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  2. Hi there, I am going to be released from my CT training in August, however still have to do my CASC. I am moving location and the speciality I am interested in doesnt have speciality training in the area I am moving, I am wondering after my relocation can I apply for forensic speciality training and maybe do it for two years and then transfer to a higher training in another speciality e.g. medical psychotherapy or old age (it's just a example, essential non of the dual training on RCPsych websites0 in the same region or different region and maybe get a dual training CCT in both specialities even if there are no dual CCT programs for them?
  3. Some other points I've just remembered: primary vs secondary delusions mechanism of action of atomoxetine what blood tests to do before starting agomelatine ICD-10 criteria - specifically, duration - how long do symptoms need to be present to make a diagnosis of depression, same question for mania, etc. assessment instruments - which one of these is a screening instrument (options given included YBOCS, Edinburgh post-natal depression scale, Hamilton depression scale, etc. I think the answer was the Edinburgh post-natal depression scale, the others are rating scales, i.e., they are used to assess changes in symptom severity, rather than to make the diagnosis in the first place). which one of these is a "precipitating factor" - bereavement, substance misuse, previous birth trauma, genetics, etc. (I think the answer is "bereavement" - the others would generally be regarded as pre-disposing or perpetuating factors) in what stage/phase of sleep do night terrors occur? EMI: what is the diagnosis in these cases: 5-yr-old child repeatedly wakes up agitated and distressed, 20-yr-old wakes up and is able to give vivid account of distressing dreams, 25-year-old has irresistible urges to sleep, etc. conditioning - chemotherapy causes nausea and vomiting, then patient experiences nausea when they see the nurse who administers chemotherapy, then they experience nausea when they see any nurse, then following an inpatient stay of several weeks duration, the conditioned response is no longer present (I thought the first one was an unconditioned stimulus - nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, the next one was a conditioned response - on seeing the nurse who administers the chemotherapy, then generalisation - on seeing any nurse, then extinction - the response is no longer present at the end of an inpatient stay in hospital.
  4. My personal view - today's exam was less difficult than I expected. Not that I'm completely confident that I'm going to pass, but I felt the questions were mostly "straightforward" (compared to Paper B, where questions seem more tricky). Topics that came up - mechanism of action of various psychotropic drugs - including hypnotic drugs, anti-dementia drugs, what receptors/subtypes do they act at, etc. chemical classification of antipsychotic drugs - which of these is a butyrophenone, which is a dibenzodiazepine, dibenzothiazepine, etc. mechanism(s) underlying various side-effects neuropathology - difference(s) between Alzheimer's, vascular dementia, FTD, etc. genetics - modes of inheritance, chromosomal location of disorders, etc. stages of moral development attachment theory - e.g., what is the stage of development of a child around the age of 2yrs, when the child has accepted that he/she is a separate individual from his/her mother, with his/her own unique identity, and is becoming comfortable with this language development in children - at what age do they start to make vocalisations, what age do they start putting words together, etc. neuroradiology - findings in variant CJD, auditory hallucinations, depression, frontotemporal dementia, etc. changes in volume of distribution of drugs during pregnancy, changes with age, etc.# rat being conditioned to become frightened at sight of a nut by loud noise being played whenever the rat tries to reach for the nut - is that backward conditioning, operant conditioning, or classical, etc. different enzymes involved in synthesis/breakdown of different neurotransmitters. definition of "interoception" 15-yr-old smokes cannabis, experiences feeling of his limbs being stretched and twisted - what's this called? I think it was "paraschemazia". localization of interoception/empathy function in the brain - anterior cingulate cortex? when clinician offers a handshake, patient repeatedly offers and withdraws his own hand - 23 times - what's this called? I think a lot of this material is covered by I think it's a good resource for Paper A preparation, but perhaps not so much for Paper B - just my personal opinion. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts. Do share any questions you're able to recollect.
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  6. can you add me too to your group my number 00353870548157 my skype ; fabdoun
  7. Kindly add me to WhatsApp group for paper A...u can mail me at
  8. Hi..I'm preparing for mrcp psych paper A december session...kindly add me if there is any study group in WhatsApp...
  9. I'm interested ...can u plz add me to WhatsApp study group for paper A?
  10. hey, im preparing for mrcpsych part 1a, anybody interested to study wats app me or skype me. skype: anupamareddy- 7337599983- wats app india(91)
  11. Our Casc study camp on what's app is full. So now we are using telegram app which can accommodate more Casc candidates. Lots of Casc candidates have benefited from ongoing discussions and support from senior members. Please do join us and good luck in the casc exam.
  12. Hello I am Dr.Ahsan from Pakistan I have just completed my internship year here. How r u sir? Sir I wanted to ask that I am v.much interested in psychiatry but I wanted to know that if I pass my fcps exam and start training here in pak,would it be of any benefit for training in UK and do they consider the years of training in Pak too? And also what is the time gap between plab 1 and plab 2?
  13. Does anyone have any mocks to share? Thanks
  14. Hi there ..I will be more than happy to be part of such an effort .. it will be rather nice if we can find a couple of more members to join us and buy an SPMM part A high yield material .. Regards
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  16. my no 00965 55938431 and my skype account drmhashem1
  17. Hello, that will be fine for me!..I will be appeared also in September.
  18. Hi, I am taking CASC in Sept 2018. Need a study partner for practicing stations. Flexible with study timings. +44-7498026064 Nims
  19. Hi there it possible if I can share the course material for PAPER-A1 with anyone ? Thanks
  20. hello every body, i need some help if any body tried before the CASC course cognition of CASC? Im preparing for CASC next september, any body motivated to practice on Skype?
  21. Dear Zoran,

    Thanks for the info.Any MCQ books for  this exam?.

    How long is the exam and how many questions ,please?

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  22. Ok, wish you all the best for exam.
  23. I've just done A1 and getting around 70ish... I've heard the pass mark being as high as 78%??
  24. Pass mark i think above 60, iam not very sure, mocks when i did first time i got between 64 and 78 in A1 and between 50 and 64 in A2. How much you are scoring on mocks?
  25. Just as a matter of interest what is the pass mark for the exam...? I've heard various reports. Also if anyone is using SPMM mock papers what seems to be the average mark theyre getting? Cheers
  26. Hi I am taking CASC in September 2018 needs a study partner for practice . Please contact me on 07540550660
  27. Hi everyone .. anybody taking paper A in December 2018 and willing to share SPMM high yield course .? Reply me please ..thank you
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