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  1. Thank you so much and best of luck for your result . regards
  2. Hi Yusuf 

    can you kindly share your experience in HK casc? Why did you appear in Singapore casc for the next time? What is the current pass rate of Hong king casc. 

    I am deciding whether to appear or not in the HK casc center in October ?

    Kindly update would really be obliged .

  3. Hi I would really be grateful if some one can update me on CASC Exam experience in Hongkong . Anyone planing to sit Oct 2018 casc in Hongkong ?
  4. Hi Dr Anand Mishra can I ask if you are training in UK why did you have to give Casc in Hk? How was your experience of Casc in Hk? Do you know if people who failed in UK casc and pass HK casc? kindly share your experience .
  5. Hi can you add me to the watsappgroup as well ? I am appearing for sept casc mynumber is 07455276275