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  1. Last week
  2. Hi! How can I join the group?
  3. It's there now
  4. hi I am going to appear MRCPsych Paper B in oct 2018 , please provide me study material
  5. Been offered speciality doctor post with no on calls. Any ideas about negotiating start salary with core training experience, MRCPsych and section 12 approval. Hoping to get ST4 job from August 2018.
  6. Does anyone know when will the college email results of paper A tomorrow.. it says before mid day they will be emailed
  7. Thank you
  8. Also interested in this! Thanks
  9. ... is correct Many thanks to this.
  10. Sure my email is Yu can whatsapp me on this no. +8801743107629 Thank u.
  11. Hello Dr Hasib, I am preparing for the exam myself. Can you send me your email? Regards
  12. hello dr agas. i am planning to sit for mrcpsych paper A. can you tell me where to start. need some urgent advice.
  13. Hi all plz let me know is der any difference between spmm 2015 notes and recent subscriptions. Can I prepare from previous ones plz reply
  14. Earlier
  16. Hey guys from experience - which resources are recommended for critical appraisal?
  18. hello everyone, i am new here and i need an active whatsapp group for paper A, pls post the group invite link if you know any. thank you. pls help.
  19. thanks for your reply.
  20. Hi, I am looking to get a study group to share questions/material for Paper B exam. Please can you add me to group. my number is 07986910016. thanks, Anita
  21. Spmm notes Spmm mcqs Psychmentor mcqs Any more additions to part A preparation?
  22. Thanks to the group, I got through my interview last October and starting CT 1 next week. Is there any wassup group for preparing for part 1 Please let me know
  23. All the best Are u preparing for part A?
  24. The replies on this topic have been very enlightening. Thank you.
  25. Thank you for your helpful responses.
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