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  1. Hello, I've really enjoyed reading this thread. Oneiros, do you have an update on what you did? Your opinions really resonated with me as I too think of leaving core training. I spent a year locuming around the country in 2018 and I initially found the instability unsettling, but then grew to love the freedom of choosing where I work, when I work, and how much time off I had. The pay was great (for someone who just finished FY2). But I thought I wanted to enter training so I did, and it was in a city I thought I loved but I didn't. And just as you described it Oneiros, I feel "shackled" to training, but also to a location. I've looked into IDT but I don't meet the criteria. I'd love to know what decision you made and how you feel about it now. I sometimes feel like leaving and returning to training, but I think that is not allowed. I'd love it to be more flexible, but I think that would damage the quality of training. In all fairness, I wish I'd never started training, if I put it off for only a few more years maybe I'd be ready for the shackles. Best wishes, Lileh