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  2. Hi, any body interested for CASC practice in Birmingham?, thanks.
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  5. Ive never been to Singapore, but I would be interested in hearing a first-hand Objectivist account of the place. What is it like to have some of the freest markets in the world but some of the most petty and draconian social laws as well?
  6. Hi, I am interested. Please send me a mail on, if interested
  7. It is not a return of depression. It is antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. If symptoms go away within days or hours after restoring initial dose it will prove that this is cold turkey effect without doubt.
  8. Ten movies for a psychiatry trainee: "Persona" by Ingmar Bergman "Elling" by Petter Naess "The Cranes are Flying" by Mikhail Kalatozov "Ikiru" by Akira Kurosawa "Murmur of the Heart" by Louis Malle "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini "Young Torless" by Volker Schlondorff "Viridiana" by Louis Bunuel "Salo, or 120 days of Sodom" by Pier Paolo Pasolini "Dreamers" by Bernardo Bertolucci "Everything should be beautiful in a human being; both the face and appearance, soul and thoughts" Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)
  9. In Soviet Union the special cognitive studies had been conducted in patients with schizophrenia. They found many features of geniuses like more non-standard associations.
  10. I have been working in Adult Psychiatry for 16 months. I chose this specialty after I read "Ward number six" by Anton Chekhov. Must read by every doctor. "Everything should be beautiful in a human being; both the face and appearance, soul and thoughts" Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)
  11. Isnt the leasing system in Singapore put in place because of the scarcity of land? I would be interested in knowing what reasons they have for this policy.
  12. any body have today Honkong Sations.thank you *Honkong stations
  13. Hi I'm looking for study partners in London for the Jan 2020 CASC. Please email me Thanks.
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  15. Hi I just moved to London and am looking to practice face to face as well starting October 20th. You can reach me at
  16. Hi, is anyone going for the HK Casc next week?
  17. looks like same scenario is repeated from last time, does anyone know how go about it
  18. Interestingly I think you could have got through most of the answers with mrcpsychmentor alone (I've never tried the other question banks).
  19. hi! Does anyone study for December? thanks Any wats up group
  20. i would like to join as well
  21. 1) Counter conditioning used in a) CBT b)Psychoeducation c)Systematic desensitisation 2) Principle of Gestalt a) Distance b)Openness c)seperate d) similarity e) Various fate 3) Area impaired in working memory deficit DLPFC 4) Schiz - Imaging - All are shrunken in size except Ventricles 5) Duration of mania ICD-10 criteria 1week 6) Delusional disorder ICD 10 criteria 3months 7) Negative symptoms of Schiz. Which of the following is mentioned in ICD-10 criteria apathy 8) ICD-10 criteria for catatonic schizophrenia - all except a)Mutism b)Excitability c)Mannerism d)waxy flexibility e)Posturing 9)Which of the following is a primary delusion? Delusional atmosphere 10) Interoception is a sensation of ____ a) Joint sense b)reflecting on one's behavior c)physiological state d)hallucination e)delusional perception of inner organs 11) Patient consuming cannabis firmly believes that his legs are abnormally shaped despite doctors telling him otherwise. What is this? a)Delusional dysmorphophobia b)Paraschemazia c)Aschemzia 12) (Question on reasoning with example) a) deductive b)inductive 13) Broca's aphasia - True/Present among the following? a)fluency b)comprehension c)correct grammar d)Paraphrasing error e)short sentences 14)Alexia without agraphia - All are true except a) Patient can read his own handwriting b)can't read words c)can write when he hears words 15) Apraxia seen in lesion of a) Frontal lobe b)Dominant temporal lobe c)Dominant parietal lobe d)non-dominant temporal lobe e) non dominant parietal lobe 16)Formal thought disorder - lack of causal links in speech a) drivelling b)Fusion c)Asyndesis d)derailment e)metanymy?? 17) FTD - two or more thoughts are interwoven into one a)fusion b)drivelling c)substitution d)Omission e)derailment 18) D - what did you have for breakfast? P- Cereals. D - What is your name? P - Cereals. D- Where is your house? P- Cereals. a) Perseveration retardation c) Flifht of ideas d) Verbigeration e)logoclonia 19) RMP of axon a) 5mV b)25mV c)30mV d)60mV e)90mV 20) ICD-10 criteria. Which of the following is a criteria for Paranoid personality disorder? 21) Doctor tells patient that he need not obey his commands or co-operate. He puts out patient's arm infront of him during examination for which the patient didn't resist. On leaving the hand it goes back to its original position. What is this? a)Gegenhalten b)Automatic obedience c)Ambitendency d)negativism e)posturing 22) On offering shake hand, patient brings forward but takes back his hand 25 times but finally ends up not shaking the hand. What is this? a) ambitendency negativism c) mitgehen d)posturing e)waxy flexibility 23)Feelings of familiarity of having experienced an event - occurs as part of aura of which type of seizures? a) frontal lobe parietal lobe c)temporal lobe d)occipital lobe e)absence seizure 24) Recalling an event that never occured a) retrospective falsification b)delusional memory c) false memory 25) Srilankan man with fatigue and somatic symptom - attributes to loss of semen in urine. What is this? a)Dhat b)Koro c)Latah 26)which of the following is a screening tool? a) HAM-D b)SCAN c) CIDI d)YBOCS e)Edinburgh perinatal depression scale 27)SF36 is used to a) for assessment of physical illness alone for assessment of mental illness alone c)quality of life scale d)outcome measurement e)assess psychotic symptoms 28)HCR-20 Which of the following is a part of risk assessment? a) substance use b)education 29)True regarding intelligence and genetics a) no correlation with monozygotic twins b)highly correlated with dizygotic twins c)influenced by environmental factors 30)DNA doesn't code for a) exon intron c) mRNA d)tRNA 31) Mitotic cell division gives a) aneuploid cells b)haploid cells c)triploid cells d)diploid cells 32)(??) series of behavior giving clue for the next behavior in children with learning disability a) shaping b)cueing c)chaining d)rewarding 33)Rat is startled with a loud buzzer when it approaches towards a nut many times, later it is startled by the sight of the nut. what is this? a) classical conditioning b)operant cond. c)punishment d)extinction 34)50 year old man with TBI. He has been admitted for episodes of anger outbursts and ________. His wife reports that there is progressive loss of memories. Which test would clarify the diagnosis? a) wisconsin card sorting test b)Myers - Brigg test c) SCAN d)IPDE e)MMPT/?SCID 35) which of the following is true of interactions in a society based on social-exchange theory? 36) Damage to occipito - parietal lesion. What type of symptom will be seen? 37) Test where a series of pictures are shown and patient is asked to make a story from each of it. What test? a) Rorshach TAT c)Picture completion test d)MMPI 38) which of the following is a part of the temperamental characteristics described by Thomas and Chess? (?? options) 39) which of the following is true regarding adult personality? [unsure about options] a) ?males become introverted with aging b)neuroticism increases with age in men c)Unlike neuroticism females show a significant decline in psychotism with aging d) extroversion increases with age in men 40) When there is discrepancy between different attitudes, what do people usually do? a)seek information that strengthens their belief and ignoring others weigh information on both aspects c)??change in behavior 41)Sally - Ann test is used to test which of the following? a)Theory of mind 42)According to Asch which of the following would lead to disintegration of group? a)large group size b)agreeability among the members 43)Minorities can influence a group by a) being consistent b)not being flexible c)being different from the rest of the group 44) Under "Social pressure" a preson in a group is more likely to do an ambivalent/ undesirable task when one of the following is true.Choose the best option. a) a charismatic leader feels lesser identified with group /?? feels threatened about his identity in the group c)?? need to appear as part of the group 45) When individuals in a society rationalizes that someone else would have done the job, it is called as a) Diffusion of responsibility b)Dissolution of responsibility 46) When the communication and behavior of parents contradict each other. It is called as a)double bind b)refrigerator mother 47) Which of the following is not a Brown and Harris vulnerability factor: a)absence of a close confiding relationship loss of mother before 11 c)loss of schooling after 14 years d)lack of employment outside home e) 3 or more children <15 living at home 48) Which of the following is an illness maintaining factor? a)sexual abuse b)physical abuse c)parenting problems d) bereavement e) change of job 49) Types of stigma- which is true? a) Courtesy stigma - stigmatization of a person due to his or her relationship with a person who bears a stigmatic condition. 50) which of the following is more likely to reduce stigma for mental illness in the society? a)belief that mentally ill can 'pull themselves up' b)poor prognosis of the illness c)legislative intervention 51) Acculturation - Person adopts both adopt cultures - what is it called? a) Melting pot assimilation c) segregation d)adsorption e) separation [note: there was no option of biculturalism/integration] 52)Latah is classified under which heading in ICD-10? a) dissociative disorder b)anxiety disorder c)other neurotic disorders[tricky option!] d)psychosis 53)True about utilitarian approach? a) common scale of measurement for all ? a form of communalistic libertarianism c) best approach for the society d)?equal allotment of resources 54) True about consent a) consent from the subject is mandatory for all research purpose b)can't drop out during course of study after giving consent c) Verbally spoken out loud and written informed consent should be taken 55)True about Bowlby's attachment theory: a) monotropy is abnormal The attachment figure need not be the ?biological mother/?female c)Dont show clear cut attachment till adulthood d)?indiscriminate attachment seen till 2 years 56)Child is indifferent to mother leaving the room and when she comes back. Type of attachment? [note: no info on comforting response] a) anxious- avoidant anxious resistant c)secure d)disorganised 57) [note: crazy question with abnormal framing of it!] An adult patient entering a psychiatric hospital who is indifferent and dismissive towards mental health professionals. what kind of attachment style will predict a prolonged clingyness/ utilisation of mental health facility? a) secure disorganised 58)Moving object seen immediately after birth were perceived as mother by gooslings. This is called ____? imprinting. 59)Temporary object buffers between fantasy and reality. Aids in development.It is called as ? transitional object. 60)11 year old boy - Erikson's stage? Industry Vs Inferiority 61) Piaget's model - conservatism appears in which stage? concrete operational 62) Child plays alone. Complains when parents don't confront or give attention. Later starts focusing on strengths and weakness. What is this called? a) primary love b)true self / false self 63) & 64)language development with close options in months. 65)Kohlberg's moral development stage in a 12 year old?pre conventional. 66)Which of the following is NOT true regarding moral development? a) most adults reach post conventional stage 67)Feeling sexually attracted and interested in a person of a particular sex denotes. a)gender identity sexual orientation c) sex d)gender role 68)Not a part of stages of grief by Parkes.[tricky options!] a) shock b)numbness c)yearning for the deceased d)socially withdrawn e) resolution 69)Neurotransmitter acting at the reticular cells of the thalamo cortical projection? a) glutamate GABA c)Histamine d)NE e)5HT 70) Left facial palsy + Right upper and lower limb palsy. Lesion at the level of__? a)left midbrain b)right midbrain c)medulla d)pons e)cortical lesion 71) Paralysis of trochlear nerve a) loss of ability to see the tip of nose b)abduction c)adduction 72) Neurochemical pathway from locus coeruleus? ___ Noradrenergic 73) Agomelatin treatment. Which blood test before initiation? LFT 74)Cholecystokinin system has been recently found to be involved in the etiology of [close options] a) Panic disorders b)Bulimia c)depression 75)Sleep terror occurs in which stage? a)NREM stage 2 NREM stage3 c) NREM stage 4 d) REM 76)Trinucleotide repeat in Huntingtons? CAG 77) Type of study to identify disease causing gene loci? __ Linkage analysis 78) Aβ precursor protein formation prevented by α-seceretase 79)Early onset dementia seen in which type of Alzheimer gene? a)Apo E4 b)Presenilin 1 c)APP d)PARK2 80)Progranulin gene defect seen in a) Alzheimer Fronto temporal dementia c)CJD d)Lewy body dem. e)Parkinson's 81)Neurofibrillary tangles(NFT) can be detected by antibodies to a)Ubiquitin positive and tau negative Ubiquitin negative and tau positive c)amyloid positive 82)Recalling of events as if seeing a video recording a) eidetic memory 83) Test for abstract reasoning? a) sentence completioon Bender gestalt 84) Visuo-spatial inattention - site of lesion? non-dominant parietal lobe 85)Optic tract lesion- Homonymous hemianopia 86)Mech. of action of Atomoxetine? Norepinephrine reuptake inhibition 87) True about placebo? Placebo effect is more with injectables 88) action of mu opioid receptor? a) mydriasis b)dysphoria c)analgesia d)diarrhoea 89) Drug with highest fetal toxicity? a)valproate b)carbamazepine c)Lamotrigene d)Li e)olanzapine 90)Postural hypotension lowest with which antipsychotic? Aripiprazole. 91) Which of the following is a recognized risk factor for QTc prolongation? a)ACE-I b)Amlodipine c)Loop diuretics 92)Shortest acting among the following benzodiazepines a) Diazepam Temazepam c) Zolpidem d) Zopiclone e) Zaleplon 93)Caffeine acts by 94) Tricyclic in overdose. True among the following? a) follows zero order kinetics 95)Longest acting depot among following a) Paliperidone palmoate b)Olanzapine palmoate c)Flupenthixol palmoate d)Zuclopenthixol acetate e)Zuclopenthixol decanoate 96) Vd in elderly : more for lipophilic / less of hydrophilic 97) Pharmacokinetic change in pregnancy 98) True of drug interaction:(level variation) a)amitriptyline with tramadol Valproate with lamotrigene c)Risperidone with smoking 99) Discontinuation syndrome worse with? Venlafaxine[other options were different ssris] 100) Person on MAO-I should avoid Cheese 101) Drug causing weight gain a) methyl phenydate b)modafinil c)Prgabalin d)Topiramate e)Bupropion 102) Drug causing blue___ photosensitvity reaction - chlorpromazine 103)Pindolol acts by a)5HT1a antagonism 104) Which of the following antidepressants act by dopamine reuptake inhibition?Bupropion 105)Benzodiazepines act by altering the frequency of chloride channel 106) GHB binds to _____? 107) Propranolol is ____ a)β1 blocker β2 blocker c) β1 +β2+ β3 blocker 108) Drug used to facilitate CNS dopaminergic transmmission?Amantidine 109) Procyclidine used in the treatment of EPS 110)lamotrigene specific adverse effect? Steven- Johson synd. 111)Most common side effect of Clozapine a) Diarrhoea b)Agranulocytosis c)Weight gain 112) True about Li adverse effects a) Tremors with frequency of 4-6Hz b)most patients develop tremors c) β-blockers must be initiated for all tremors 113)Which of the following cause least hyponatremia? a)amitriptyline b)venlafaxine [all other options various SSRIs] 114) Which of the following seen in benzodiazepine withdrawal? seizures 115)Patient with fever and altered sensorium. Diffuse slowing in EEG. Which of the following will be true? a)?? blood cells in CSF 116) Hypotension is ??least/??not a side effect of the following drugs used in opioid withdrawal? a) clonidine b)lofexidine c)methadone d)Buprenorphine e)Naltrexone 117)Reward centre is located in a) Mesocortical pathway b)Mesolimbic pathway c)Ventral tegmental area 118)True about Carbidopa a) inhibits DOPA decarboxylase b)prevents breakdown of dopamine in CNS ---------------------------------------------------------------- EMIs: 1) Learning theories 2)Memory 3)Neuro imaging 4)Genetics 5)Mahler's stages 6)Sleep disorders(2 questions) 7) Neuro transmitters 8) Classification of antipsychotics 9)Anti-dementia drugs 10)Chromosomes 11)Adverse effects 12)Gait abnormalities
  22. Ofcourse it's needed
  23. Paper was hard and time wasn't enough to recheck the answers Hopefully the graph wud go down
  24. were spmm notes needed ?
  25. Repeat questions are few I would say
  26. did SPMM help with the exam? the notes?
  27. Thank you all guys for the kind words, iam kind of coming to terms with what happened and leave it alone till results. If i have to resit in April so be it, iam feeling tired. I will take rest now. And I wish u all guys all the very best and good luck with results.
  28. Pls start posting questions. i can remember these: Paper B Oct 2019 OCD ratio male female Theory behind attention of ADHD Something choose between risperidone and olanzapine- aggressive elderly Pt is smashing windows - haloperidol 0.5bd or lorazepam 2mg stat Stat tests which u will do Easy ones on endo- hypoT ECG - easy findings Ring enhancing CMV Primary secondary intervention Parkinson Alzheimer’s picks differences Gait in UMN Alcoholic has stopped now wants to remain off- naltrexone Fentanyl opposite- buprenorphine Withdrawal cocaine dysmorphic mood Tachy hyper something - opiate intox Child is clingy - what substance were they exposed to -nicotine was not an option so I chose heroine Man outside lady’s window.. Voyerism/ exhibitionism Risk of violence in prison (substance misuse) Anxiety grows into schizoid Methcathione which group? I felt old age and liaison was more Stat qualy ROC Meta analysis Things like that no calculation at all
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