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  1. Hi there, I don't think so. Only way to get registered with GMC is via PLAB route if you have not completed your college exams. I suggest you to get this clarified from the GMC.
  2. This is how I gained AC status : Completed a 2 days AC Introductory course , sent appropriate regional application form + 2 reference (one must be your TPD)+ final ARCP outcome 6 + CCT
  3. It appear to me you want to work as a Consutlant in the UK (not as a trainee?)- I suggest you to check with GMC first, how you may get the registration.
  4. If you have a valid visa, then you will have to apply for posts in an open competion. To get long listed for interviews you must have GMC registration+ IELTS band 7.5 +with a valid visa. If you have those , then your application go through a shortlisting process. If you are successful , you will be called for an interview.
  5. Do you mean higher training?. I think it is a matter of obtaining visas. As far as I know visa is not gratned for non EU candidates for any traning posts in UK. Please check with home office.
  6. Yes, it takeS 3 years for CCT. Have you done PLAB?. You have to get GMC registration first and sorting your visa before applying for any jobs as long listing process depends on that. As far as I know, there are lost of restriction for visas for traniees coming outside the EU. Get this clarfied as soon as possible.
  7. Hi subodhsoam, Firstly- do you have rights to work as a trainee in the UK? (i.e EU or appropriate visa?). Are you thinking directly go into ST training ( skipping CT i.e Core-training?) again if you are from EU and has adequate core-traning you can apply fo ST directly. Pay- yes you get paid. depends on the scale and banding supplements according to the Trust. Family- depends on your visa You won't be able to work as a Consultant just with MRCPsych in many conutries. If you have CCT then yes for many contures but not all. Hope this is helpful
  8. parhaps you can ask from the college exam dept?.
  9. loads of opportunities (Management, special interests etc), VERY BUSY on call rota (specially Southwark rota).
  10. Hi psukhe, sorry to hear this. I don't think there is any other way as this is a major requirement. long /short listing process are standardised and well structured. ... Have you exlpored possibility of changing your visa category?.
  11. psukhe, As far as I know , peopele who are on dependent visa category cannot apply for "Doctor on traning" posts. These changes were made in 2007 I think. Please get this clarified with the Home office. I may not be correct/ things may have changed. If you are on a eligible visa category, your application will then get long-listed. However then you have to fulfil other criteria for short-listing process such as evidence of core traing competencies (such as Educational supervisors' report etc).
  12. Hi psukhe, Do you have GMC registration and rights to work in UK?. Both are necessary for longlisting of your application.
  13. I would suggest to summarise your finding to the patient at the end. You may give differentials or you could say that you need furhter time to come to a diagnosis.
  14. Congratulations MAS!
  15. hello shrinkshy, I had this station few years ago and I explained about schizophenia and I passed. But then all depends on the instructions of the task.