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  3. The cranial nerves 5,7,8. Also take a brief hx about onset of new symptoms. This is a patient with long hx of physical symptoms with no causes being found.
  4. Hello Abdul I have spoken to Yann about organising similar training events on line in the future. At this moment, we don't have any recorded training event with us as the author has to agree to it. But please to join our ' Casc Camp' whats app group and I reckon you could get help and advice from our members. We are growing strong day by day and have more than 120 members. Usually any training events or questions would be posted on whats app group and we have people who are willing to answer. You could also contribute to the group when ever you can. Just to let you know its all for free and for doctors preparing for the casc exams. thanks Tom
  6. Dear Colleagues Yann is a CASC lead in one of the London training schemes. He is going to train us for the casc exams tomorrow/07/01/18 at 7.30pm GMT. Please download the app on Google play or Itune. Those using pc can also have access. The app is 'GoToMeeting'. The meeting code: 282 219 341. It's for free and the meeting can only accept 50 candidates. We also have a casc camp that will enable us a quick way of communicating with each members for exchange of ideas. Just to let everyone know that is all for free. Please contact Marcus if you wish to be added on +447720887120. We have about 120 members and sharing great ideas. The forum is also a good way to get a casc practice partner. Good luck for the casc exams. Tom
  7. Hello Nefize I am also giving casc exam in Jan 2018. I would like to have face-face practice. Please let me know where we could meet up as I am from London as well. thanks Thomas