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  1. Does that mean, MRCPsych with/without CCT is of no value anymore for those wishing to move to Australia. Please do clarify source, if this is true.
  2. DKS you should be refunded if you went for an interview and were unsucessful. However, if you were offered a post and declined then they are not obliged to pay you travel. On the other hand, as it's private and unless and until you had it in writtten that travel will be reimbursed, they have the right to decline payment. It does sound very cheap of the firm to not pay you but its always better that you ask for such conditions in written. I would just let it go and stop sulking, its only money.... :lol: ( may be thats just my way of avoiding unnecessary stress in life !!)
  3. [/highlight]because they can order people to pay and people are still begging for visas despite the fees.... :lol: On a serious note, it is ridiculous amount of money, I agree. It used to be free just a few years ago.....everyone is trying to skim as much as possible
  4. If you negotiate, they usually pay that for you. However, demand and supply...if they have a choice and can get someone at a lesser rate, they will. Did you mean £670.00? No its £6700.00
  5. Best piece of advise is to google varioyus provinces in Canada and try to obtain telephone numbers of Deans/Chiefs of the programmes (Deanaries). Speak to them or email them explaining your position. You may be offered a position but will probabaly have to do the canadian Evaluating and the qualifying exams before you get on training post. Alberta and Places like Newfoundland ( No mans land !!) may offer you a short cut...cos they are always desperate for doctors.
  6. oh by the way... there is an update... the 12/13 year old may not actually be the father and at least two other teenagers have come forward and are now claiming to be the father. The teenager girl is said to have had multiple partners. As in my previous mail, i don't think the debate is about this particular is about where the hell is the next generation heading towards.... DISASTER...i guess.....
  7. Teenage pregnancies...... becoming fathers at very young age... its been happening all the UK, USA, ASIA but the ratios differ and some countries have a higher rate than the others... It should be discouraged but a difficult task ..... Incest, sati, getting married to frogs and trees are all prevalent in countries like India and women getting killed by being beaten in the middle of the streets by the villagers because of their some very iditoic beliefs/superstitions etc.... is not uncommon either in the eastern world. I am only trying to say that some cases hit the headlines and media does their job....i.e.sell the stories.... but is this a case which anyone here has never heard of before...ask your colleagues working in obstetrics...they will tell you how many teenage mothers deliver everyday......... there is no point saying its disgusting is a part of having too much information and I am not saying not having any information on sex helps either...but to get the balance right with kids is so very difficult...when do you tell them and how much should they know is a million dollar question.... This individual case does not surprise me at all as we all know that this is not even the tip of the iceberg.
  8. Australia/OZ definitely not a place for me. I have now explored almost everyplace which people claim is better than UK. At least for me with MRCPsych and CCT, Australia has nothing better to offer apart from remote place, similar salary as here and the sword of doing more exams hanging over my head. Thank you but no thanks. May be better for people without CCT and as for some reviews and feedbacks by people who have taken the plunge, and claim to be happy....goood luck to them. I really think that people really need to go and visit before they committ. Now the only place left for me is Canada and hope they clarify matters soon so that I can live in peace here in UK.
  9. Watched it yesterday. Entertaining but no where near making it a big super duper..... Was able to sit through...just about....cos I like Akshay. However its getting a bit monotonous...his acting.... These are my views only and some of you may like it more than I did. Overall comments: disappointing...story line pretty old....
  10. Dr llewellyn If a authority is offering a Consultant Job (post CCT in UK) in Australia and is offering a initial contract for four years and promising to extend contract after that. does one have to do exams during these four years or can they be done in the next four years. Also a salary package of $280K...with incentives like car/mobile and laptop etc... is that as good as it gets or is there room for more negotiations at consultant level??? Sorry guys if it sounds greedy to you but I am only trying to clarify matters for myself
  11. Hi Sukiyak As I mentioned in my earleir mail, the whole process takes a few months. There has been quite a bit of progress but I think it will take another 6-12 weeks before all is finalised. I can only say this much but will be happy to share more indepth details, once everything is finalised and I am set to go. eagerly waiting but the Xmas holidays delayed the whole thing....
  12. has anyone mentioned Ajit's favourite: 'Mona, sona aur mona ke saath sona'
  13. fully agree with above two responses, com'on.... involving Police for low pass rate.... next we will have police investigating GCSE / O-levels / A levels and all engineering/MBA exam ain't gonna happen. You can try the army, it might help. Ok enough of saarcasm, its a terrible feeling of helplessness and I have failed the exam, not once but twice. It's awful and I too went throught the different phases of denial, anger and so on...... Complaints...if its genuine and there are genuine resonable grounds then the college will look into it......difficult process and very taxing mentally and emotionally..... I can understand people's emotions and the pain it causes to redo the exams over and over again without any form of certainity.
  14. The views you have aired are yours and of cafe members. Its OK to vent and as people suggested earlier.... its not a very professional/formal complaint letter. If yoy really are that frustrated, call the college and speak to the chief examiner.. I wouldn't send this sort of letter to the college. I can tell you that the college will take this as seriously as it takes you for failing the exam....i.e they don't give a s*** . they will bin the letter and if you personalise it, you will get a reply but nothinhing will change for you except that you will get in a few bad books of the college. You could certainly do a letter with more professional/formal wording which may get you some response from the college although not an entirely favourable one to you.
  15. 'made us do the exams again and again and again' :lol: