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  1. Wanderlust, my dear Kukla! Flattery will take you everywhere :silly: It will be your turn in February, there's no escaping from it!
  2. Hello Mars, That's great news! I said never loose hope I knew I would make someone happy :-* Congratulations!
  3. Guys, I can confirm General Adult is calling around. I will release my GAP place for somebody else as I have already accepted Forensic. For those with no offers yet - please don't despair, there will be offers for a few days at least, I am 100% sure of that. Good Luck!
  4. Thanks Folks for the Wishes! It still needs to sink in.... I will answer your question re: how they notified - By BOTH - Phone call and email almost at the same time (Around 16:45). I think Forensic and GAP are running in separate and parallel directions. I haven't heard from GAP, my guess is they will be a lot slowlier as they had to go through a lot more candidates and the organization seemed less linear. The Forensic Panel was incredibly well organized and pleasant - and a lot remains to be said on the value of having 3 panels of 10 minutes each (GAP) were some members didn't even have the time to look at your eyes, being busy reading the next question. In Forensic, two very well appointed panels took their time to go through what they had to in 15 minutes. No mess. Thumbs up. I left with the feeling I told them what I needed to and they had a glimpse of who I am. Not so in GAP, where I left with the feeling that I was just a number. Anyway, definitely time to party now. Good luck to those who are waiting. :silly:
  5. BIIIGGGG commitment folks!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: OOOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD Looks like I should consider which hairstyle suits me best - any suggestion for a Forensic SpR? Unbelievable but London is already sending OFFERS!'!!! I got offered a Forensic Run-through, which is exactly what I was after and where I was after it. After narrowly missing out last year in London, doing a LAT in Southampton, turning down further LATs around the country, and interviews in Cambridge,... the rollercoaster is finally over, at least for the next 2 or 3 years. Good Luck to all those who are waiting, And congrats to those who will receive offers,. To those who don't -- just one thought that has accompanied me since first failing MRCPsych Clinical back in 2004: nevergiveup and keep believing in yourself. I saw excellent candidates on both occasions - there will be many more places next round - they need us. OK Now it's Partytime.
  6. OK Folks, more infos: Apparently, Forensic has 10 places up for grab in substantive run-through. 25 will be interviewed tomorrow. Results for all specialities are meant to be out by the end of next week, and I will change my hairstyle if this actually happens. Especially if news will be good :-*
  7. I've had same answer, except, they are all Run through and NO LATS
  8. Just to let folks know... Forensic invitations are finally out! Uffff... :silly:
  9. I can confirm General Adult shortlisting is out , I was invited this morning. Forensic is still happening, possibly Monday. All the best to everyone.
  10. Hello Mad Max! ST4 in London? There's no such thing in 2008 - unless you had your place pre-booked and fenced off last year directly from MTAS! I haven't spotted any run-through in General Adult ST4 in the whole country (except East Midland's 2). Or did I miss something? No, I have turned down a very generous LATST4 'somewhere' in north nottinghamshire to take up a CT3 at SLAM. Such is life. I'm sure soon or later things will be back to normal, until then.... Priority is private life. I have a gorgeous girlfriend that deserves me near to her. You?
  11. Hi Folks! Anyone interested in a place to stay in Southampton? I live currently in a very nice 1B flat that I need to leave - my new job starts in August but my contract expires in September, so I would welcome someone taking over. It's in the main University area (Portswood) and brand new refurbished. Very convenient for Department of Psychiatry at RSH and for any job in Southampton, really. I pay only £550 per month, I'm sure price won't change much. It's a Victorian terraced house on ground floor, has got parking place, bike store, backgarden, telephone line, kitchen, bathroom and a few pieces of furnitures can easily be made available by myself or the landlord. It's technically unfurnished, though, so I'm not sure if you're moving in on your own, if you have furnitures and so on. Neighbours are fine and discrete. To be honest, you can't get better than that for the money in Southampton. Alternatively, it could be used as a base for the first month (time that I get organized in London and you find your foot in southampton!) with my furniture to use at a smaller price.
  12. WoW Well done mate, I hope you enjoy it! If you like let me know where you'll ba allocated and I can give you some insiders knowledge. I am based at Southampton General, doing the Liaison job - will be leaving for London (SLAM) in August. I could help with accommodation as well if you'll be ased in So'ton. Cheerio
  13. mad max, my fellow! We'll be fine I'm sure before 2018 Actually this particular offer will be declined by mad me. These days one must be mad to give up a ST4 - even if LAT - offer in favour of a CT3. If that're true, then I must be Sectionable. See you in London some time. I heard the Maudsley is a decent place. :-[ :
  14. Hi Icon, unfortunately we are bound to confidentiality about interview in details.. I guess we can say simply that the panels were many (5!) each considering different aspects, the usual ones - clinical, portfolio review, research and teaching - plus the audit presentation and a group exercise. Don't ask me more on that, let's say it was sort of fun! Ah, and the case scenario came complete with actress. Good Luck in 3 year's time when new ST4 jobs will finally be advertised. :'(
  15. OK,, some news, I got offered a LAT by east midlands. Very likely to turn it down as i already am doing a 12 months LAT. My understanding is that only one year can be counted towards CCT? Anyone has different news on that? BTW Yes there were only 2 substantive posts. And HR confirms that very unlikely that they will have any more ST4 vacancies in a good while thanks to posts being held for ST3s (and next year's ST3s and the one after...) Do we really all want to wait 3 years doing locums and stuff? WTF?