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  1. Are adult jobs st4 results out? heard nought.
  2. 'U can always apply again in few months time, looks like ST4 is a BIG DEAL for you.' When exactly is a few months time? Is this not it now for ST4 until next September? I messed up at interview as well.
  3. it wont be a while. Interviews going into next week then they have to decide what to do about NOT short listing, so probably a week at the minimum.
  4. Saw this in the forum somwhere but no answer given, what should you do if asked in CASC or interview, if you see a male patient leaving a female patients room? Who would you need to contact, what would you need to do? Thanks!
  5. ANYONE hear about adult ? I thin its over for me!!!
  6. Are they announcing OAP and adult at same time?! Nothing here!
  7. I agree the boards are dead, but maybe most people got their jobs in run through. If anyone hears about short listing or interviews being offered by london D, please post! Thanks!
  8. Sure Daisee!! No short listing happens before the interview, I was not short listed initially but they called me up when people pulled out. Then I scored highly at interview, basically i do well when i meet consultants at interview but it is the getting to that point, i.e. what do people do on their application forms to get short listed!
  9. Hi friends, MTAS/MMC my application failed and no short listing. Ok I know that was a total joke, but THEN when I applied in 08 for London Deanery with a form, which had research and audit and teaching etc on it, STILL not short listed, then got called in the day before as people pulled out i guess, and at interview i got one of the highest scores that day according to the deanery when i asked about feedback, they gave me my choice of rotation and just finishing CT3 now, my question is do people have tips to get short listed, it seems whoever rates the applications DO NOT rate mine in terms of points or whatever system they use!!! THANK YOU!!
  10. how do we apply then? forms?
  11. 5 jobs!! How many people ROUGHLY will be wanting an ST4 in North West, hundreds or thousands? I have no idea does anyone have an idea?
  12. What is LAS and LAT?
  13. Cant we be section 12 approved as Spr or ST4s, if so how do i get SEction 12 approved? Thanks!