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  1. "FTP Hearing or Voluntary Erasure," asks GMC Solicitor Click here for details. Message for well wishers asking to 'wave white flag' .etc, please be informed that I do not have any spare money left to move on and do other things. Nonetheless, I shall be grateful to know if I should start looking for financial help from you well wishers.
  2. Tried with no success. Trusts are willing to spend millions to destroy whistleblowers careers and lives. Read celebrity whistleblower Raj Mattu case here. So solicitors are reluctant to take up whistleblowers cases on no win no fee basis.
  3. Case referred to FTP
  4. Please click here to know the reasons for my non-attendance.
  5. Link to blog post here
  6. Hi Vertigo I am not in a position to discuss the facts of the case yet for many reasons. Nonetheless, I have few important learning lessons for fellow professionals and public. Please click here. Thank you. Krishna
  7. You may be aware about my request for rule 12 review through my blog post dated 11 September 2015. From the post you will realise that I made the request exactly one year ago with no success. Strangely within 7 days of blog post, I have had a response but with a SPIN as expected.
  8. Please read my blog post to ensure you don't fall foul to the current regulatory system.
  9. My approach in physical examination stations: Depending on the info given, after greeting, briefly explain in layman terms, what you are required to do and why? During examination, make sure that you explain the process beforehand in layman terms, so that he/she does not feel surprised or shocked! On completion of examination, after thanking for co-operation, explain briefly the outcome of the examination including the next steps, whether the examination is normal or not. All explanation is to the patient in layman terms only. You are not required to speak to the examiner unless instructed.
  10. I have known Kamran (afterlife) too for a long time albeit via Cafe. I am sure there would be many, who would want to thank Kamran for helping them pass exams but for various reasons they may not. Nonetheless, I would like to thank Kamran for his contribution on Cafe and congratulate him for his success. Most of us want to help others but unfortunately the current exam system makes us 'selfish' for various reasons. Hence, Kamran's unending will to help fellow doctors (mostly IMG's) is commendable.
  11. You are right that might be the reason. College wants you to establish the same fact in the station. My approach would be: I wonder if you (patient) find it hard to see eye to eye during conversation? Has anybody said the same? I wonder if there is anything worrying you? I seem to note that you are focussing on ceiling while I have been talking to you. Irrespective of patient answering/not answering, examiner will know that you have at least tried to explore the signs and symptoms of developmental disorder.
  12. It is very difficult to interpret patient gesture without knowing the background ,etc. Nonetheless, can you please elaborate on your questioning style about his gesture. Further, how did you respond to his reaction to your question. Generally patients behaviour/gestures/mannerisms ,etc are relevant in each station and candidate is expected to tease out those and use the information gained in completing the task reasonably well.
  13. Trainees should take this up with their relevant college tutors and BMA reps. SAS doctors can't do much! I wouldn't have passed CASC without feedback. It is very important for IMG candidates.
  14. I wouldn't worry about my (non) response to patient gazing the ceiling light because it is all done and dusted. Further, it is very difficult to make sense of patient and carer gestures without full details. If you are keen on passing this station if repeats, please share the feedback from college, so that somebody can guide you and at the same time you can reflect and learn.