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  1. I am pretty sure they dont accept printed statements from online accounts. I saw the receptionist in PEO sending someone back for that reason. Please check from HO if they accept printed statements if verified by the bank
  2. Thanks for the information InTaNgIbLe.
  3. Hi NY, I have searched on the net and asked around. no luck so far with any forum. Lets see if we have cardiff material for a start.
  4. Hi. Is it possible to get previous cardiff course notes from anywhere? I would be grateful if anyone who has attended the course, is willing to share the material. Thanks
  5. Depends on the school. Generally between 500-900£s per month but you have to pay at the start of the term for the whole term. Some schools have three terms per year and some four.
  6. Hi Venkat, I am not being of much help to you here but I would really appreciate if you tell us how, how long and what you studied for the exam. There are quite a few of us who would be very grateful for your help. Thanks
  7. Thankyou all so much for your replies. The trust did negotiate with me and were actually quite helpful. I wrote to the inland revenue myself but they were not very clear in their reply. The payroll dept worked out how much was taxed and the return payment excluding tax. Probably I will be payed back bythe inland revenue after submitting the tax return. Does anyone know what is the BMA's stand on this issue?
  8. Pay Circular (M&amp:lol:) 6/2007 on this website - 16k - This circular has worked out example. No confusion there.
  9. I chose the option of St scale + oncall banding over payprotection+ payment for the 2 sessions (according to the circular mentioned in my earlier post).I have been asked to pay back the extra sum which I received. I have already paid back a lump sum and the rest is being deducted from my salary. Are there any concrete grounds to challenge this? I would be grateful if someone can help me here. I am not a bma member.
  10. I dont have anything at the moment but hopefully would soon have something from a friend of a friend who has passed the theory. Would gladly share.
  11. A study group is a good idea but so far my query regarding reading material remains unanswered. what's the plan to run this group?
  12. I am an ST5 and planning to have a go at DGM. Thanks for starting this thread as I was struggling to find about reading material and courses, given the change in exam pattern.. It would be helpful if someone can provide a list of books to read and courses to attend. Is 'lecture notes in geriatric medicine' useful?
  13. Sorry, i meant Elton Road.