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  1. Congratulations guys !! i hope to see you the SPr COnference then !!
  2. why 70 places... the conference dinner is at lumley castle ( with a medival murder mystery. We had to commit number and pay them and hence looking at attendances in the past we quoted 70 hence after 70 places have been given up, the delegates will get to attend the conference but the dinner might be difficult. btw the places are still available please contact me if you need the flyer in the post...
  3. Hi It is usually held where the organiser is from. Couple of years back it was in Aberdeen. Last year in Manchester. Durham is a very beautiful city the location of the conferece is on the river bank overlooking the cathedral. Rightly pointed out its only a 3 hr train journey from London Kings X and 2.5 hrs from Manchester on a direct route ! and its a UK wide conference with people coming from Scotland! there are flights from heathrow, bristol, belfast, etc to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley Airport. There are some fantastic services here (e.g. only female DSPD in the country, One of the four male dspd units, the only sexual behaviour unit in te country) I suggest Sam do come over and I bet you will be surprised.
  4. Day 2: 20th November 09:00 : Future of Prison Health Care Chair : Dr B Docherty 09:15 Bradley review Dr R Nadkarni 09:45 Working in Nicks Dr N Kosky 10:15 Break 10:30 Parallel Workshops 10:30 A WPBA: Dr A Brittlebank 10:30 B Forensic Faculty Website: Dr M Roberts 11:30 A Future of NHS consultants: Dr Nick Land Andy Airey 11:30 B Working in independent sector: Dr Nimmagada 12:30 Lunch 13:00 Automatism: Dr A Ejara 13:30 Alcoholism and diminished responsibility: Dr J Stoddard 14:00 Break 14:30 Truth and Lies 14:30 Liar Liar: Dr J Barrett 15:10 Polygraphy. Prof Don Grubin 16:00 Malingering Speaker TBC 17: 00 Close
  5. Day 1: 19th November 09:30 Registration 10:00 Personality Disorder Services Chair Dr R Travers 10:00 Community PD Team Dr L Wilkinson 10:40 Primrose Programme Dr R Kini 11:20 Coffee Break 11:35 Westgate DSPD unit Speaker TBC 12:15 Discussions with the panel and chair 12:30 Lunch 13:15 Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 13:15 Police: John Hutchings 14:00 Parole Board: Dr Phil Brown 14:30 Break 14:45 Prison: Dr Brian Docherty 15:15 Court: Judge C Prince 16:15 Future of Forensic Psychiatry Dr Janet Parrott 17:00 SpR Meeting and election of the new Rep 19:00 Dinner at Lumley Castle
  6. To book: Please send your registration form and a cheque of £80 payable to ‘National Forensic SpR Conference 2009’ to Dr Pratish Thakkar, Hutton Centre, St Lukes Hospital, Middlesbrough TS4 3AF. Alternatively pay directly to ‘National Forensic SpR Conference 2009’ Ac/no 22080257 Sort code 40-19-31 with your name as the reference and please email the details on Location: Radisson SAS Framwellgate Waterside, DH1 5TL, Durham
  7. The organising committee takes great pleasure in inviting you to the Annual SpR Conference at the Radissons SAS Hotel, Durham on the 19th and 20th November 2009. This year we have managed to get well distinguished national and international speakers like Dr Janet Parrott , Chair Forensic Executive Committee, Prof Don Grubin (Newcastle University) and Sgt John Hutchings (Olympia Police, USA). This year we are extending the invitation to junior trainees, Speciality Doctors and trainees from other specialities who have an interest in Forensic Psychiatry. We hope that it will provide immense value for money, costing £80 for Trainees to include registration, lunches on both days, conference dinner on the 19th at Lumley Castle Luxury Hotel. Please note that places are limited (70) and on the spot registration will be accepted in exceptional circumstance, if places are available at the cost of £100.
  8. Hi I am organising the forensic spr conference in Durham on the 19th and 20th November. I have attached the flyer to the conference.
  9. finally got that stamp .....Settled ! and whats more the stamp says June 2009 they gave me a letter to say that it is valid from Feb 2009 (which is when I completed 4 years) and that they will refund me the fees i paid for second extension !
  10. The word actor refers to a person who acts regardless of sex, while actress refers specifically to a female person who acts; therefore a female can be both. The Oxford English Dictionary states that originally ''actor' was used for both sexes. The English word actress does not derive from the Latin actrix, probably not even by way of French actrice; according to the Oxford English Dictionary, actress was 'probably formed independently' in English. As actress is a specifically feminine word, some feminists assert that the word is sexist. Gender-neutral usage of actor has re-emerged in modern English,[4][5] especially when referring to male and female performers collectively, but actress remains the common term used in major acting awards given to female recipients and is still common in general usage.
  11. know the prison you are going to work number of prisoner, star rating etc also know how the assessments are carried out in prisons ACCT, Seg reviews , know the forensic sections of MHA
  12. the trancript:
  13. Hey guys Happy Holi
  14. if you re buying one for ipod make sure the fm transmitter connects at the base not through the head phone socket and you can listen to the ipod thorugh a fm transmitter (as long as it charges thorugh the ipod and not through the car) on your radio at home, you dont need the car '