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  1. Hi Demola, I am currently studying for USMLE's since eight months ago full time. just another three month to finish the Kaplan course and then revision questions with the aim of sitting step one in April 2018. My background is, I am an Irish doctor who graduated in 2007. I worked as a locum in london for 4 years.I went into training in psychiatry in 2013 to 2015 and got MRCPsych. Since the end of 2016, I have been studying for step 1. My aim is to do psychiatry residency in Emory, Atlanta. By the time I will do residency, I will be 12- 13 years post graduation date. However there are no graduation cut offs in the hospitals I'm applying to down south. I aim to get good scores. I spoke with Kaplan advisors who said with MRCpsych and good scores, I have a good chance of getting a residency. What do you think, I hope I'm not wasting my time since the no of years of graduation is more than 10 years.

  2. Dear Afterlife, I salute your indomitable spirit. I did the CASC 6 times before leaving the UK for the USA, 4 times had 10/16, 2 times had 11/16. The option of seeking feedback from the College is a joke - the only help you can get as a non native is from the few conscientious and racially blind consultants/examiners who work with you locally. Do consider emigrating to North America - if your passion for psychiatry and determination to succeed are anything to judge by, you deserve better than this. Drop me a line if you are interested in the US route and i will be more than happy to guide you.
  3. I have just started a PGY1 programme in psychiatry in a beautiful location in the States. Do not let any one kill your spirit....the CASC has not an academic exercise but one created to whittle down percentage of foreign trained doctors with MRCPsych/who complete their training. How can the greatest pass indicator in an exam be sex and race? Even upon completion the CCT is a sorry trade off for a future filled with career uncertainty, frustrated colleagues haughty hospital managers and bigots. I plead with you to consider taking the USMLEs and come over here... I will catch up with any replies once a month due to work but i am willing to guide dedicated and serious colleagues who want to take the plunge and show some commitment eg booking for USMLEs instead of wasting money on CASC The best way to fight against oppression is to free yourself then others... This path that great psychiatrists who emigrated from Europe have chosen and it is one i hope you will take
  4. ANY ONE INTERESTED IN FORMING CASC REVISION GROUP AROUND BASINGSTOKE/ WINCHESTER/ SOUTHAMPTON/ LONDON/ BERKSHIRE ? Looking to start group first week in December. I have done this exam a couple of times so if I think i have a fair idea about how the college thinks regarding this exam. The question I believe is not how stupid you are [i have already been accepted onto usa residency programme to start 2011] but being able to attend to the process and content of an advanced psychiatric interview simultaneously. My outlook on life is that of Logotherapy - it matters not what actions are made to bear on you, but how you respond. Every painful experience is only an opportunity to improve and grow in depth. The best way to respond to unjustfiable afflictions is to rise above it. Available on full day basis for December [on leave] and happy to work around availability of other group members. Other group members will be encouraged to develop their own "ALOBA based" agenda that we would all chip in to help them with [and vice versa]. I also have good links to SPrs/college examiners/consultants on Southampton rotation so might be able to bring them in at some point. Looking for max 3 people. Do give me a holla if the above arrangement appeals to you.
  5. Some stations on 21.11.08 LINKED STATIONS 1. Assess a 15yr old depressed girl with bullying at new school -she took overdose, left suicide note. Do risk assessment Actor appeared withdrawn, depressive facies, eyes downcast, spoke in very low tones 1a.Discuss management with consultant next station 2. Take drug and alcohol hx from 22 yr old lady who came for follow up appt at your drug and alcohol clinic – she thinks she might be pregnant. Also address her concerns Do not do risk assessment 2b. Talk to partner of pregnant girl you saw above – explain risks in prenatal and postnatal period and address his concerns 3. Assess 75yr old woman brought in on MHA section who has been accusing her neighbors. Explore her beliefs and other experiences she may have. Do risk assessment Do not do cognitive assessment 3b. The lady above has been started on Olanzapine 10mg on the ward. Speak to her brother explaining your findings and management. Address his concerns. STAND ALONE 5. Assess middle aged man who has been complaining of pain in head for years. He has been fully assessed by neurologist with CT scan – medically cleared. Take hx with view to achieving diagnosis and address his concerns 6. Assess cognitive function of 75yr old man found wandering in town by police 7. Explain desensitization to a lady who has been diagnosed with agoraphobia – address her concerns. 8. Explain Anorexia nervosa to an anxious mum whose daughter has just been admitted with the condition 9. Assess erotomanic who wants to see a nurse on the ward - assess his beliefs and level of dangerousness. 10. Assess capacity of a known schizophrenic who presented to A/E with bleeding and needs an urgent OGD/Endoscopy – he is refusing all interventions.
  6. So what do you want them to do? you cant ignore about what is happenning and think that everything is because of fate. UK is a democratic country with good judicial system compared to any of ours. so we have to fight for our cause. At this point what we need is encouragement and we want people to donate for re-apealing. this is not time to think what if I fall. that you can think afterwards. try to be optimistic of winning the cae and that is why we have judicial system.think from their point of view why they told you that. bye