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  8. i would to book onto this course is there a link ?or a number to call to do so?
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  12. Where are you based? u can add me on what’s up on 07894020178 uk
  13. Please add me 07894020178
  14. Requires study partner for casc may 2019
  15. Hi Guys Wondering if anyone's appearing in Paper B this April Any tips, tricks, addition to whats app groups is more than welcome. Please link up !!
  16. Congrats for those who made it. For others you may consider to join our free CASC whatsapp group on +44 7947415393
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  18. CESR Timeline Howells 2019.pdfhi all, I have been asked a numerous times recently about CESR and any advice I have for applying. I would say planning ahead is key, with prospective evidence being easier to tailor for the application, knowing as much as possible about the requirements and your strategy would be vital. After that it is one foot after the other for years on end Worth checking out the work going on in Emergency Medicine, notably in Derby, Lancashire with Dr Dan Boden but also elsewhere in the country where CESR rotation schemes have been set up. Dr William Niven has also produced a CESR Guide, again in Emergency Medicine, link below; Talk to your colleagues to share advice as there will be people in your area who have gone down this route who can give you top tips and hopefully provide some work-place based assessments! I have gathered some ideas from various places about how to support SASGs better and will post below but if anyone has any other thoughts about supporting the needs of SASGs, please comment! I will also add a copy of my 'CESR Timeline' to give an idea of the process (or my attempt at it in any case). Best Wishes and Good Luck! (if you are not put off) Dr Dave The key points for a CESR Support Scheme include; · SASGs provide an essential role in many areas of health service provision within the UHB. · There are clinical areas within the UHB that rely on Locum SASG and/or Locum Consultant appointments to maintain patient safety at significant cost. · SASGs require access to training and development to meet the requirements of revalidation, drive independent practice and follow specialist interests.. · Supporting SASGs in their development goals will aid recruitment and retention of SASGs and have beneficial effects for the department as a whole. · Some SASGs have a desire to join the Specialist Register in their respective fields, either through (re)joining a training scheme or through the CESR route. · There is an appetite from CAVUHB SASGs to engage in a system that supports them through the CESR process. · There is an appetite from Health Education and Innovation Wales to support the development of SASGs. · Many areas (in England) already have well-advertised CESR development schemes/posts. · It would be in the interests of certain clinical directorates to establish formal and recognised CESR development posts for SASGs. · Even where formal SASG CESR development posts are not implemented, the principles of CESR development schemes match the goals outlined in the Wales SAS Charter. Increased support for SASGs following the CESR route to specialist registration with the GMC would benefit the UHB by; · Recruitment and retention of high quality SASGs from the UK and abroad. · Improving medical engagement amongst SASGs. · Developing the skills of SASGs within the UHB. · Providing a supply of locally trained consultants in key areas of the UHB. SASG CESR development schemes typically include the following components; Infrastructure · Executive Board support. · Involvement of the SAS Tutor · Business planning for a SASG CESR workforce development scheme. · Identification of a clinical area that would most benefit from SASG development. · Senior Clinical Board engagement in SASG development. · An identified consultant leader as a point of contact for the scheme. · Recognition of SPA time for supervisors. · Engagement with the relevant Royal College(s) on requirements/ evidence gathering for CESR Applicants. · Advice from doctors that have attained or attempted specialist registration via the CESR route. Organisation · Awareness raising of a SASG CESR Support Scheme. · Advertising for SASG applicants internal/external to the UHB. · Identification of highly motivated SASGs, aware of the demands of CESR application. · A fair and transparent candidate selection process. · Organisation of a rotation that would meet the necessary clinical and educational needs in a flexible ‘SASG-friendly’ manner. · A SASG CESR support group to access and cascade advice and share experiences. Individual Support · Objective setting and accountability through Professional Development Planning. · Job Planning to provide a realistic balance of DCC/SPA commitments. · Protected time to complete CESR-related work. · Annual appraisal. · Annual assessment of competencies as separate from appraisal. · A Named Educational Supervisor. · Regular clinical and managerial supervision. · A designated CESR mentor. · Early identification of potential referees (typically 6 consultants, including the clinical director are required) to facilitate reference writing (references are extensive and require the consultants to be familiar with the candidate’s clinical, professional and academic work and request examples of direct experience of such work). Addressing Development Needs · Access to training opportunities and clinical work equivalent to those offered to Higher Trainees. · Support for Royal College Examinations, if required. · Regular assessment through workplace-based assessments. · A commitment to support study leave applications and funding for identified learning needs. · Secondments to gain the necessary experience to meet the requirements of the relevant specialist curriculum, preferably as part of a planned and predictable rotation. · Provision of regular/rota’d on-call experience where this is not a regular part of the SASGs’ role. · Clinical activities coded under the individual SASG’s name. · Support for taking on management/leadership roles. · SASG representation on committees, directorate meetings, interview panels and/or delivery of educational programmes. · Appointment to locum consultant posts where appropriate.
  19. Thanks Dr Dave for your response.
  20. Hi everyone, please could you advise me, which CT1 interview preparation course is the best in London?
  21. Thanks, Dr Afterlife. You have done a great favour for all of us. How was your exam ?
  22. Useful template, thanks
  23. Breaking Bad is a must watch! Incredible acting and gripping storylines.
  24. Hi, I'm a doctor currently in the UK Foundation Programme and hoping to train in psychiatry. Looking forward to using this site, it looks great.
  25. The protagonist in Filth (portrayed by James McAvoy) experiences cocaine-fuelled hallucinations and is suggested to have bipolar disorder. Quite gritty but worth a watch.
  26. Hi Fludoc, thanks for your words. Specialty dr posts are around and difficult to recruit to so likely a good way to get experience and local contacts. only a few associate specialist posts around coz the grade was closed approx 2008. ST post you would have to apply and hope- again maybe easier with local experience. good luck, dave
  27. casc 2019 January.pdf Edit tags More tools (what's this?) Report page Share this CASC January 2019 Tuesday Stations am pm Morning Stations 15th January 2019 1. explain clozapine and rationale 2. bipolar man currently depressed, hx, mgt Or Schizoaffective Disorder currently negative symptoms 3. pregnant anticipating post partum psychosis,not keen to go back on lithium 4. adhd hx from mom 5. explain link between depression and heart dis, to medical student 6. EUPD self harmed at prison, capacity and discharge to prison plan 7. angry mom about new scz diagnosis, told not over heard 8. transference Please post the afternoon stations Afternoon Stations CASC 15TH JANUARY 2019 1. LL neuro 2. AN prognostic and EUPD 3. alcoholic hallucination 4. frontal lobe but not exclusive 5. risk of violence in morbid jealousy 6. mse psychosis radiation from neighbours 7. risk associated with wandering in dementia take collateral hx. 8. Old age - MSE ( thinks that his grandson is the Messiah) Quote Wednesday Stations am - clozapine explanation - Metabolic syn - Assessing 16 yrs with manic/hypomanic features - Transference - SS - MSE, postman psychosis - Mother not happy with son's care, SZP - Explain management of depression with MI to student PM 1) MSE - grandson is the Messiah 2) Depressed lady refusing social help 3) Barcode 666 - overvalued idea 4) LL examination 5) Opiate wants help 6) Post alcohol - MSE plus cognitive Post alcohol- should we doing MSE first or cognitive? How can we possibly finish them both in 7 min 7) Aspergers problems at work 8) Risk assessment of violence was carrying knife Thursday Stations AM 1. Bonfire psychosis 2. Schizophrenia explanation 3. TRD Rx options 4. Valproate in pregnancy 5. ADHD history 6. Serotonin Syndrome 7. Angry mother clozapine schizophrenia 8. Psychological Rx for OCD PM 1. Dementia history vascular dementia collateral history 2. 5,7&8 cranial nerves 3. Cognitive examination of a wandering man 4. Social phobia 5. 666 MSE 6. Suicide risk assessment DEPRESSION 7. ADHD history /Asperger History 8. GBH history and extent of problem Friday Stations 18th January 2019 Stations AM: 1 Explain Schizophrenia 2 Explain Dissociative Stupor 3 Explain Family therapy 4 Frontal lobe assessment 5 Explain Lithium Introduction 6 Explain bloods and meds to LD using pictures. 7 Weight gain history with psychosocial factors and motivation to change 8 Morning was also explaining antidepressant- fluoxetine. Concerns about suicidal thoughts from meds PM: 1 Cranial nerve 5,7&8 2 Psychosis brother stealing thoughts 3 Psychosis Manager and co workers against him 4 Psychosis Bon fire 5 Vascular dementia Afternoon also collateral history, establish underlying cause for memory problems- vascular dementia 6 Afternoon alcohol history with impact on mood or association with mood...cant remember exactly - ADS + depression 7 Risk Assessment post hanging 8 OCD in mother of 6/52 old baby no psychosis
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