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  1. hello, I'm trainned on the ADI-R and it's great but quiet long to do, but useful to have a full history rather than the test itself. there is Also DISCO which is equally as good and many places use it. where are you going to do the courses for ADI-R? good luck
  2. hello, I'm not sure if I'm of any help, but you can check with the national autistic sociaty they can give advice on where are the centers also they have useful info on that as currently there are a big move called I exict regarding adults with ASD. I know in Kent there is a big center with gould and wing and they use the DISCO there. also, in cambridge. for others info, in liverpool there is a big service, sheffiled there is prof Digby T and Leichster as well. I'm based in the north and there are no services as yet but both trusts in the north east are starting to develop services. in the north we use the ADI-R and the ADOS for assessment. hope this is helpful
  3. it's all about negotiation. experience is important in that. my advice is 'don't start until you get the amount you want'. when I did a staff grade joj, they gave me the top pay, as well as possibility for extra points. diffrent trust has diffrent policies, so check around but again ask for the top then accept less if you want. but again, people are diffrent and others might have different views best of luck
  4. because they are not stupid, they try to avoid it. but this is the law and they have no way around it ( if you are supported) unless the employee is not assertive enough.
  5. I think the issue of pay protection is clear but the band protection is not that black and white. but what it is as everybody mentioned in the previous posts. at the time of joining the ROTATION, you'll get the same banding (on calls) on each site for the whole of your rotation. (even if the banding went down to 1C). I don't think it matters if they gave you 6 months or 3 or even 6 years contract as long as they offered you the whole rotation ST1 to 6 or whatever. if the trust is cheeky, I'll go straight to the BMA. they did it once for me in the past when I was an SHO (it took a good 1 year but I got paid eventually). so good luck
  6. I will never be a BMA member again they let us down when it mattered .
  7. I was pay protected last year (13 months as a staff grade). the rule is that you need to have 13 months or more experience as a staff grade and then your basic salary will get protected (final basic pay as a staff grade, without the extra points ofcourse) and your annual leave should be protected as well in case your new job has less days. I know they are strict with the 13 months (ie: one day less means no protection) in comparison to the old days as I know 2 people in the SpR days who got pay protection for doing less than 6 weeks that's the rule and if you had any troubles, get in touch with the BMA. if you're not a member, I think it might be a good time to join before you have any trouble, so they can help you in case (I think they have an offer now for free membership till october). good luck
  8. HI, in the northeast. it's %20 in the Tees, Esk and wear trust and %40-%50 in the newcastle, and the north part of the rotation. I hope this is helpful for you. the south of the trust was %50 in the past but as everywhere they went down. I know lots of places went down to %20, but don't forget, there is band protection (you get the banding of all the hospitals when you joined the rotation) good luck
  9. Epilepsy, Epilepsy, and Epilepsy knowledge is essential. autism is useful. then the normal disorders. most of the times when seeing someone with an urgent appointment, it's rather social, carers or other changes in their lifes, or physical (sometimes simple as pain and constipation) rather than a real psychiatric relapse of symptoms. I haven't heard of a busy LD job, but there is always a first. good luck,
  10. there is no doubt that there are much more responsibilities in staff grade job and much less supervision ( that's why my MDU fees went up from £56 to £400 when I moved from SHO to SG then went down again for ST4). again, all depends on the team, and the consultant with regards to responsiblities and supervision. my advice, go to the interview, let them offer you the job then start negotiate/ check the job in details. as for the locum staff grade posts, they are very rewarding in money £40 -£45 and hour and sometimes with on calls, and if you wanted to do it long term, with private company , you pay much less tax. I know few people (5)who has been doing it non stop over the past 1 1/2 - 2 years since we got our MRCPsych, each in taking home between 5-8 k a month and one of them is hoping to pa off all his mortgage in less than a year from now. so it's much tempting but non of them managed to get st posts when they applied (however, many others in training didn't either) finally from my experience, I recommend the educational staff grade rotation in leeds which I did for a year, very good rotaion, support, supervision, teaching and top pay for NHS SG. look for the advert whenit's out. good luck
  11. LAT

    don't think, take it for sure in my opinion, you'll get much much better chance when you apply later for ST posts, and should count of the 3 years for the CCST. also, in my opinion, if you don't get any thing, it should be piece of cake getting another staff grade job, because I assume that you have good CV to get the LAT, and even if you don't, at least the panel should consider that as an extra when looking to other people applying I hope that you've already accepted it good luck
  12. LAT

    in the northern deanary it's 1 day each, and the evidence would be a report from special interest supervisor and the research supervisor for the rita or whatever is called now. however, they are trying to have special interest in some posts as part of the service (for example, a care inpatient job would do few sessions in outpatient within the same service or something like this) it's diffrent in other places I think so you need to check in your area good luck
  13. hi there, we had similar problems when I was an SHO with pay protection issues, and the result was exactly the same way they dealt with you (only paid banding on the basic not the protected). at the moment I'm in the same situation but hasn't got my first salary as I only started september but when I checked with others with pay protection I was told they are doing the same as your HR, (banding on basic). in the BMA, ask to speack to the employment advisor in the region, they were the one who dealt with my case when I was fighting as an SHO good luck, but be prepared for the worse.
  14. where are you going to work? as you might be taking my place, as i'm leaving the rotation in the next couple of weeks. north of leeds is the best areas to live in leeds itself in my opinion.( that was the advise I had when I first moved here), also, there are other areas as some parts around roundhay park..etc. it all depends on where you're going to work. if you want, you can pm me for more info