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  1. the difference will be on weekly or monthly pay, see my other post
  2. Hi psychiatry Athona assuming that the trust is going to pay you direct to the limited company,the difference is that 1/ the locum agency will pay weekly and the trust will pay monthly, so it will depends on if you are ok with that. 2/ the agency will take commision on top of your hourly rate which will be saved to the trust if you work directly with them, most likely we don't care about this point.
  3. Hello every one havn't been to the forum for a while. all the best for everyone. esp goodluck to my gang
  4. you have to stay cool as your name no difference from SG post just staff come back to you. don't worry you will do it easily
  5. Hello everyone as far as I know you need to have cct to work as a consultant but with the Mrcp you will get spcialist. the salary will be good with all the perks and tax free BUT. life is very expensive there and while you will live a good standard, you will not be able to save. so it depends on your plans. I presume that with psychiatry, knowledge of the language is essential. but I'm not 100% sure and may be different hospitals have different rules. as some one said there is racism but when you go as a professional oyu hardly face that, those who go as manual labours will face that alot. Saudi Arabia is different in that the wages are higher with the living expense far more lower than the rest of the gulf and uk. and they require three years after the membership (cct is not a requirement). I hope this is of help
  6. Justice it is nice to hear from you again. I hope it went well and wish you all the luck
  7. Hello every one has anyone heard of Newman morris? are they any good?
  8. not defending the royal college but it is an english exam and theoraticaly the knowledge has been tested up to paper three. now they are testing the communication which is abviousely we are not the masters on thid legue. so the answer is practice
  9. I'm still confused :'(. from what rdgupta said it is either an st4 for three years or article 14. but what about if I did one year LAT and then found st job do I only do 2 years and get my certificate?
  10. in other words does it count as towards ccst if we find an st4? and how long will count? and if not what is the point of doing it? please help with these queries
  11. Dear Justice how are you. another setback but no worries. I know you are a fighter and sure things will change(esp when changing work circumstances) all the best Pete
  12. Dear Ros congratulations from my heart.I was waiting for this post since the last fight in the old format as you have been very helpful.congratulations again and all the best
  13. sorry to hear that seamus. but raise your chin up, recharge and beat the cr*p out of this exam. I have been there before, it is painful but we have seen worse than this exam and sure you will make it
  14. I saw this on the college website today. the curreculum for paper three Paper 3 Research methods Evidence based practice Statistics Critical Appraisal Clinical Topics Liaison Forensic Addiction Child and adolescent Psychotherapy Learning disability Rehabilitation Old age psychiatry
  15. Dear justice thank you for your kind words. I was devastated to hear about your result given the way you performed. but you know this exam is not predictable. I know you are a fighter and you wouldn't give up. all the best