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  1. Thanks for this thread. I am writing as someone who is mid application in the 2018 re-advert for CT1. I've had the SRA but the interview is in a week and a half. I am struggling with how to create my portfolio. I have an intense interest in psychiatry, but this has mainly developed since finishing foundation and apart from one short audit and a day conference relating to psych I have no hard evidence of anything since foundation. I haven't been good at keeping up any sort of portfolio while out of training Now this is the (not comprehensive) list of headings suggested by the application guide for a portfolio: A copy of your CV including previous posts and qualifications  Your personal development plan  Relevant workplace based assessments  Any other supporting information, such as feedback from previous posts, patients, colleagues or references  Reflective practice  Audits / Quality Improvement  Presentations / Posters  Publications  Teaching delivered or Teaching courses attended Some items, like CV, I'm not worried about, but other stuff like poster (all I have is something completed 4 years ago on CT scanning in head trauma!) Publications..... no! And personal development plan: How vague or concrete does this need to be? At the moment I am interested in phsychotherapy, and have read around this. I feel a bit like a kid that has not done there home work.... But if anyone that has been in a similar boat has any helpful tips/ hints then that would be appreciated. Also, some feedback as to how evidence was presented would be useful. At the moment I thinking of trying to produce the evidence in the style of one formatted report.. but currently having an issue accessing my archived foundation eportfolio, thats a different issue! N.b. it looks like there are no vacancies where I want to be for training so this application may end up just being a trial round, which may be for the best! Thanks, Dan Oh... Also I'm planning on doing paper A in August, but again that probably can't be used to say much because the interview is beforehand!...