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  1. Hi I passed paper A inDec and B in April both first time . SPmm is good for paper A but the mock of psych mentor is also good and cheap . Critical appraisal for doctors is good and SPMM but it’s expensive . Not a lot of questions come up exactly , but do them close together , do the weekend webinar. Also read ICD 10 esp for child and adolescent !read the maudsley quidelines for the big illnesses , do them as close together as you can because there is some cross over .
  2. There was it’s actually on the mock paper A in spmm ie best decision autonomy paternalism etc
  3. Also EMI RE precontemplation contemplation and action
  4. Also going to the gym because you have the hots for your therapist is sublimation ( there is an episode of the Sopranis where Tony does it .
  5. My group have come to the conclusion that we didn’t read ICD enough and the maudsley guidelines . The conduct disorder EMI was just the ICD breakdown , one was dissocial conduct disorder ( the girl who set fires and had few friends one was hyperkinetic conduct disorder for sure , can’t remember the last one . The question about MNSv serotonin syndrome was serotonin syndrome because he had overdosed onSSRIs not anti psychotic and hyper reflexive what hat to augment Clozapine I think was amisulpuride not responding to high dose citapram would first to try another SSRI myocarditis with Clozapine stop and refer melatonin and promoting sleep duration autuism and OCD didn’t really know the answer
  6. Study re clusters practices in ethnic monorities in south London the calculation hard enough although there is an spmm example of a similar one a lot of time for half a mark . Conduct disorder was wether you knew ICD sub classes . Very oddly phrased questions and plenty of marginal calls as in the LB question