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  1. i wonder why this is in CASC section....Hmmmm..!!!! WM.... at 2:46 am ....???
  2. I doubt if you are there to ‘clinch the diagnosis.’ If I remember this station, it was more about whether he still has the symptoms and need to be on medication. You would also notice he is still on medication. Hence, his answers include "that was before", "not any more". I have asked if he had missed any doses and how was his presentation on those days. He said he missed at times and he felt …inattentive, unorganized blah blah blah.. Few more questions and ...... we can establish while the medication is effective in controlling the symptoms, he has ongoing problems and benefits from medication. Hope this helps…!!!
  3. Kamran Bhai...................Congratulationssssssssssssssssssssssss................!!!!!
  4. ayya.....Namaskaram..!!! Congrats to U 2oooooooooooooo..!!! it's time for iPhone 5..........Bring on...!!!
  5. Thank U Janaab
  6. the boat sailed and reached shore in the 6th attempt finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. :ph34r: :lol:
  8. any reviews??
  9. I said shut up Siri .. Siri said 'that's not nice Boss '
  10. I am sorry WM .... I have to disagree ... !! U missed da point . It's not about writing letters to tutors which has been the practice till date from college.... But, the content of it , if I go by the above mentioned. It's like , would you tell your junior CT1 overseas trainee , there is no point in sitting the MRCPsych exams as the evidence published by college recently implies ( if not overtly) overseas graduates are less likely to pass ... Would you ?? No ..! Increasing the understanding that this is a difficult exam is different from saying don't attempt as you have failed so and so times ... Ridiculous argument !!
  11. iSad ..!!!!!
  12. "Remind me to call my wife when I leave work." Siri asks to confirm and makes the reminder. Siri already knew who his wife is and set up a geofence around work. Siri not only remembers, Siri knows.