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  1. Eligible to apply for citizenship since october but feeling lazy just like the preparation for MRCpsych in the past.Can somebody please give me a few advantages of applying soon and dangers of not applying.I am not being arrogant just to get the motivation.
  2. hi friends, I would like to know how much money SAS doctors get in a financial year as a part of study leave please. (attending courses etc).Thank you
  3. Dear friends, Can some one tell me how we diffferentiate between the self harm related to their distress of coping with their eating disorder from Personality disorder. Thanks
  4. Hi Friends, Is there any particular Antidepressant that Anorexic patients can take without the fear of weight gain? Thanks
  5. Yes wetrain it is a serious decision in life. As far as I know there could be issues around buying and selling properties in india,Visa issues to go to india or getting(ORI think it is correct) etc etc. I don't know whether there could be issues in getting inheritance !!!!!!!!Lot to find out.
  6. hi friends, Just an update . I got the ILR changed to july last year and am eligible to apply for citizenship from now after completing the Life in the UK test. Now can somebody advise me on the advantages and disadvantages of British citizenshp and things that I need to do before giving up Indian citizenship. Vannnnddddddddddddeeeeeematharam :'(
  7. Can somebody tell me what is ST4+L in a job advert for ST4
  8. Dede, In August I would complete 5 years.But according to their letter they dont say when I can apply for Citizenship.I was thinking as I have completed 1 year work permit and so far 4 years of HSMP (in August) I will be eligible for applying for citizenship.Can I apply for citizenship in august 2009? rose-lotus, Yes I have 2 dependants.
  9. Thanks SP.I completed 4 complete years(1 year work permit from aug 2004+HSMP from august 2005)in august 2008 and I was hoping to apply for citizenship soon.I applied on SET(o) judicial review form and ticked both work permit and HSMP column and also submitted my Work permit letter .Despite all this they just wrote to me that I get ILR from Aug 2009.I will try to talk to some one first and then write and I dont know how long the whole process will take.
  10. Just to add I sent the application on the 29th of june and got it today the 18th.Probably quicker and cheaper way to do.
  11. Dear friends, Got the ILR.Thank you very much for all the advise.But I have to admit it was dede's post that gave me the courage to send the documents without the bank statements. But friends I am confused.I have work permit from August 2004 and HSMP from August 2005.They have stamped my passport on 15th of july 2009 but in the letter says I will be eligible only from August 2009.I thought I will complete 5 years in August and will be able to apply for Citizenship .It appears to me that they haven't considered my 1 year work permit at all.Do I have to wait for 1 year now to get citizenship.Then I will be completing 6 years in UK.Any advise please.
  12. friends, I have a big problem,I have an agreed overdraft of £5000 and my account in the last few months has been around £4800 overdraft.I was very happy when I thought that I may manage by sending only the pay slips.But now after seeing the recent posts I am just wondering whether I should send the bank statements as well,or send only employers letter and 3 months payslips,or wait till my bank balance improves to apply for ILR.I will complete 5 years soon and I need to apply for citizenship as well soon.I haven't used the public funds but used only the allowed OD eventhough it is a huge amount.Any suggestions.
  13. I thought we need to send only 3 months payslip or bank statement.No mention of P60 in the ILR SET(0) form.
  14. I called again today.They said the same and told me to either ring every day or send by post.I will send by post
  15. I feel cheated.I tried on the 5thof june sharp at 9.00 am and one guy told me , with dependents there are no place available anywhere in the country and our recommendation is to send it by post and same day afternoon funtoosh gets!!Congratulations funtoosh