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  1. Hi Peechoo, I was wondering about the SPMM too. Have been on it and its a great reseource for MRC Psych. You can do an online course for £50 and they have recently started up a forum. The address is They do a new question every day and will reply asap. I only just found out about it, again too late, after i had failed. :'( Hope it helps u for next time
  2. Hi insane, Would u mind taking off your bunghole cartoon?! It was funny but now i spend my time having to scroll down beyond it. Much appreciated! Good luck with your revision for Jan
  3. Hi guys, Congrats to all who passed. I failed unfortunatelt depsite putting in a lot of work and attending courses and doing the online birmingham mock exams. Were they really that helpful Kamran? I got over 60% on each of those mock exams and still failed! Just to clarify, is SPMM the Manchester course? Good luck to all resitting in Jan- lets keep the spirits up by keeping in touch with useful questions!
  4. I can't believe they're making us wait till 4pm tommorrow. What ever happened to the 9am red-eye result time?!! Its even more cruel than ever... that's probably why!
  5. I agree. The college staff could definately do with some training in their telephone manner. When I called to ask for clarification regarding a query about the Paper 3 application, the 'lady' was so rude and curt that I had to ask her to be more patient with my query. When i sat my exam the annoying invigilator queried my hospital id card as it had no signiture on it!! I think the college need to employ some decent staff suitable for dealing with highly trained and motivated professionals.
  6. I think we all found Paper 3 tough. There was definately a problem with time given the length of some of the questions. I did four mock exams in less than two hours each in the week before the exam! Good news though , given the fact that the college have allowed those of us unlucky to have to repeat it in January the opportunity to now sit the CASC in April if successful. Yes, have just checked the college website and they changed the application period for the CASC next year. So head up guys, all's not lost!
  7. Those were my stations too. Still not sure what the key to the GAD station was where the woman had six months of headaches. The TLE one was a bit tricky. The Dementia guy was good. He said 'you'll only annoy me by asking if I can cook, my wife does that for me!' Not so demented after all Speaking to the consultant about consent was straightforward I think once you stuck to the plan NOT to detain him- thats what I did anyway. You'd think the college could have improved their telephone communication at this stage, I could hardly hear him! I was glad for the rest station and had only two left at that point, the two psychosis stations- asked similiar questions to both though obviously had risk linked into the postman station. The lady who thought she had died deserves an oscar, she was so convincing! Thankfully she eventually told me all about her breakup with her husband months before. The grief/depression station was okay too but the examiner gave me a funny look as I left. I wonder was it beacuse I told the patient not to worry that hallucinations of hearing the voice of your wife were normal in grief. Hope I didn't slip up there! The guy hearing the voice of his neighbour was due to his alcohol abuse I think. I didn't go too much into risk here so please don't tell me he was going to shoot him! Overall it was a tough experience. Hopefully we will get through and avoid the prospect of having to figure out about Paper 1 and 2! Best of luck to all!
  8. Congrats to those who passed the written paper. Does anyone have a list of the past OSCE stations? I believe there is a pattern to them and that it can be helpful to know what ones haven't been asked for a while. Thanks.
  9. I recognised a lot of the questions but annoyed that there were some that I second guessed myself and got wrong!! Among the questions that I can recall are- Aripiprazole causes QT prolongation Operant conditioning is involved in Reciprocal inhibition TCAs can cause postural hypotension Rapid cycling bipolar is more common in men Dyspraxia is a feature of dominant temporal lobe
  10. Thanks Schizo1 and good luck
  11. Psychopathology: Paraedolic illusions do not disappear on conscious effort -T Overvalued ideas are associated with a strong affective response-T Loosening of associations and deraliment are very different terms-F Delusional perception may be preceded by a delusional mood-T Primary delusions are characteristic of schizophrenia-T A reflex hallucination is seen to be a morbid form of synaesthesia-T Alcohol and Drugs: The EEG in an alcoholic shows excess fast activity-T Alcoholic hallucinations may be fragmentary in the beginning-T PD: Personality traits are enduring-T PD is usually evident by adolescence-T Hope these are helpful. They came answered on Superego course. I have some Qs I'm uncertain about. Help appreciated! Verbal fluency is affected EArly in frontal lobe function Verbal fluency is affected in a right frontal lobe lesion A tingling sensation before seizure indicates TLE The paranoid schizoid position causes developmental delay The paranoid shcizoid position predisposes to psychiatric disorders Excessive weight loss can be caused by fluoxetine SSRIs can be given with MAOIs I know some of these appear obvious but answers with references or from courses helpful. Thanks and Good luck!