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  2. Thank you. atlanta spa
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  4. I am appearing for the January 2019 CASC. I am looking for a practice partner (preferably a candidate who lives in Manchester or environs) . I live in Salford Manchester. My phone number is: 07526137900. Thanks.
  5. Last week
  6. Thank you very much Like this
  7. sure. my number is 07449304107. my Skype ID is dr.nahid.hakim
  8. Hi there I'm preparing for January casc , can you please add me too, will txt you my number and Skype ID Thanks
  9. Hi sorry for the delay. Will text details.
  10. How long does it take you to finish 1 year of training if you are working 60% wte?
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  12. Hi guys, I’m looking for a CASC buddy around Hampshire/Dorset area who can practice most days on Skype and some evenings and weekends in person. I can start sessions around 8.30pm most evenings and 4-5hrs Saturdays and/or Sundays.
  13. Text your contact number and Skype ID. We have a what's App group. We practice on Skype in pairs. My number is 07449304107
  14. Hi can l.join in the practice?
  15. Hi would like to join the group
  16. Hi I.would be interested
  17. Hi l am looking for a partner to.prepare for casc Jan 2019
  18. I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve been there too. Did you reduce the does yourself? I am impressed that you have been able to self-monitor and can therefore take steps to rectify the situation. I am not so good at this myself, but I like the check list laid out here that helps me to assess whether I’m entering a relapse. I would definitely consider seeing your psychiatrist rather than increasing the dose yourself, just in case that might have other side effects too. Good luck!
  19. Hi, We have a 4 member what's App group. We also practise on Skype. If you are interested, text your contact number and Skype ID. My number is 07449304107
  20. @drbimmer I’m planning to take casc in jan 2019. R u still looking for study partner ? I live inManchester as well.
  21. I agree with what colleagues have said – comorbidity is common with EDs. I agree that analysing behavioural patterns especially over meal times will help to distinguish whether there is more than one aspect at play. Of course, self harm associated with EDs (and/ or BPD) can manifest in a number of different ways as Amanda Robins describes in this poignant portrayal of a young girl with a diagnosed ED.
  22. I wonder if anybody used these videos for CASC prep, or know others who did? Are they worth investing into?
  23. Hi , can anyone confirm the stations on Thurs 13th Sept? Thanks
  24. please tell your contact details
  25. I started reading from Kaplan But i heared lately its american not British So not good
  26. My . Mobile number is 00966501840648 And my Skype I'd is abduljaleeltj20 Thanks
  27. hi iam interested to discuss via skype. I am appearing for casc in jan 2019
  28. Hi Any one interested in practicing for Jan CASC (2019)? Kindly contact me : 919840564068
  29. Hi i am appearing for casc jan 2019 . i am willing to discuss via skype .
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