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  1. Interestingly I think you could have got through most of the answers with mrcpsychmentor alone (I've never tried the other question banks).
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I have spoken to a few people now who didn't manage to finish because of time so you are definitely not alone. It sounds like we all found the paper hard. I agree, nothing can be done. I've sort of accepted I may have to resit in April and just to let things rest now.
  3. I found the time sufficient - I didn't feel like there were any wordy questions. Were you alright for time? I'm quite annoyed because there were some questions which I knew I should have revised more because they were my weak points so they were 'easy' answers. But I agree, that was not a nice paper.
  4. Well, time to start revising for the next sitting in April now..
  5. Pass mark was 66% apparently.
  6. Anything you're finding particularly difficult? I'm also a bit worried about how high previous pass marks have been for Paper B. Does anyone know the pass mark for the paper in April 2019?
  7. I'm preparing for this as well. Doing quite badly on the Critical Appraisal questions on SPMM.. how's everyone else finding revision?
  8. I found the EMQs more difficult than the MCQs - did feel like I was randomly guessing in a couple. Overall I thought the paper covered all the topics quite well - I didn't feel like I'd 'wasted time' spending too much revision on one topic for example. I thought the questions were reasonable and unambiguous (something I was worried about). Either you knew the answer or you didn't. I can't remember most of the topics but it looks like you've covered a lot of them. How did you find the exam?