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  1. https://www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/ct1_psy_current_round - I think they haven't yet released the round 2 vacancies yet. Not sure how many jobs will be available. You may be better off waiting for the Nov recruitment round if you want an academic post
  2. Hi I manged to get where I wanted (NW London). Good luck with the upgrades
  3. Just thought I'd start a thread for any people applying for core training that will commence on Aug 2018. Still waiting for shortlisting to be complete. Anyone else applying for this year?
  4. Just wondering if anybody has worked in or applying to CT1 in North West London It looks like there are two streams, St Mary's and Charring Cross, any experiences of them? Anybody with any idea with Northwick Park is like for psych SHO jobs?