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  1. I have attended 2 courses -cambridge was really helpful-conversion disorder, morbid jealosy and the adolescent with depression all three were among the practice sessions in the course.
  2. I think there was already a formal complaint from a few regional PTC representatives.The college is waiting to hear more before discussing this issue (info from a reliable source). But 2 complaints would not make a huge impact i suppose.I also know a few trainees who mailed the chief examiner.It may help if many complaints are made with clear message about what exactly are thier concerns.
  3. The format is entirely new-not like the MCQs that were asked in the past by the college.In the new format we have to choose one best answer among five options,which is more difficult than the usual mcqs.YOU CAN MAIL THE EXAM DEPARTMENT TO SEND YOU A SAMPLE QUESTION.
  4. i have taken part-2 without LD/CHILD ,but failed the exam which is a different matter.
  5. an obs & gynaec cource for a kunsultent :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. dodgy post : : : : : :
  7. where can we find info abt how banding is calculated
  8. how is banding calculating
  9. Trainees will subsequently be allocated (possibly competitively) into one of the designated follow-on specialties that share the core curriculum. The allocation process is limited to the cohort of doctors already holding the broad based NTN or with a particular entitlement agreed through PMETB’S curricula approval process.
  10. The competitive appointment of a trainee to run-through training is either directly into a specific specialty (e.g. paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, general practice, radiology) or into a “broad” specialty in which Postgraduate Deans have arrangements for allocating (usually but not always competitively) from that broad specialty (e.g. core medical training, core psychiatry training) into one of a number of designated specialties that lead on from the broad based years of the early common curriculum. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the process of allocation to these specialties will be considered on a country-wide basis. In England, allocation is likely to be mainly on a Deanery basis in most, but not necessarily, all specialties. Some may be allocated through an England-wide allocation process.
  11. The allocation of a training number has three main purposes: [ch61607] educational planning and management: to enable Postgraduate Deans to keep track of the location and progress of trainees who have been selected into run-through specialty training programmes [ch61607] to act as a 'passport' for trainees: as long as the NTN is held a trainee has, subject to acceptable progress and performance, a guarantee of a continued place in a training programme for the specialty or group of designated specialties to which the NTN relates, for the duration of the programme [ch61607] workforce information: to document, within each country and within specialties, how many doctors are in each run-through specialty training programme at any time and to provide indicative evidence as to when their training is likely to be completed.
  12. Hi It does sound absurd when everyone is waiting for offers,but wonder if anyone has been paid the travelling expenses for London ST interviews.I was told u will get the expenses back if u r not being considered.Is this true.I am aware this was discussed in a seperate thread but this is specifically regarding London deanery.
  13. is this reliable info. no offence....just to make sure i dont waste a precious weekend waiting.
  14. Thanks for ur suggestion My community Nurse has lost her job due to Shortage of funds in our trust.I am being seen by a F2 doctor who hasnt worked in Psychiatry before.God save me.
  15. can someone explain it in simple english please,i am a Learning disabaled patient,how much is ST3 /ST2 PAY?