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  1. I am going into my third and final year as an SpR and I would like to say that it will be a sad loss to new trainees who will loose the special interst and research days . This means you will spend 5/5 days in the wards doing 10 core sessions . Think of how boring life will be , you will end up as glorified SHOs with no variation to your clinical experience . Sad to say but you guys will be missing out on a great experience and no , I have not spent it decorating my house or using it for child care or dealing on the stock exchange unlike 'most others' as has been sugested .
  2. Mental Incapacity Act Clinical Governance Experience of teaching Research- your own, and any interesting paper recently read
  3. simply looking at case notes is not necessarily a reason to seek ethical approval . Ethics committees get twitchy if you are going to do something to patients like 'interview' them . A cross sectional survey of notes should not require ethical approval as long as you are not planning to make comparisons with other services or other trusts . This is why audits generally do not require approval . So a case note study without involving patients directly or comparing them to other sets of patients or being albe to identify them should be acceptable to most .
  4. Audit seems to be troubling people . I think the reason might be that the concept is not really understood . As has been said , the only audits that matter are ones that change practice. Indeed audit is meant to monitor practice that will potentially lead to improving it . Any aspect of NHS care is appropriate for audit including such diverse things as equipment or rooms available tested against a nationally or otherwise accepted standard . You might need to establish your own standard or in fact you might need to do an audit to establish standards . The good thng about audit is that you generally dont need ethical approval and if the audit cycle is completed , it becomes imminently attractive to journal editors . audits that I have done : case notes for physical examination referral patterns for an eating disorder to an EDU attendance at outpatient clinic case notes for a specific (contentious ) diagnosis - planned
  5. that is very useful to know. thank you.
  6. What would be vital (IMHO) would be to have regular supervision with a senior colleague or CPD with peer review groups . Private practice (IMHO) can feel a bit like a vacuum if you have no -one to bounce ideas off . Good luck
  7. My advice to you would be , get the damned MRCPsych forget the Irish exam , it wont do you any good unless you plan to emigrate where it might give you some credits . There is enough work to do for the UK exams without looking for MSc at this stage of your career .
  8. What I have found so amazing is the difference in approach between a psychiatrist and other medically qualified persons. We talk to our patients , we are interested in their personal lives , we show deep concern . For other medically qualified persons this is a strange country . I feel that psychiatry has taught me compassion and has given me a better understanding of what it is to be human . I have no regrets at all .
  9. this is not a log book , it is part of the NHS proforma for revalidation /appraisal. Here is a link to a log book that i got from the Bulletin . if you email Sanju he will send you the log book
  10. NICE guidelines sound great
  11. i do appreciate your dilemma but it is better for your CV / SpR application to be working rather than to be waiting for your ideal job . Personally I think you should do any locum work while looking for your ideal job. Afterall adult psych is not a subject that you are unfamiliar with
  12. I agree with you the content wasnt up to much but then I didnt go for content ,rather for an approach . It was very useful for me to realise what standard i needed to develop in order to get a job offer . Anyway it is what you make of it and I think in todays competitive world you need to pull out all the stops , to make yourself as prepared as posible .
  13. try these , i did the second one , it was aimed at all levels . I found it useful but what you make of it is up to you .
  14. what about the College ? they have alot of research on the go as well as audit projects . Not good to be out of a job anyways if you want to be considered for a training number unless you have a very good reason . You could always approach your R+D department and find out what they have on the go .
  15. I would say that some detective work needs to be done concerning the dog. We dont know whether this womans mental state is reliable . If the dog is a reality and if it is in distress , I would reccommend the RSPCA dog fostering scheme .