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  1. Magna, I think u r right. Sorry if I failed to mention more names, but to me chris' stood out- probably because I applied for sT4 as well, last year and was looking more into comments from people who were applying at that level. I am sure there r many more who have RT, and r against the system, but I have also noticed a few who were vocal in their criticism earlier, but r singing its praises now. and thanks cmo, well I yes, I can still visit sec from down under
  2. If everyone who is expressing frustration were to be banned, I would imagine that there won't be any members left on this site. One has to just look at the entries last year when the MTAS fiasco was unfolding, to see the'frustrated' entries. It seems as if people who were strident critics of the changes being imposed on trainees only last year, have suddenly become fans of the system, after getting into RT. The shining exception to this, is of course, Chris, who even after getting an ST4 post has continued to express his dissatisfaction at the way changes were imposed last year, and continues to affect people this year. Wish there were more chris' in this world. One has to either live with this or look at something else. I have looked into other options and am heading off from this country on Monday to Australia- to start a new life and a new career. Thanks to my fellow cafeians who have contributed on this forum, and from whom I have learnt a lot
  3. well said peechoo. It is only by involving the people that these matters can be solved, not by antogonising them
  4. lad, u seem to view everything from Musharaff's angle. I find it hard to believe that u think he is going to be the solution to all of Pak's problems, when actually the situation is going from bad to worse. Benazir had in fact sent an e mail to a dipllomat friend in the US, that if she is killed, Musharaff is partly to be blamed, as he turned down repeated requests for extra security. And Imran and Nawaz r boycotting the elections as it is going to be a farcicial exercise. Do u really think that an election is possible in this tense atmosphere? I don't think there should be elections just to show Al Qaeda that there can be one. The poor people of Pakistan r being taken for a ride, by these self serving politicians. My heart goes out to the people who have been killed by all the violence
  5. I think non EU countries should now reciprocate this treatment to UK- sign a bond before entering as a visitor- just like Brazil started finger printing only the Americans. But will they do it is the question
  6. agree with that entirely
  7. True, but is that not a problem anywhere in the world- people exploiting loopholes in the system to their advantage. If something similar existed back home in Pakistan, India or Sri Lanka- I am sure there would have been many people who would have been happy to claim benefits and not work.
  8. Simple question to j or anybody else who can answer this. Will there be ST4 posts available in open competetion in August 2008?
  9. How appalling! GMC should strike him off- no question about that- but he should also get a long prison sentence
  10. It is not just some who think u might be prejudiced. Any sane person would say that ur statement is highly prejudiced
  11. stupid rule really. 3 months is enough time for an illegal immigrant to 'lose' his passport, and 'disappear' within the country. I think they r just trying t fill their coffers- pay for the application again after 3 months!
  12. Chief executives are interested in cutting existing clinical posts. They r not interested in creating new clinical posts- their only interest is in increasing the number of manegerial posts
  13. I am sorry but I cannot see that such a course of action would ever be justified. Give me an example where it would be justifiable to carry out such an action. agree with anon. yes khurram, even I am eager to know why u think that one can in same way defend brutal punishment for homosexuals. I have a good friend who is homosexual and he is one of the nicest guys I have ever seen, and can't see why he should get punishment of any sort, if he were in Muslim countries.
  14. certainly not the case sandoc. I was under no illusion that passing MRCPsych meant SpR. But at least I could try again and again, if necessary, till I got there. U r saying that I should look into what went wrong last time and work on that. Fine, I can and am doing it- but if at the end of it all, they say that there will be no uncoupling, I won't even be able to apply. Of course, I never said that I would walk in to ST4 if there is uncoupling, but I can at least try. I perfectly understand where u ST3 guys r coming from. I am not telling that if ST3 guys don't get exams, they should be thrown out of the system permanently- I don't think anybody should be permanently shown the door, and careers should not come to a standstill, just because of being in the wrong stage of ur career at the wrong time
  15. sandoc, read the free text statements and the conclusion bit of the report, and u will know what I mean by divided. Now for the rant- sorry for this and I apologize in advance. ST1's and 2's seem quite happy with the situation, and rightly so. Who wouldn't be happy with a guaranteed contract of 5-6 years with a high possibility of becoming a consultant at the end of it. ST3's seem to be more concerned about their immediate future, and rightly so. They don't want to be thrown out of the system, if they can't clear exams, which as we all know, involves an element of luck Staff grades and FTSTA's want an opportunity to get back into the system, and I being in that group can understand where they r coming from. And then there is a vertical split between people wanting a particular geographical area- some want to be in one area- for a variety of reasons which I can understand, while others r not really bothered. How could we have avoided being divided? I don't know. Perhaps if everyone had said- everybody should be allowed to apply anywhere, and there should be no dead end to one's career- it would have been good, but then that's not the case. In other words, what the hell was wrong with the old system. Work as an SHO for 3 or 4 years, flexibly if u want to. Then take ur exams- who cares if u pass in first or fifth attempt, as long as u get there. Then if u want to chill out and work as a staff grade for some time, fine,if u want to wait for a numbered post to come up in ur geograhical area- fine- let it take 1 or 2 years, doesn't matter- if not apply for SpR, straightaway everywhere to maximise ur chances- maybe it will take a few attempts to get a numbered post, but who cares. If u work hard, eventually u will get there. That way everyone would have been happy. But now, whatever happens there will be a set of people who r happy and another disgruntled lot. That's what I meant by saying 'divided'