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  1. Hi Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare for Consultant interview? Any materials, websites, general advice on types of questions likely to come up? thanks
  2. Hi I recently undertook a service evaluation comparing data (number of admissions, contacts, SUIs etc) prior to and post implementation of a new community mental health team set-up. I'm considering submitting it to a few journals. So far I've submitted it to the Psychiatric Bulletin. Are there any other journals which I could submit this to? Anyone know of any that might have a 'lower threshold for publication'? Perhaps niche journals that look at service provision or something? thanks!
  3. Hi During ST training you're expected to do a minimum of 12 per year. They expect a good mix of WPBAs including Mini-ACE, ACE, DONCS, AOT, Mini-PAT. As part of psychotherapy requirements you might wish to do a SAPE.
  4. Did you manage to do article 14 then? or whatever it's called now
  5. Hi I'm coming to the end of a 'special interest day' placement before doing something else for the remaining 6 months Unfortunately I'm struggling to think of something to do Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably something fairly light, non-clinical and interesting
  6. Hi I was in exactly the same position as you. I was doing locum work for 6 years and loved it but decided to go back into higher training due to a nagging sense that it was the right thing to do and would open doors. I found ST training difficult to get into due to portfolio, wpba and other nonsense! I too considered quitting. I'm now in ST6 and feel that I've come so far I might as well complete My advice is to keep your eyes on the prize, get your head down and just complete the training. When it's over it gives you more options. I would say I'm definitely going back to locum work and much prefer that lifestyle. I don't mind SAS work either
  7. Hi I'm due to get CCT in August 2017 and I'm considering getting back to good old locum work! How likely is it for someone who has never worked as a consultant to get such work on a locum basis? Thoughts?
  8. I contacted Athona the other day and they told me that the caps are as follows: Consultant: £70 ph Staff Grade: £47 They did however state that this is not always applied and that trusts do offer higher rates if they are struggling to get staff
  9. I decided to do higher training after many years as locum staff grade. Really enjoyed locum lifestyle - pay, flexibility etc Must admit I hate being back in training. Loathe portfolios, difficult consultants, WPBA that seem to be scored on whether someone likes you. I agree with your analogy that it's like a prison sentence! I just want to get cct and just do locum posts - either consultant or staff grade. Slarti - I remember you making a big fuss of IR 35. I've never seen or heard anyone caught out by this. My accountant even stated that I was compliant with it. As for opting for tax avoidance scheme- what were you thinking?! Also I recall when you made the decision to quit training, posters encouraged you to stay on and complete
  10. Hi I'm a bit confused about this Does anyone know what the cap will be? Surely there will just be an exodus of locums?
  11. If you mean an exam at the end of training then the answer is 'no'
  12. every now and then you come across patients who you suspect are feigning symptoms in order for some kind of secondary gain- typically benefit payments recently I assessed a chap referred by his GP. During the review he was very vague about his symptoms - the usual "I'm hearing voices" but unclear about content and no objective evidence. He then spoke of vague symptoms of anxiety and depression but again was vague. The warning bells sounded when he passed a note saying he needed a report from myself to claim PIP. In addition he has received prison sentences in the past for 'fraud' and 'deception'. In addition he disliked me asking him questions about his problems continually saying things such as: 'you're the doctor- I need my nut sorting' such patients put you in a very awkward position. I never quite know what to do with them as at the back of my mind I'm cautious to label them as malingering what do others do?!!
  13. Hi I'm currently in higher training but previously worked as a locum staff grade for many years After training I intend to return to full time locum work During my time as a staff grade there was always plenty of fairly local work I was wondering if anyone has any experience of doing full time locum consultant work (GA). Is there plenty of work? Is the work long-term? How likely is it to get a post in your region? What are the typical pay rates? I'm also thinking of maybe doing a combination of staff grade and consultant work - any do this?
  14. I was a locum Staff Grade for 6 years and re-entered traing at ST 4 level around a year ago So the answer to your question is no provided you can cobble together a bit of a portfolio (I didn't have much of one!) They are struggling to recruit at all levels of training now so prospects are good
  15. Don't all reply at once lol