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  1. Back when we were busy bees here things were pretty intense. It has really slowed down.Best of luck with all the exams.I did find this forum very helpful.
  2. I know someone thats done it and has lost loads of weight.This person in fact finds losing weight very hard so this has worked as a miracle.
  3. I get very vague answers when I try to get direct responses from the Canadian college.Im a consultant here but still not sure if I have to do MCCQE exams as well as MCCEE and would I still have top do fellowship exams?
  4. Im a bit confused.I have been working as a consultant for a year but not sure what the best way would be to get a specialist post in Ontario. I have been in touch with the college of physicians and surgeons Canada and its over 3000$ to apply for assessment of training to be eligible for registration.As a consultant do I still have to do MCCEE and both the MCCQE exams?
  5. I grew up there but its flipping hot
  6. I am not entirely sure your MRCPsyh outcome would make you a better clinician but then it has to be done and you have read for it. If there are people who passed it just through experience of work then Im really impressed.
  7. Dude I feel for ya. Not easy at all when there are kids involved. If you feel your marriage is worth fighting for then you would do everything in your power to save it but I feel there is an important ingrediant thats missing from your relationship...TRUST. Seek marriage counselling buddy but if that doesnt work then you need to decide if being in this relationship is good for either of you.
  8. Best of luck everyone
  9. best of luck guys.I was bricking it just before the result. Nothing macho about NOT acknowledging that bricking it is normal
  10. When I did CASC I was not sure of anything except for the fact that I had done one station really well. Actually the best of the lot.That was the only station I had failed haha. Its so nerve wrecking but part of the whole exam process.
  11. Thank God I didn't move when I had the chance.
  12. No disrespect to Hadrian but what has someones beard got anything to do with his ability to provide sound medical care. I have a colleague here who has enough facial hair to put goldilocks head fluff to shame and is a member. Afterlife if you get rid of your facial hair and pass then that would prove Hadrians point and I would be greatly disappointed.Hey Im in no position to judge. i used Gillette double razor the morning of CASC to get a smooth clean shave haha
  13. Although I passed 2 and a half years ago but I just took one station at a time and convinced myself that I could do it.got 15 first time around. You don't need others to tell you how good you are. You just need to believe it yourself
  14. hey sagz when are u leaving
  15. Pathetic bunch of sifarasheez