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  1. Thanks Synesthesia for everything
  2. Hi Guys, This is what I think is the full form of CASC. Tell me what you guys think. The exam sucks
  3. The paper was indeed a shocker and very vague. The papers were smelling of s..t. I wonderif it was my olfactory hallucination or the College used waste paper to maufacture them. And the exam hall was so frezing that I was very uncomfortable throughout. A very sad saga indeed. I hope the College is listening
  4. You (& Crash Gordon) will be buying one of my houses I bought NOW that you refused to buy! Like I explained before, it's almost impossible to know the true cost of a house unless you bought it yourself and therefore cannot be sure of how much price has dropped! The guys in construction business have already earned wages just as we doctors are earning our wages working in hospitals. What is on dispute now is expected profit, which we doctors don't get. So Crash Gordon is in the wrong job! About buying a house, if you have money, buy now. Go out there look for a beautiful house in your preferred location and go for it! If you are buying a house for investment, you need to buy based on location, location, location. Meaning somewhere Crash Gordon will be happy to pay you rent and this rent will cover more than 50% of the mortgage and you pay the rest and talk to your accountant and still recover the money from tax! After 5 years, sell to Crash Gordon if there is a profit. If there is no profit, then ask Crash Gordon to continue renting (you might even offer 2% reduction in rent to him) ha ha After 25 years, the bank will post the deeds to you, you own the house and crash gordon will be asked to move because the house is for renovation! I think life is more than money! People selling their houses at a loss now have no alternative. The house you might really want is not on sale! :-X :lol: It's funny how two guys with similar SEC names are exactly opposite to each other
  5. Hawkeye u r brilliant. Anyway guys, I am sorry, I rest my case as some people here are against anti-college remarks and this IMG blame game will never stop. Those who passed will always be the brightest stars and those who failed will be dumb idiots. All fault is theirs and not examiners' who were once examinees. If exams were the yard sticks to judging examinees' skills then the College should also have certain standards for the examiners. Those examiners who had not passed their MRCPsych exams within 1 or 2 attempts should be banned from being examiners as it would presumably mean that they have no skills and are therefore presumably not good in judging candidates' skills in the exams.
  6. People have been sending me many PMs. I never claimed that I alone would be taking legal advice against the College. It has to be done in a group of atleast 25 of us. While I am happy to lead I am not happy to be the lone 'scape goat'
  7. Webmaster, while I fully understand and accept everything that you have to say, I beg to differ on the point here that there could/might be something better in the UK graduates - other than the fact that English is their first language and they have posh 'British accents'. With due respect to the British graduates, some of the Asian examiners (first generation) look upon the British graduates and look down upon their own counterparts (Asian graduates). I have seen this in courses - how they praise the local graduates (which one can identify with the accents). This sadly seems to be an exam of accent, language and poise and dramatisation - rather than Psychiatric skills.
  8. While I agree with what u have to say, let me also stress here that just as many deserving candidates failed, vice versa happened too. Many undeserving passed. That does not mean everybady who passed were undeserving
  9. Thanks, so u r number 11
  10. I had already counted u before :-X
  11. So we are 10 of us now. NAS are u interested too ?
  12. Can I count on u as number 9 ?
  13. Casclover has sent me a PM that he will be the 8th
  14. Take me as 7th. I will strongly support to bank part 1 and also support the demand of video recording . . . . I guess there has been a lot of discussion on these ideas and folks just wake up and get together. Good Luck All Thanks a lot for that
  15. RCPsych exams have become a joke now