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  1. Woah! Way too much info for me. As a child psychiatrist being a part time super hero comes in handy:) BTW isn't this way off topic now? To bring it back-was I the only person shouting at the TV when Eqyptian scholar was talking about female circumcision?
  2. Whipped indeed. You'll notice that my Wonder Woman persona is reserved for on calls only.
  3. Just to say I've really enjoyed reading Jem's posts on this thread. If you ever start a blog or write a book, please give me the details. You've reminded me why I love Islam all over again. Saw the program. Nothing new in it, however, I loved that they used beautiful shots of so many different mosques and holy sites.
  4. It's called a July sale!
  5. While I agree with some of what you're saying, I don't agree with all of it. It doesn't apply universally and I think all property markets are very much location based. You certainly spend a lot of time and energy explaining to everyone why you haven't bought a property and why they shouldn't either. I agree that things aren't what they were 2 years ago (when prices were completely ridiculous) but I also think that media hype is making things worse. Some advice for anyone buying (under any circumstances): have a large deposit (even if it takes you forever to save) and try to pay off more than you need to each month-especially in the early days!
  6. Yes, but this was the situation 5 years ago. As a foreign national, I had to have a deposit of at least 20%!
  7. I suppose my position is very different to a lot of people here. I bought a flat 5 years ago in an area where prices rose very rapidly. I sold the property earlier this year having made over 30% on it (after fees and costs!). My other half also bought a property about a year later in another area and is due to make about 20%. We weren't planning to buy now, but we knew which area we wanted to live in very specifically. Houses don't come up for sale often but when one did, we grabbed it. I don't think prices will fall by 40-50%. You're forgetting that demand for properties (in our area anyway) is huge. They may fall by 20% by the end of the year, but we're planning to stay where we are for several years.
  8. We agreed the rate in March and the rates have gone up twice since then-it's fixed for 2 years but we can get out anytime in those 2 years (say if we wanted to change to an offset). We were selling 2 places to buy one place so had a substantial deposit. When I bought my first place I was only offered 80% mortgages because I'm not an EU citizen. I'm actually quite glad about that now as it will prevent me from getting into negative equity. PS it's also in London and I think prices are more or less holding in our area.
  9. Yes-we picked up our keys yesterday
  10. I beg to disagree that deanery takes sole decision, out of personal experience, i know trust can do what they want. at the end of the day, if they desperately need someone to work for them, THERE ARE NO RULES....and this is reality.
  11. Hang on a second here. There seems to be some confusion about who is ALLOWING progression here. It isn't the college, it's individual deaneries who have taken it upon themselves to interpret the term 'run through training' the way they want to. The original post here was from the college newsletter expressing concern that this was happening. This is especially the case in London where the deanery has allowed people who have failed paper 3 to progress to ST 4 despite strenuous objections from higher specialist training program directors, the section 12 panel and the college. Why? Well that's anybody's guess!
  12. Don't beat yourselves up too much-it sounds like the interviews haven't changed much since my SpR interview. It's the same people interviewing and they just want to get you talking and see what you're like. I think it's quite normal to have at least on panel member semi-comatose. Good luck!
  13. You swear an affidavit in front of a notary public. They're usually based in a solicitors office but not all solicitors are notaries. It will cost about £60. You'll probably also need to make an apppointment. I found my local notary public by going into a solicitors office and asking if they knew who the nearest one was. They were very helpful and gave me his name and phone no. Good luck.
  14. You're talking about 2 completely different grades here with one very big and obvious difference: SpRs are in training and have training requirements. Staff grades do not. I've been lucky enough to have done both jobs (at different times!), for about equal lengths of time. As an SpR, I'm spread very thin between several areas (clinical work, my own training, teaching medical students, management expereince, research and special interest) whereas as a Staff Grade I could pretty much focus on clinical work with the occasional bit of study leave/conference here and there. Yes, the SpR in question may be a complete ass, but aside from that, he might be an extremely *busy* ass who feels pulled in several different directions and leaves the bulk of the clinical work to someone who has more time for it and can focus on it fully. But then again, maybe he's just an ass. P.S. I work in liaison child psych where there is no SHO and the only other dr on the team in my consultant-so basically there's no one to dump on but myself!
  15. I did it once in 2001 when I had a horrid bout of tonsillitis. I must've looked like death when I went to the pharmacy-she gave me the antibiotics and codeine I asked for with almost no question. I did take in my GMC certificate, though and she made a copy of it. She didn't particularly like doing it, but it was obvious that I was sick and had a raging fever. I remember needing a 45 minute rest in the car to drive myself home after getting them. Why the hell didn't I just go to a GP? Probably because it was something small I knew I could fix and didn't know which GPs in the area would see me on a Saturday. As it was a weekend it would've taken forever to get it all done through a GP anyway!