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  1. Thanks Jack for starting this thread. I personally found it very helpful; it would be fair to say that reading this has contributed to my success in the ST4 interview. Thanks once again. Psychodrama
  2. It is upto the coroner to demand a report from anybody who may be significantly related to patient's care or who can give evidence on the recent health developments of the patient. It could vary from the consultants to the health care professionals. If you have been asked to submit a report, be prompt in preparing one. First of all get all the available notes and remember you have to only provide a report on your involvement with the patient. Be honest about what you write and rely on your documentation. Remember never to write your 'opinion' but stick to the 'facts'. Inform your trust about the developments, they should provide you with a trust solicitor if you are asked to provide oral evidence in the court as well. One would not necessarily need to call MDU straightaway unless he/ she is sure that the death is due to negligence. The format should be made avialable to you by your trust. Best of Luck
  3. Hi Moayed, I found the situation very tricky as well. The guy denied everything including visual hallucinations to me. He had a couple of persecutory delusions though. The collateral history made me decide that it was a case of DT as well. I talked about various investigations to be done as well as Detox regime and when to use antipsychotics, but I forgot to mention about vitamins supplemantation. I'm not sure whether that is enough to fail the station or I needed to do more!! Cheers
  4. Hi Jimmy, I think that the patient indeed had Anorexia Nervosa. She was 5.5 stones and still wanted to loose more. She particularly wanted to loose fat from her thighs and arms. She started having low self esteem following a break up 6 months back. She then thought that she needed to loose weight to look attractive and also had an exam coming up which was stressing her up. In management bit, I think the actress wanted to know more about the diagnosis and how the psychoeducation be provided to the medical staff as eating disorder patients were stigmatised as having self-inflicted problems. I'm not sure whether I did well on the stations or not but this was what I made sense of the tasks. Best of Luck anyway.
  5. Hi Guys, Do we need to take any id documents for the exam? Kindly advice Psychodrama
  6. Hi AM01, I have just sent u a pm with my personal details. Regards
  7. Hi AM01, Please go ahead and enquire from the Deanery. I'll send you a PM tomorrow re: my conatact details. Regards
  8. I want to move to Birmingham but I have got a CT3 in London. If there is any possibilty of swap, I will oblige. Regards
  9. I am not sure whether swaps are possible, I am going to decline CT3 in London as want to move to Birmingham as I don't see any possibility of swap. If anybody has a different information,sharing would be welcome. Regards
  10. My friend has been invited for CT1 interview!! Anybody got an interview for CT2/3 yet?
  11. And what about CT3?
  12. I think only the unsuccessful candidates have been informed as yet. Few candidates for CT3 have yet to hear from the Deanery. So those who haven't heard anything might be in the list of potential CT3s. Good Luck
  13. Interview results are out, unfortunately I was not successful. Best of luck to others.
  14. Hi Guys, I would be based in South Camden, with Substance misuse team. Does anybody know where would the on-calls be based? Also what area would be best to rent a one bedroom flat. Any information regarding this would be appreciated. Psychodrama
  15. I was surprised to see no ST2 or 3 posts left in London for Round 2. I think I'm discounting all my experience in psychiatry and will apply for ST1. >