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  1. Ok, 3 more days to go. Surely someone from this forum is going other than just me!! :-/
  2. 21st to 25th sept. I think the date for applying might be over, you could check the Kings College website for details. P.S. Lara Croft isnt dead..
  3. Hi Guys! just wanted to know if anyone is going to the Maudsley Mediterranean Forum in Sicily in septmeber. I am going and it would be nice to know anybody else who will be attending!
  4. We only started online WPBA late, so does that mean that its 1 WPBA every month from now on? In terms of nominating for mini-PAT, could we nominate people from previous jobs?
  5. Hi as, I think I can partially answer your query. Being in the same position as you(ST4 with 18 month associate specialist prior to that), my medical staffing told me that they would protect my basic salary, but my oncall banding would be a percentage of what my salary would have been, had I not been protected. Now this is not a very bad deal, but there are some other clauses attached to it. I will remain on this same basic pay throughout the entire duration of my SpR training, that is I would not get yearly increments. She explained this as being due to the fact that I am being paid higher than the highest scale of SpR. It might be different in yourt case. I spoke to a BMA rep & here is what he sent me. (See attached file: StR Pay & Conditions Circular (May '07).pdf)(See attached file: tc_hospital_medical_dental_staff_0207.pdf) REVISIONS TO PARAGRAPHS 132 and 135e 132. Where a practitioner in a career grade takes an appointment in a training grade which is recognised by the appropriate authority as being for the purpose of obtaining approved training (which may include training to enable the practitioner to follow a career in another specialty) and the practitioner has given continuous service in a career grade post or posts for at least 13 months immediately prior to re-entering training, the practitioner shall, while in the training grade, continue to receive a salary protected on the incremental point or threshold the practitioner had reached in his or her previous career grade appointment. Such a practitioner shall receive the benefit of any general pay awards. On reappointment to a career grade post, the practitioner’s starting salary should be assessed as if the period spent in the approved training post had been continuing service in the previous career grade. Where a practitioner re-entering training from a career grade has held a recognised training post (or equivalent service overseas) in the 13 months of contracted employment prior to re-entering training, the intervening period spent in the career grade shall be taken as continuing service in the training grade, and the practitioner will be re-appointed on the appropriate incremental point of the training grade scale. Where pay in the earlier training post was already protected under these provisions, such protection shall continue. Practitioners whose previous appointment was in the Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands hospital service are eligible for protection of salary under the terms of this paragraph. 135e. A practitioner entitled to protection under paragraph 132 shall continue to receive the leave entitlement of his or her previous post and shall receive the appropriate training grade salary plus the supplement or his or her protected salary, whichever is the greater, except that where the salary is protected at a point on the training grade scales the supplement for the new post shall be paid in any case. The appropriate training grade salary shall be determined as the point on the training grade incremental scale previously reached, plus recognition of service in the same or a higher grade subject to the provisions of paragraph 123 and such guidance as may be published from time to time. For career grade practitioners entering a training grade, the basic salary paid in the previous appointment shall also, for protection purposes, not include any payments for an additional notional half-day under paragraph 14, additional sessions under paragraph 16, payments for additional Programmed Activities, out of hours or on-call, or a salary supplement, as appropriate, for which the practitioner was contracted in that career grade appointment. The practitioner will, however, be entitled to have total pay in the training post calculated as if the duties contracted for in the training post had been carried out under the relevant terms of the career grade contract held before re-entry to training. For consultants in Wales this will not include the equivalent payments under paragraphs 2.27 and 2.46 of the Addendum to the Medical and Dental Staff (Wales) Handbook. Hope that helps!
  6. yea, I didnt like knocked up either, dont know what all that hype was about! Anyone seen atonement yet? Is it any good?
  7. I got some guidance notes sent to me by BMA, which are not very clear, but state that the trust can either pay me my protected basic salary or my ST4 salary plus banding, whichever is higher. My protected basic salary is high for an ST4. I think thats why the trust doesnt want to pay me any extra than the basic & a minimal banding. I havnt signed the contract yet, but have recieved my pay alreay. BMA dont seem to help, but you are right J, I did speak to someone at the front desk probably. How do I get hold of someone sensible at the BMA? Is there a separate number?
  8. Hi! I worked as a career garde for 18 months & am now ST4. They have protected my basic salary, but are saying that my banding (which is 20%) is on the basic salary of a new ST4 & not on my own basic salary. So I am getting my protected basic salary, but 20 % of the minimal ST4 salary! Is this a valid thing? Medical staffing seemed quite clear that they only have to protect my basic & my banding is not calculated on my protected basic. Moreover she said that My protected basic salary will stay the same for the next 3 years I am an SpR & will not increase every year like other SpRs. I phoned up BMA & as usual they were unclear, but said that medical staffing can do what they want to do & they cant do anything about it. BMA is so unhelpful, I donmt know why I keep paying them every year. Will cancel my direct debit soon!!
  9. Hi PJ, I am doiung the MSc in psych research. Applied to both Kings & UCL & waiting to hear back from both. It wouldve been great if u did it too. Could ve done classes together...or not Why did u choose the mental health one, I thot that was more for social workers, CPNs .etc Or maybe Im totally wrong!
  10. Hi Bindiya, I dont have permanent residency, & initially they said I would be overseas. But I pestered them a lot & later they gave in. I have HSMP visa, but I am married to a british citizen, which I think counted, because thay have asked me to bring his passport on the admission day! I know of a friend who has HSMP visa & is not married, but managed to get through as a home student because she had been in this country working full time over 4 years. So if that is the case with you, you might get through. Good luck!
  11. Thanks Ash! you are the second person who has recommended the UCL one! Maybe I should go for it! Nobody seems to have done the Institute of psychiatry one, which is surprising!
  12. Hi All, I could do with some advice! I have applied to the MSc in psych research in both the institute of psychiatry & UCL. Journeywise, its much easier to get to UCL, but I am willing to compromise if the Kings MSc is better. Has anyone done any of them or knows if one is better than the other? Please advise! Thanks
  13. Hi All, I could do with some advice! I have applied to the MSc in psych research in both the institute of psychiatry & UCL. Journeywise, its much easier to get to UCL, but I am willing to compromise if the Kings MSc is better. Has anyone done any of them or knows if one is better than the other? Please advise! Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Im looking for a temporary place to live. Would any body have a place to rent out for 2 or 3 months around the buckinghamshire / berkshire area? Any ideas about how to get short term lets would be welcome? Thanks!
  15. Dear Carlo & grs. Thankyou I can now breathe a sigh of relief!! Actually looking forward to oxford now! One last question - We are looking for a place to buy & we want to be near london due to my partners job. Dont have a family yet. Is maidenhead, amersham etc, good places to look for? Please advice! thanks :