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  1. It will be a 3 year contract. They usually give out one for 6months to 12 months depending on whether they want your rotation to be streamlined with your colleagues. Also you may be earmarked to go into another post (for eg women) after 6 months, Your TPD Dr Q will sort it out for you ... Not to worry!!
  2. It just doesnt make sense. Buy a rolex or a cartier for the same amount of money i.e.12000£ and at the end of 50 years it will still count for something. The same amount on this watch and in 5 years time it would be junk! Having said that ....when is it going on sale again?
  3. Hi Im not sure if you found your study partner....If Not you might want to widen your criteria and include males as well...Arguably they wont be as good as females but any study partner is better than no study partner!! Best Wishes!
  4. HI I m uncertain as to what we can offer you in terms of advice that you arleady didnt think through yourself. For instance there are an number of things that are a given here. 1. Your wife will not tolerate any form of relationship that you may have with this friend of yours. Given that she would have felt demeaned when you chose to go to someone else for companionship, she would rightly want to vent her dissatisfaction in a number of ways. unfortunately without adequately processing this there is little likelihood of an end point to this. 2. You have given an indication as to what you want to do in terms of this other relationship i.e. you want it to continue. Given half a chance (if you thought your wife wouldnt have found out) you would go back to keeping it going. Telling isnt it? 3. Given that there are children involved you are reasonably aware that their upbringing in a stable house is important and that stability is best when their both parents are stable. You can correct me if im wrong but talk about "harming children" is just ammunition for fights and escalating that i.e. naming it "risk to children" is just silly. 4. Maintaining status quo would obviously be your first option (prior to your wife finding out that is). However as it is right now - there isnt going to be one. It may be an old adage...but its cant eat your cake and have it to. You will need to decide one way or the other. As a by the by ...Isnt it interesting that men are allowed male "buddies" who they can talk to, spend time with alone, share things to the exclusion of the family and generally can form no part of the marital dyad without any difficulty? Marriage counselling /Relate / common friends/ etc all can be accessed only when both of you decide that your marriage needs to be salvaged. The trick is going to be how and if ...both of you can get to that point.... All the best.
  5. tell him to **** Off
  6. 869 £££???? Thats eyewateringly expensive!!! Intrigued as to why?
  7. BUMP!!! Updates Re debate between Canon/Nikon for 2014? What about the other SLR players like Sony / Olympus etc. I suddenly realised after Ninja Warriors query that i too "need" a new DSLR....
  8. Not the camera...Its probably the fact that i watch too much Kung Fu Panda!!!
  9. Sony a5000L Digital Camera with SEL-1650 Zoom Lens!! Best of both worlds!!
  10. NIMRCPSYCON 2014: 7 & 8 March 2014, Convention Centre NIMHANS, Bangalore The Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS, in association with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, is organising a conference to commemorate 60 years of post-graduate psychiatry training at NIMHANS and the rolling out of MRCPsych exams in India.
  11. hi rose...which deanery have you applied for?
  12. sirji...good that you are applying. I had a look at the scoring system. Essentially depending on the questions asked they score between 1-5. With one being question not answered or answered vaguely to 5 being question answered in a thoughtful incisive manner showing good understanding of the subject and demonstrating appropriate reflection... Not the exact words but close enough. You need to score 30/60 i.e 20 marks for each station (10 marks per interviewer) and you need to pass each station with a score of 10 or more. This will then make you appointable.
  13. Well...Ive got it finally...5s 64GB Gold.. 1st impressions...will have to wait...for the tears of joy to dry!!!
  14. Well...Ive ordered it...but its sold out!!! So im still waiting...
  15. Its an interesting read. I wonder if a similar study will be possible for the CASC. the key "killer statement " IMHO is "black and minority ethnic graduates trained in the UK were more likely to fail the clinical skills test than their white UK colleagues, despite controlling for age, sex, and scores on the applied knowledge test" In essence if you come from a BME background you will be at a disadvantage, although the difference in pass rates is less if you are british born and bred...