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  1. Thanks Dr Dave for your response.
  2. Congratulations Dr Dave on your achievement. I will be venturing into MRCPsych exams this year and I have two questions if you could take time and answer them, it would be highly appreciated. First being, after MRCPsych and subsequent GMC full registration, how are locum job perspective currently (Staff grade and Associate spl job)? Secondly, after MRCPsych and registration, how good are the chances now to get into the higher training (any ST placement) and which ST is relatively easy to get into? Best wishes and congrats once again.
  3. hello all, I have completed my psychiatry post grad training from India this year (2017), what are my options to move into Canada . As per information available on this forum, it mostly highlights about psychiatrists from UK moving to Canada. So if anyone could please elaborate/clarify on the following, a) can i show my 3 years Indian post grad training exp as specialty training experience and land a job in any province ? b) is it enough clearing mccee alone or with qe1 to get a provincial licence and a job ? ( down the line 3-5 years time clearing fellowship exam could earn a consultancy post?) b) is it necessary to apply for pr alongside my preparation ? Thanks in advance!