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  1. point taken
  2. Drych Good rant. Seriously, I agree with you on most points but cannot help but feel that your anger is misdirected in places. It is not the fault of the 'fuckwit' admin staff. It is not the fault of our colleagues that a clear and fair system was not established, with proper instruction for what level to apply at. If it had been, I'd have applied to ST2 as well, and taken the heat off my exam career for a while that's for sure. We should focus on asserting ourselves properly, mistrusting the right people (BMA, compliant majority of seniors, politicians, DOH), using votes and what political voice we have left wisely, behaving honourably as a body of doctors so that we cannot be justifiably attacked or resented. And making sure that the same mistakes don't occur again by giving a shit about our juniors when/if the time comes.
  3. I sympathise with Wanderlust. Why must we turn against each other like this? It is perectly acceptable for people to want a little choice in this life, rather than being gratefully shoehorned into the first available post. In most other walks of life, the stronger candidate has more options. Assuming that some of last year's problems have been sorted out this year, what's wrong with a strong candidate getting to choose where she wishes to train?? ANy post that she leaves unfilled will be filled through clearing - that is the price paid by the less 'appealing' deanery perhaps?
  4. aargh... good luck with that. how ridiculous of them. i hate the way they spring these surprises onto us - little time for peer consultation or appeal.
  5. I have heard that the deanery will probably be interviewing all ST3s at the end of Feb with a view to placing people in ST4 in August. They are considering allocating first choices where possible to those trainees who already have MRCPsych and then allocating what's left to those who are due to take paper 3 in Spring. Has anyone else heard similar?
  6. miss tickle congratulations! how do you know which specific post you're doing? the rest of us just have trust names :-?
  7. does anyone know what the problem is?
  8. What do people think about living near where you work? Is this a bad idea?
  9. Thanks Euthymic. All the best to you too Sorry vattan, i called them straight after a friend and just pressed redial! WOuld have thought it would be on the mmc scotland site though.
  10. Sorry to hear that simplistic - I know the feeling... I too would love it if I were offered a London post but seems pretty unlikely. When I called Scotland I was told they anticipated offering posts to approx the first 15 so I think our chances are reasonably good. Worth nothing til the official email is sent though. Good luck!
  11. Not sure... I called them a couple of weeks ago and was told i was really quite near the top of the waiting list. Haven't heard anything yet though :-/
  12. Are we sure they're definitely gonna email? I'm meant to be away next week and will have to find a housesitter if they're gonna post the results :-/ Assume they'd rather not have to send out hundreds of letters when they can email instead...
  13. sounds like a plan to save money on locums to me.
  14. i'm really really hoping it means that it's still ongoing... i think it took them until about 7pm on the other evenings to release most of the emails. good luck to you and everyone else. :-/
  15. no :-[ - have you?