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  1. that should read 'flaking'
  2. I went in 2006. It was a complete dogshow (ie: rubbish). They screwed up the certificates and most of us got given someone else's. When the real ones finally arrived in the post they were so badly printed that the lettering was falking off. The 'ceremony' involves listening to a few speeches followed by a photo opportunity of you getting a scroll. Then there's a overpriced photo of all the delegates together outside the hall which isnt dated or labelled or anything. And who can forget the poor excuse for sandwiches and drinks that they laid on. It was shameful. If you live in London and can get the day off then great. Its definitely not worth travelling down from another part of the country....
  3. On reflection, I think the college doesnt warn delegates or make a big deal out of the protests because they dont want to give them any publicity. Which seems to work because I have never seen the protests make the news. I still think its highly embarassing to find yourself as the unwitting star of some Scientology promo video. On that note : Happy New Year Everyone!
  4. Yep, although I did enjoy the 'who are you to think you can save the world. its laughable' speech by our eminent colleague.
  5. Just to combine two previous threads here. Some of you may be thinking of going to this years Royal College Annual Meeting in London (if you still have a study budget, that is) Newcomers may be surprised by the small demonstration by the Citizens Comission for Human Rights (CCHR) bearing such wonderful slogans as 'Psychiatry Kills' and 'Stop Drugging our Children'. It usually lasts an hour or two around lunch time on the first day and then they all get back on the bus to East Grinstead. Its a bit of fun and provides some amusement for conference goers (My favourite is the guy dressed as the grim reaper who leads the procession). Over the last few years however the CCHR has been using an interesting tactic. A few hours before the march they set up a camera crew at the entrance of the venue (without any antipsychiatry slogans in view) and interview psychiatrists as they arrive. Many people confuse them with the press or other organisations ( note the similarity in name to Human Rights Comission) and are happy to be interviewed. Some know what its all about and try to take them on. What you may not know is that the CCHR is a cover organisation for the Scientologists and the aim of their interviews is to edit the footage and use it in their campaign against psychiatry. The videos are then posted on youtube. Here are a few examples: (RCAM 2006) (APA 2007) More info on the CCHR: So a word of caution to all delegates. Unless you actually WANT to be on youtube make sure you know WHO is interviewing you (especially if its outside the venue).
  6. Depends on where you work and what you want to get involved in. If you are attached to a medical school and have a suuportive consultant the possibilities are endless. You could get involved in undergraduate lectures on the psychiatry block, small group tutorials, Special Study Modules, marking written or osce exams, and curriculum development. There are various distance learning options such as the MSC or Certificate in Learning and Teaching (CILT) or Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Education or similar. Ultimately you could apply for an Academic Fellow post and get an academic traning number [NTN(a)] , but then you would be expected to get involved in research as well.
  7. There's a discussion on this board about posters - where to get them printed, where to submit your abstracts etc. My tips : Aim for clarity! Look at other peoples posters and see how thye did their layout etc. Ask your local medical school academic services department for help ( see SGULs website ) Try and get someone to pay for it (printing a poster yourself is expensive) Dont bother with lamination Make sure you read the conference instructions (loads of people brought landscape posters to the RCAM when the boards could only display portrait posters) Invest in a roll of double sided velcro to stick your poster on the board. (Drawing pins/Tape are not allowed) Always have a few photocopies availabel for interested parties to take home
  8. Any luck yet?
  9. Did you purchase them online through Skyscape? And how was the ordering process etc?
  10. Theres a difference between OUP teachers inspection copies and Higher Education ones (lecturers). I went through the whole process and never received any info about having to return the books. &nbsp:lol:espite still having the same e-mail address and getting reminders to send in my feedback forms. Its more than a year since I got the books and they havent asked for them back...
  11. Thanks anything specific that regular PDA users have found indispensible?
  12. Sadly no! Just dvds. (no books, cds or other products). But its great for keeping an inventory of your dvds, and it has a function that you can use to keep track of who you have lent your dvds to.
  13. The best free bee I've come across is Oxford University Press' free inspection copies to lecturers! see the little blue tab? Well if you are a lecturer at a medical school and have a nice university postal address than you can get 5 titles absolutely free and all you have to do is fill in a feedback form. I got these last year when I was an honorary lecturer and got the new Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry as well as a selection of Oxford Handbooks (including the new Psychiatry one).
  14. Ouch! Well then you will feel right at home at Orange! Seems like the golden rule with ISP customer service in the UK is : 'Keep expectations low and you can only be pleasantly surprised!'
  15. Thats werid! I was using version 3.3 and it worked fine. I updated to 3.8 after reading your post and it didnt work either! I uninstalled it, installed version 3.7 and it worked and then I installed 3.8 again and it works... The best thing about it is adding titles by searching through Its fast and you get all the details from amazon including the picture of the cover. Unfortunately this also means the program needs to be updated if amazon changes its file structure. Anyway try uninstalling and starting with an earlier version and persevere! Its worth it!