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  2. Fellowship of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP) is now recognised as a postgraduate qualification to obtain GMC registration. It applies to people who were awarded with the qualification since 2012.
  3. Thank you very Much Sultan for sharing this with Us .hope best for you
  4. Does the man have capacity to manage his finances on 2nd day?
  5. September 11,2018 Morning 1- Cognitive assessment and mental state for Alcoholic after detox 2- Valproate management for bipolar pregnant 3- Desensitization discussion for agoraphobia 4- Angry mother due to son diagnosis of schizophrenia 5- Medical student to discuss depression management 6- Metabolic syndrome management for schizophrenic on clozapine 7- ECT explanation for treatment resistant depression 8- Assessment for a female who is anxious about her wedding (social anxiety) Afternoon 1- risk assessments- indecent exposure 2- risk assessments- overdose 3- risk assessments and MSE- refusing social help 4- cerebellar exam 5- MSE- psychosis 6- assessment alcohol withdrawal 7- Autism. Collateral history 8-
  6. Hi there Please could u share the stations for tuesday & today , thanx in adavance hope all would be able to make it & best wishes
  7. Earlier
  8. Not working sadly... Would love to join an active WhatsApp group if anyone knows of one! Many thanks
  9. do you remember what was the question on population rating? 109?
  10. Hi guys. Does any one have any questions from April 2018 exam?
  11. Advice please. Has anyone changed specialities before? How easy/difficult is it? I have just joined as ST4 in one branch of psychiatry and I have realised this is not for me. I would like to switch to general adult. The application form says if you have relinquished your post, then you need to get letters from postgraduate dean/supervisors etc. Has anyone had this before. What was your experience? Thanks in advance.
  12. Does anybody have the question that was published last round for the Communication/ clinical skills station for Old Age?
  13. Hi, does any one know the stations that came up in Singapore this year? Thanks
  14. Hi all To all who ll appear in the casc coming October @HK There’s WHATS APP GROUP PLEASE JOIN THROUGH THIS LINK
  15. Hi could I join the existing group as well? My whatsapp number is +919922999398 Kindly do let me know Thanks- Dr Surabhi agarwal
  16. Looks like Muscat, Oman would be closest or Chennai, India
  17. I hope i can find casc study partner for next january exam.
  18. Hello, I would like to ask how difficult it is for an IMG to get psy training jobs in UK? Do they have to wait for long time? Is it very competitive? Thanks
  19. Hi All for colleagues who took DCP May's exam or any last year ones any new recommendation, advice or suggestion?
  20. Can I join you , I am also interested in buying the materials . Whats app +44 7445041119
  21. Im taking my casc in february anyone interested to practice on skybe or whatever it could be?
  22. Hi Yazan. Congratulations on your graduation. I did a live Facebook video on job opportunities in the UK (in the Arabic language) in which I answered questions on applying and working in the UK. If you complete the PLAB, you could apply to psychiatry jobs. Training jobs may be more difficult to get, but there are many non-training jobs across the UK. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.
  23. hi everyone , anyone interested to practice and revise for CASC over skype ? I need a partner to practice with . my skype id samrema27 . many thanks .
  24. hi.. what s your skype id?
  25. hey everyone i just signed up and i'm sorry if i posted in the wrong forum. I'll be graduating medical school later this year from The University Of Jordan , wanting to specialize in psychiatry since as long as i can remember, however unfortunately my country doesn't have any exceptional psychiatry programs, I've worked in mental health for the past two years starting one of the first mental health campaigns in Jordan with over 200 volunteers and various collaboration with the WHO, USAID, Autism MENA and the Jordanian Government. although i have a basic understanding of the process but what are the chances of me getting into psychiatry upon completing my PLAB's and foundation training, i know the U.S is a more popular option for IMG's due to a faster pace and higher income however i cant imagine working in a system where people are just perusing monetary gain. Thank you in advance.
  26. I’m trying to join the telegram study camp but I repeatedly get the message that’s it an invalid address... is it still possible to join? The CASC sep 18 study camp
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