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  1. Dear All Could any of you please PM me if you are working in Guildford or worked there before. I've been offered a ST4 post in this area and I really would very much appreciate some information regarding the hospital, locality etc
  2. Great..I got shortlisted for NW and KSS, and interviews are on same day in both deaneries !!! and i may have to let go of one difficult is it for national recruitment team to offer non conflicting interview dates for the just infuriates me
  3. Hi, sorry i meant to ask if anyone heard from kss deanery re:interview. I called them t'day and was told they aren't doing shortlisting this time but are going to invite all the longlisted candidates for interviews..!! They couldn't tell me when are they going to send invites though..!! Hence wondering if anyone got invite from kss..???
  4. Has anyone heard anything from the deanery or the college regarding shortlisting ?
  5. Euthymic, you just managed to lure me to buy a WX5, which I will be ordering tommo....i think W380 is good enough but WX5 is bril for extra 100£ (which we would spend on christmas parties anyways)..... I still kick myself...i shouldn have looked into this post but its a good cam lad...go for it I have owned some of the best cams and seen lots of rest cams....i think this is the best buy DSLR is a myth (I own few DSLs but) the end of the day, good pic depends on how shoot rather than how expensive your camera is.....
  6. Yeah Slart...thats my point...why do I need to spend my precious hours to convince HR...I know I have lots in my CV to make them drool to appoint me (me not being arrogant though)...but still as a doc I have everything they want on my CV and for everthing else there will be a smart secretary hahaaa (hopefully)
  7. Slarti the fart....i just finished ordering on amazon as promised....T-Shirts looks nice and I hope they fit me when i get them lol...i loved those keychains n will order them shortly to gift people,,not to forget that I'll def spread the word....nice work mach..keep it going
  8. good luck dude....nice stuff...i place my order shortly
  9. why would someone needs ECDL...yeah i do agree that its another course which will teach new ever as Doctors, why do we need it..?? i went through various websites to convince myself to register for this course, but I haven't found any convincing answers yet.... I feel this course is mainly aimed to improve computer literacy and help people to encourage using computers and i do not think its any relevant to doctors at all...if at all we need to use access or excel, we can teach it ourself and i wonder how many times an average Doctor uses access or excel, even if we use it how difficlt is it to learn !!! I think this course is more relevant to HR people, secretaries, ward clerks and to all those adminstrative people who need to use computers a lot, mainly as end users to use different packages....i don't think it will teach me anything new than I already know....I would rather watch a good movie Slarti the fart...I can't believe you went for ECDL...Hehhe it will be like an MTech dude going to NIIT for a computer course...haaahaaaaa
  10. Buy it via limited company and you get flat 20% discount when you show it on expenses but it really necessary...well i am not sure though
  11. Its a very positive step blueband...I've signed the petition
  12. Have a look at this everyone....
  13. Well its not all about empathy is it..!! i don't believe anyone can judge how empathic you are...and i do not agree that if someone is more empathic it makes them better doctor and will enable to proceed further in career....its all loads of bull crap Empathy i think is a brilliant tool to mark IMGs down...nobody can argue against that C'mon dorian, that's English for no empathy. Remember "constructive" crticism is usually understated rebuke. You couldn't judge other people's empathy properly. Some people keep empathy inside and don't show it out.
  14. you are one nasty defiant bugger, aren't ya Slarti..... I don't to see any point in being so gratefull with whatever you have got from the system..i feel its a sorta slave mentality, well again its just me being me Slart although I agree with your point of choosing one of the two, i do not agree with your laid back attitude of not making a fuss of it and not to step up to their plate....I strongly feel that asking for what you deserve is not stepping on anyone's toes.... Even if it comes to a point of agreeing for one of the two...I would rather it be a win-win situation than otherwise first off, congratulations on the ST4. secondly as regards pay, choose one of the two and go with it. you dont have any other options really. Might not agree with locumdoc's advice of stepping upto the plate with the trust - might work for him, because he has a very smooth way of doing this kinda thing. dont step on the wrong toes the first few days, weeks or months into the rotation. you got your ST4 rotation that you have been hankering for for months, probably years. and once you get it, you find the next thing to worry about. chill, sit back. Enjoy the ride. Choose whichever salary works out to more (over the three years).
  15. Sure...positive thinking is all I comes and money goes...what will be left is how much you have grown as a person both professionally and personally.. I guess you are not in psychiatry just for money....if you are then I rest my case Money for me is always a by-product of what I am Just because I am paid £££ should not curtail my basic human rights to expect fairness I can earn money wherever I am and be relatively happy coz money can't get you sense of fullfillment or achievement. point is..... I sell same shite as you but for a bit more money... The argument here is not about is about exams, career, eqality, discrimination, and fairness