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  1. Oh great. Yes Iam taking it in sept. Msg me on so we can compare diaries. (My number is above)
  2. Thanks Tom. Will check that one. Much appreciated. Lwaanie
  3. Hi, looking for a study partner or ideas and information updates on revising. Watsapp or face to face. Am in Sheffield. My number is 07940463578 BW
  4. Hi, I am sitting the Sept 2018 exam too. Can you add me to the group please. my number is 07940463578. Thanks
  5. Hey, please add me too. I am sitting the sept exam. Is it safe to write my number here? I'll delete it as soon as i get a response (my paranoia i guess). 07940463578
  6. Hello all, This DVD is not available anymore, is anyone interested in selling a copy of their's. I am taking the CASC in Sept 18. Thanks