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  1. I am not sure about any information on marking being included in the exam pack.If this was the case , please confirm which exam pack, the admission letter or the application forms. I believe you can download this from College website?. You mean you went for the exam without knowing how its marked? Its on the college website and moreover, its included in the exam pack sent to candidates.
  2. I proposed admission &, included all the above ,but the consultant did not show any interest till I mentioned liaison with school to address bullying. Then the rest of station was all about bullying, types of bullying, management of bullying, role of teachers, educational psychologist and CMHT. I failed that station
  3. Had my exam on Friday. Had a couple of senior moments.To start with I booked the hotel for the 27th November! When we finished the linked station I was reading the scenario of the first station again, did not realise that I did it before! In the station of the pregnant lady on Methadone, I was talking to her partner, I said to him(I have just spoken with your wife) .He corrected me politely ( she is not my wife yet)! Whoever managed to build rapport with that lady, who was on methadone, did very well.I felt that woman was very difficult and hostile.My be she was provoked by some of my insensittive questions.I have given up on that station. The 75 year-old woman with delusion and hallucination was very angry.I tried to build rapport by saying ( I would like to listen to your concerns).That went well and she replied ( I am glad at last somebody will listen to my concerns).However when she was complaining about her neighbours, I subconsciously said OK, she shouted at me 9 No it is not OK, they are trying to poison me). In discussing the management of the 15 year-old girl who took an overdose, the consultant focused very much on how to address bullying, went on and on about the types of bullying and the role of teachers , and whether it would be appropriate to arrange a meeting between the victim and the perpetrator. I ran out of ideas. The man with somatic pain disorder was very restless and at some point stood and refused to sit.In the history he mentioned something about attending the fertility clinic, I thought that was a clue, but when I tried to explore that he was not forthcoming with any more details. On the whole I felt i messed up most of the station.I can't think of going through this experience again>
  4. Many thanks, SagirParker . Your contribuion is very valuable.If we pass this exam, we all owe you one.
  5. According to the admission letter, you are allowed to go out for lunch, but you have to come back for registration( no later than 3 pm, in my case!)A
  6. Sorry for the delayed response, Usain. I was in avoidance state! My exam is on Friday. Best of luck.
  7. What about hot drinks? I am staying at Etap Hotel, not sure how close is it to the stadium.
  8. Thanks Dorianwalking for the useful advice, I have booked a room for 2 nights! Now i don,t have to worry about my luggage, but there is still exam to worry about
  9. Do you expect any of the above scary topics to come as an individual or linked station?
  10. Don't worry Fibi, you are not the only one, I am scared too, but I am scared of being scared of this exam. I can't stop myself of thing about exhaustion, disorganisation and decompensation
  11. Thanks Indy, this is very helpful
  12. I agree with Indy, you can't use the mental health act to give antibiotics, but if you are using the mental capacity act, and if the patient lacks capacity .can't you use the principal of ( best interest).Do you need a life threatening situation to use this principal? I think you can use the mental health act for detention if the patient is suffering from delirium, and if he is trying to leave hospital.
  13. You are right , BDD and Dysmorphophobia are the same, but BDD, Dysmorphophobia( non-delusional), classified under Hypochondriacal disorder , ICD 10 F 45.2. Delusional Dysmorphophobia is classified under Other persistent delusional Disorder , ICD 10 F22.8. Despite this difference in classification,it may be very difficult to differentiate between the two categories clinically.
  14. Apology for the typo, it should read Dysmorphophobia
  15. How do differentiate between body dysmorphic disorder and delusional dysmorphophobia. I find this practically very difficult. Any help will be much appreciated.