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  1. US born kid as an Indian, you are OK here. But the issue is that you also need a US Passport for the kid to re-enter the US. The kid will not get a US visa because he/she is a US Citizen. This may not be a problem.
  2. Hi all, Could anybody pl let me know if there is any tax to be paid in India for rental return from a property overseas. I will file Tax return for this in that country. I have OCI. A line of reply would be appreciated. Regards.
  3. Made a trade for a 1977 OG diamond back frame and 77 fork. My first diamond back ever. And its one of the first USA made frames and forks. Will post up pics when I get it.
  4. If the cost of shipping is 4000 then wont that money be enough to compensate for the higher price in India for good quality furniture? Im not sure what Im missing here.
  5. An old member. Back in the forum after a few years again. Would love some connects. Begur would be great as it is not too far for me. PM me if possible. Thanks.
  6. Hey, just wanted to know, have you carried your TV to India? If yes how? like Check-in? and was there any custom changes? Thanks Guru
  7. Which foreign languages are most sought after for jobs? Is English considered a foreign language in India? Ive always wanted to visit India and think it would be fun to work there for a year or two.