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  1. Hi Demola, I am currently studying for USMLE's since eight months ago full time. just another three month to finish the Kaplan course and then revision questions with the aim of sitting step one in April 2018. My background is, I am an Irish doctor who graduated in 2007. I worked as a locum in london for 4 years.I went into training in psychiatry in 2013 to 2015 and got MRCPsych. Since the end of 2016, I have been studying for step 1. My aim is to do psychiatry residency in Emory, Atlanta. By the time I will do residency, I will be 12- 13 years post graduation date. However there are no graduation cut offs in the hospitals I'm applying to down south. I aim to get good scores. I spoke with Kaplan advisors who said with MRCpsych and good scores, I have a good chance of getting a residency. What do you think, I hope I'm not wasting my time since the no of years of graduation is more than 10 years.