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  2. Hello everyone Is genetics a part of part A? i am doing MRCPsych mentor questions and have seen a genetics section. It doesn’t say on the royal college website though that genetics is a part of the syllabus. Please advise Thank you and good luck.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Sure. My number is 07449304107. I am a SASG in TH Home Treatment Team, Mile End Hospital. I will start as CT 1 in Feb 2020 in NELFT. I live in Plaistow,East London
  5. Sure. My number is 07449304107. I am a SASG in TH Home Treatment Team, Mile End Hospital. I will start as CT 1 in Feb 2020 in NELFT.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi, could someone please tell me Which one is a good hotel to stay near town hall, hornton street, London.
  8. Hi, plz can anyone let me know that this what’s app group for casc is for which exam? (Date) or is it still on. Thanks
  9. I appreciate this was posted a long time ago but I am currently on the course if anyone has any questions.
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Hello, interested, please arrange if still motivated, thanks.
  12. Dear all, If anyone who has link for what’s app CASC group discussion please post so that more people join in Jan2020 exam. Thanks
  13. Anyone in Egypt doing CASC contact me 07828029640 thanks
  14. Earlier
  15. The previous candidates have to help us on this to know whether there is any existing whatsapp groups for casc. Thanks.
  16. hello, would like to, thanks.
  17. Hi I am also looking for what’s app group to join for CASC 2020 pls let me know as well.
  18. Hi, any active whatsapp group for CASC preparation. Pls let me know
  19. See
  20. Thank you SamMak and hksingh i will follow your advice.
  21. Are you happy to give up your security? Pension, sick leave, death in service, study leave, professional leave, compassionate leave, carers' leave, parental leave, gardening leave, etc etc?
  22. Sorry about that Kanigane, As the other gentleman recommended, Gosall's guide to critical appraisal is amazing. My main focus was psychmentor which I supplemented with SPMM notes and MCQS ( Through a pirated version from friends ;)). If you do both and your stats concepts are clear, you will definitely clear it next time around Best of luck !
  23. Any motivated people want to join an online CASC revision group for Jan 2020?
  24. Hi sorry you didn’t get it this time, sounds like time played a big part, I would say read and understand Gosall’s The Doctors guide to critical appraisal, Maudsley and ICD 10 then do SPMM questions, good luck for March
  25. Best book is The Doctor’s Guide to critical Appraisal by Gosall if you learn and understand this it’s more than enough to pass this part of the exam
  26. Which is the best book to learn critical appraisal? I am looking for a theory based book rather than the Q&A form.
  27. Hi there I'm looking for people to practise CASC stations with a "buddy" or "buddies". I plan to sit CASC next year, having already completed Papers A + B. Because I have no directly upcoming exam, I'm really flexible on what we revise and the role I play in each session / scenario. I'm working at a hospital in London but can drive to a mutually accessible venue. I can also do Skype. Please reply to this or PM me if this would work for anyone? Jamie
  28. Any one got results through email? I got my email, I didn’t pass. I was expecting this, I didn’t do well on EMI part. Answered with out reading the questions due to lack of time. Still feeling kind depressed. Will give my self a couple of days and start preparing for march. Those who passed I really appreciate if u all could give me advice on exam preparation please.
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