training posts for Gen adult / Forensic I believe. No exit exams in Psych.
  15. Rather than leave a training post, I think you can re-apply for the one you want and request to transfer some of your experience / competences. I don't fully know what you mean by ' you are exempt from applying if you relinquish a training number '.
  16. You could try the Institute of Psychiatry London King's college email addresses which has links to south London and maudsley NHS trust. The King's college website under Institute of psychiatry has contact details for internationals wanting to come to London for shadowing etc.
  17. can we link together am also interested. my email address is thanks
  18. WE is characterized by the triad of altered mental status, ataxia, and ophthalmoplegia, but only 16% of patients present with the full classic triad of symptoms [5]. Mental status changes are the most frequent findings in these patients (82%), followed by ocular findings (29%) and ataxia (23%)
  19. Is Birmingham course any good?? From what i ve researched, i ve seen that most people recommend psychmentor and SPMM. Just wanted to get few suggestions before subscribing for one. Apart from these courses, are there any textbooks that will be helpful?? Thank you.
  20. central coherence theory (CC), suggests that a specific perceptual-cognitive style, loosely described as a limited ability to understand context or to "see the big picture", underlies the central disturbance in autism and related autism spectrum disorders apologies for my fragmented memory, but was there any mention of myoclonus or hyperreflexia. these are 2 main features present in Serotonin and not NMS. if these are mentioned then it is definitely serotonin. i chose NMS because of onset of symptoms within 48 hours and increased temperature and rigidity. amisulpiride is the answer in mock paper B cerebellar signs and ophthalmoplegia is also in mock paper B
  21. Hi, Dr. Hayat, 1.clozapine should be augmented by amisulpride (according to evidence base) 2.wernickes- answer is cerebellar signs and opthalmoplegia, because commonly presented signs 3.autistic children not being to perceive things as a whole answer maybe cohesion theory,but certainly not hypersystemization,because it is ability to perceive repeating patterns in things, eg. music,seen in high functioning autistic children. 4.haloperidol and sertraline OD, answer is NMS, because of cardinal signs fever and rigidity
  22. Thank you for posting so many questions and sorry for delayed response. I must say you have got a brill memory. I am still struggling to remember anything in addition to your 81 questions. Shall we discuss the difficult ones with their answers? 1. Augmenting Clozapine, like you, I also marked Amisulpride, but I am not sure if its the right answer coz the patient had weight gain and dyslipidemia, and Aripiprazole seems more reasonable but again there is more evidence for amisulpiride (if weight gain is not an issue?) 2. Equal incidence, very tricky one, coz all of them have increased incidence in females, I put hyperchondriasis? 3. Wernekes, again I made a mistake, I put ataxia and confusion, correct answer is confusion and optholmoplegia 4. autism children cannot perceive objects as a whole .what is this phenomenon.....Hypersystemisation 5. Haloperidol and sertraline OD, Serotonin syndrome, coz onset's quite acute
  23. Very helpful What is the pass marks for Paper A?
  24. Dear Doctor 

    im preparing for paper A for the past one year.

    kindly guide me 



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  26. There was it’s actually on the mock paper A in spmm ie best decision autonomy paternalism etc
  27. I think there was a question on beneficence and non-maleficence? an EMI question
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