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  1. Yes genetics is a part of paper A, can also be asked in paper B sometimes.
  2. Study partner needed for CASC preparation to be held on may 2020 in Singapore.
  3. Is Anybody there who have passed CASC in Singapore? Kindly share your experience in Singapore.
  4. The previous candidates have to help us on this to know whether there is any existing whatsapp groups for casc. Thanks.
  5. Hi, any active whatsapp group for CASC preparation. Pls let me know
  6. Anybody there preparing for Singapore may 2020 casc?
  7. Ofcourse it's needed
  8. Repeat questions are few I would say
  9. No words. That was really tough
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. Passing cut off for April 2019-nobody mentioned in the thread.will try to get the info
  12. It's tough.
  13. Anyone preparing for paper B to be held on October 2019?
  14. 08056299705 Pls add
  15. From above, I see prp question and extracampine hallucination? Anyone can remember the question bcoz I don't remember