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  1. Anyone has today Jan 16 stations?
  2. September 11,2018 Morning 1- Cognitive assessment and mental state for Alcoholic after detox 2- Valproate management for bipolar pregnant 3- Desensitization discussion for agoraphobia 4- Angry mother due to son diagnosis of schizophrenia 5- Medical student to discuss depression management 6- Metabolic syndrome management for schizophrenic on clozapine 7- ECT explanation for treatment resistant depression 8- Assessment for a female who is anxious about her wedding (social anxiety) Afternoon 1- risk assessments- indecent exposure 2- risk assessments- overdose 3- risk assessments and MSE- refusing social help 4- cerebellar exam 5- MSE- psychosis 6- assessment alcohol withdrawal 7- Autism. Collateral history 8-
  3. Random stuff from my memory regarding April 10 paper A exam Path analysis (4 questions) Weird questions about conduct disorder Weird questions about school behavior program gene of schizophrenia HLA****** Epislepsy in autism patients lewy body dementia management (3 questions) 4 questions on ECG interpretations and scenarios