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  2. I’m trying to join the telegram study camp but I repeatedly get the message that’s it an invalid address... is it still possible to join? The CASC sep 18 study camp
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  4. I suppose you're right when you compare yourself to a strawberry picker.
  5. £76.10 per hour capped rate. Assuming you have a month off a year I make that £144k (40hr week) and £86k after tax. Gosh.. Not worth getting out of bed for that! You know what most people make working minimum wage jobs? Sheesh
  6. Is anyone still looking for a study partner for the sep CASC? I am based in Dubai- would be great if I could find someone here with whom I could connect. Otherwise I’m prepared to try Skype, if anyone’s available.
  7. Got my results today. Passed paper A with 60.7% marks. Pass marks set by the college was 58.6% . Iam thankful for the information and guidance i got from this forum!
  8. Dear DRABHINAVR, I can confirm that whilst it varies marginally on location, average Consultant hourly rate for a Consultant Psychiatrist ranges between 153k - 171k pa. you should also note that is not uncommon for an to contribute towards some of the cost below, where you are a full time locum through and completed certain amount of hours, i know we do: - revalidation - appraisal - dbs - mandatory training - travel/ accommodation From a market demand view point, the need for consultant psychiatrists remains very strong. If we can be of any further assistance, please do let us know. ProMedical 01277 212 797
  9. Please add me too 00966563484003 skype: wael.ibrahim92 many thnx
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you some tips to ensure success in the CASC exams: 1) Understanding content - A basic knowledge of each topic is essential - Learn about commonly used medication and side effects - Have a method of explaining information in a way a lay person can understand 2) Communication - Show empathy in all situations - Summarize- this shows the examiner that you have a plan, shows the patient that you are listening to him/her and gives you time to think of your next step 3) Confidence - Examiners want to see potential colleagues- show that you know what you are talking about and that you trust what you are saying - Treat it like a real clinical event- it really reduces the pressure when you approach the scenario in the best interest of the patient, the way you would in real life. Dr Seshni Moodliar's ' Pass the CASC' has helped a great deal so did the mock CASC exams conducted by Birmingham and Oxford. Something extra I did was to acquire effective communication skills with the help of Mr Ed Kennedy who heads Procommskills . He is an experienced actor who has taken part in many mock exams and enacts the roles of patients one encounters in real life situations. The scenarios I practiced with Mr Kennedy and his valuable advice helped me understand the situation from the patient’s perspective, which significantly boosted my confidence. These sessions are especially useful for doctors living overseas as they would find it difficult to personally attend the mock exams held in the UK as this can be done online via Skype from the comfort of one's home. The link to Procommskills is : Finally, my best wishes to all of you.
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  12. Interested my no. 00966563484003 send me on whats app. to arrange thnx
  13. Interested my no. 00966563484003
  14. Send me your e-mail
  15. If I am in Africa and intrested to do Paper A where I should go to do the exam?
  16. Hi Can I please be added to the CASC whatsapp group? My number is 07929381750 Thanks!
  17. Crapped rates, take home not worth getting out of bed for. You risk personal injury, malpractice complaint, car accident, no sick leave, no study leave, no worker's rights ... You're better off emigrating or going home.
  18. What's the locum market like at the moment? What rates are people getting at consultant level and how much does it translate in terms of take home pay. I hear different stories from different people. Some say its only marginally better than routine salary whilst others say you can earn much more..
  19. Thanks for suggesting me this website i already heard about this website.
  20. If you really need Kamagra and buy from online, I suggest using This website has lots of generic and branded medicine at a very cheap price. site is very safe and secure site to buy Kamagra online.
  21. I want to buy kamagra online, please suggest the websites where I can buy Kamagra online at a cheap price....
  22. Hi I would like to make a peer group of 6 to 8 SAS, specialty doctors from Norfolk if anybody is interested can we make a group and start our CPD updates thanks
  23. Hi all, I am trying to get hold of the 'Pass the CASC for the MRCPsych' book by Dr Seshni Moodliar which I have heard is very good. Does anyone have an old copy they would be willing to sell on?? I have searched the internet including eBay and amazon with no success! Failing that.....what other books would those who have been successful recommend? Thanks
  24. The casc whats app group is fulled. please join the telegram group and is as good as the whats app group as the majority of the telegram group are from whats app casc group
  25. Hello colleagues, Please I am planning to write casc sept 2018. The online courses are quite expensive as I am not yet working in the UK. I am hoping to share a subscription with anyone for any of the useful online courses. Or if anyone has useful material(s) that would be helpful, I would be very glad. Also which mock exam did successful candidates find helpful? Are IMGs allowed to join trainees in their local casc teachings? Thank you.
  26. Please could I be added to the group! My number is 07929381750. I am a CT2 (will be CT3 in August) in Scotland. Hoping to take CASC in September.
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