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  5. Hi, r u planning for Singapore CASC?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a study partner as well. I'm out of the UK so could do Skype or fb messenger. Let me know if you are interested. I plan to sit the case in May next year and have passed papers a and b.
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  8. Hi Khalid Please can you guide me regarding ST4 application as I am in the same situation as yours , have passed my CASC since October 2018,but don't have core training. Thanks
  9. Try to post answers of the questions which are unanswered if possible
  10. Thanks very much for all the questions that have been recalled. Very helpful.
  11. Whats the answer for zolpidem receptor and drug NMDA agonist
  12. healthy parental failure/ brusque or aggressive parenting what's answer of these EMI along with scale for comprehensive assessment in old age and question in which options were key ostrich test,paired unpaired test whats the answers anyone
  13. Does anyone know if there are any CASC weekend courses or mock CASCs before the May 2020 CASC (other than the December and Jan courses)?
  14. Does anyone know if there are any CASC weekend courses or mock CASCs before the May 2020 CASC (other than the December and Jan courses)?
  15. Was preconventional stage of adult was asked in question on kohler
  16. What was the exact question of kohlberg stages in adults. Propranolol beta 2 zopiclone alpha 1 subunit Bulesque parenting answer? Qtc prolongation moclobemide Not a icd 10 criteria for delusion
  17. Propanolol n zoplicone mech of action Antiepileptics causing aggression 10mg diazepam equivalents = lorazepam = librium Qtc prolongation antidepressant Atomoxetine n methylphenidate wat to monitor Screening instrument- Edinburgh scale Old age rating scale - comprehensive functioning /stroop test SF36 scale healthy parental failure/ brusque or aggressive parenting Chromosome FTD, lewy, Huntington's Mri changes in elderly dep, working mem schiz, aud hallucination Perrsonality disorder specific point Duration panic n somatisation Sleep n appetite orexin? Adverse drug reactions- Muscarinic blockade, male Case vignettes on Kicking in the night, dystoni, serotonin syndrome, siadh Pregnancy metabolism gfr increased Elderly drug met lipophili Pregabalin- excreted Unchanged EEG - hypsarrythmia, absence, juvenile myoclonic seizure Buprenorphine mech of actio Li with Ace, hypertension causing agent, interstitial nephritis Most adults in which kohlberg stage Paraschemasia Dopamine number of times cell mem Abundant type of dopamine recptor Metabotropic receptor-cannabinoid Lurasidone gastric calorie relation Raphe nuclei VTA-addiction Which is reward pathway Locus cerulus-noradrenegic Minority group decision - consistent Antipsychotics - seizure causing-clozapine Lewy body dementia - imaging finding Number of words n child age Secure attachment features Delay gratification in children academuc achievements Phasic fluctuations in mesolimbi-learning curvr+ Rat buzzer fear- classic condition Reciprocal inhibition is associated with? Activity of daily living? Vsms? Ambitendency/ambivalence in catatonia Schiz type not in dsm or icd Acamprosate mech of action + Weight gain antipsychotic mech? + SSRI shortest half life+ Over counter drugs not to b given sith MOAI fusiform gyrus n new factual memory Word finding difficult area of brain? Previous CVA - clonus?
  18. Attachment style parenting answer is avoidant insecure
  19. Two EMI on parenting styles and one mcq on characteristic feature of conduct disorder children
  20. Not a subtype of schizophrenia according to icd or dsm. Options regarding symptoms of borderline personality disorder was given and best statement was asked
  21. For both methylphenidate and atomoxetine blood pressure should be checked before starting drug Why eeg is used in diagnosis of seizure because of high sensitivity
  23. Frontal operculum, inferior temporal region,medial temporal region, anterior temporal region EMI question
  24. People pour in more questions and answers so that we can recall complete
  25. Utilatrinaism, oxytoxin reduce anxiety, antidepressant and anti emetic substance p,lithium interstitial nephritis shouldn't combine with ace inhibitors, corticosteroids nuclear receptor, zolpicone voltage gated ion channels Pregabalin enhance gaba, antiepileptic topiramate, emi muscarinic receptor antagonist,agitated men anticholinergic psychosis
  26. Durkeihm suicide more in unmarried lonely couples, learned helplessness animal experiment, man left house feared to go out to cafe publice places ? What type of grief reaction in which son lost his father ,woman seprated from his lover for 2 months is it adjustment disorder Linguistic humor- concrete operational
  27. Trail making test memory ,linkage analysis, question in which options were rey ostrich test paired learning,one question in which primary motor and secondary motor cortex were in options, hammer question ideomotor apraxia, next question in sequence simultagnosia, child resistance when caregiver goes away, child non responsive type of attachment, moclobemide qtc prolongation, mao inhibitor not to be taken with decongestant
  28. Damn easy paper pass percentage will be minimum 55 percent
  29. Apoe4 increase risk by,percentage of frontal volume, minimum district trial before launching drug, poor parenting leads to ,type of attachment of child, type of conditioning,
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