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  1. Congrats Phaedrus! Did you get an offer in GAP? I haven't heard anything. Looks like Feb round for me
  2. Any news from Yorkshire?
  3. I am speechless! YOU ACTUALLY SUPPORT, SYMPATHIZE AND HERO WORSHIP OSAMA BIN LADEN! Now please, please tell us that you are not a psychiatrist working in UK, but a fundamental cleric who has managed to infiltrate this forum
  4. I apologise. You didn't make any such statement. I got mixed up with another poster's statements
  5. The answer as to why other forms of extremism don't get as much attention can be found in your own observation, reallybored ' i have to agree to one thing and that is for muslims, geographical boundaries dont count and its very true that we believe more in being one nation as muslims' What is common to abueesa and Bin Laden? One is a UK born and trained psychiatrist- and Osama is A Saudi Arabian born terrorist. Yet he seems to have some sympathy for him, because of religion- and that is worrying. BNP is an extremist party, no doubt- but how much support does it have in this country? It gets about 2 % of votes and has no members in the house of commons, Outside UK, it is almost unheard of. The chances of them weilding any influence, apart from being minor irritants from time time is negligible. And it is thanks to the secular democracy of this country that such fringe elements are kept at bay. Shiv Sena is relevant mostly in one state in India- Maharashtra. It is a pity that they did come to power once in that state, but the voters have successfully booted them out in the last 3 elections. Nobody cares for them outside Maharashtra. And a Marathi guy, born and bred in UK or US, would not even have heard of them. That is the level of infuence they have. Al Qaeda on the other hand has carried out terrorist activities all round the world, and if anybody on this forum sympathises with Bin Laden, and calls remarks against him as islamophobia, I would be worried. Surely Osama does not represent Islam, does he? Why people get worried about abueesa's statements-?Because, he does not condemn osama- inspite of thoughtpolice asking him a few times. He clarified that Sunnis and Shias are all brothers, but did not extend that to non muslims. He makes statements like' We Muslims'- as if they are in some way superior to the rest. I was born a Hindu- I have no hesitation in slamming Hindu extremist groups- anyday I will condemn VHP, Narendra Modi and his party, Shiv Sena in the strongest terms. Similarly I have no hesitation in condemning what America and the west have done in Vietnam, Iraq, and even Libya- where they have gone to war because of oil. Now let us see whether you, or abueesa can condemn Osama Bin Laden for the atrocities he committed against humanity (non muslims and muslims included), in the strongest terms. Let us see whether you can condemn atrocities in Darfur or comment on the plight of Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh. reallybored, I find it amusing that u classify 9/11 and other terrorist activities in the west as terrorism against non muslims, and the attacks in Iraq and elsewhere as terrorism against Muslims- remember that even Muslims were killed in 9/11 or 7/7 or 26/11- but maybe in the big scheme of things they were not as important to you?
  6. well looks like no future for IMG's in this country anymore. what a sorry state of affairs, in spite of having more than adequate qualifications and experience of working in the NHS.I am happy that I spent the last 2 months trying to get into Oz or NZ, and am going to start my new job next week in NZ, and leaving this country for good tomorrow!
  7. That is the last nail in the coffin for some of us, who didn't manage to get in to RT this year
  8. Excellent advice from j and chris. If things r to change, we need to act, or else nothing will happen. Nothing may happen even if we act, but that is another matter. Chris- u have been the consistent voice against this system throughout- before and after MTAS, and also after u were successful in the lottery. Hats off to u.
  9. I just notice on NHS Jobs that ST4 posts for GA, OA and Forensic have been advertised by NW deanery today! So wonder which was that post which was filled without being advertised
  10. The second week at the US open is hotting up. Federer and Nadal look set for another clash in the finals, but Federer has to get past Roddick in the quarters. In the women's section it looks like Justine Henin or the Williams' sisters. The British challenge ended long ago with both Henman and Murray disappointing again. And for India- Sania didn't last very long
  11. Honestly, I wish they would make it open competition at ST4 level next year. I have not got on to ST4 this year( and am not the only one), and I can't imagine my career stagnating here, with no chance of progress. Hope nobody is upset with what I have just said
  12. that depends on the outcome of the tooke review. I am sure that the Tooke review recommendations will be binned, and they will continue with this system, no matter how discredited it is >
  13. I am sure kris didn't mean that. wetrain thought that the chap was from Punjab- but what it actually meant was that the person qualified in Punjab university- which is in Pakistan. Hmmm, lad- u have no problems posting a few threads showing India in bad light- but seem to find fault with others
  14. Heard that Severn Deanery have shortlisted today for the one Gen Adult ST4 post. I haven't had luck though :'(- anybody else heard?
  15. Those who feel that one should not run away from police- I wonder what they would have done in a similar situation- if they were chased! I have never been chased by police- but I have no idea how I would react if I were. And it is easy for people to make such comments when it is not their near and dear one- (who was actually innocent) died. The real pain will be experienced only by the relatives and friends of Jean Charles de Menezes