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  1. I ahve been treating a 43yr old genltleman just diagnosed with bipolar disorder ,he developed hyperammonemia in about 3weeks of starting valproate .
  2. 3DI conducted by institute of child health london is also useful costs about 700 pounds
  3. I think sometime ago was mentioned on this forum for templates.i have used some of them they r good
  4. I did my exam there spring 06 the hospital is a small one,exam was well organised very friendly organisers. Accent was not an issue. overall good centre Wish You Good Luck for the exam
  5. QEPH have general adult,old age,eating disorder unit,perinatal unit
  6. Anyone with any info on Leverndale Hospital Glasgow pls have my exam there
  7. I had my exam in bedford last time The organisation was poor.My patient was going out in between the examination and the organisers would not bother to bring him back unless I went out and asked for him They would assume that I had finished taking long case in 15 mins This did have an impact on my anxiety levels and time for completeing the history .I did convey this to the examiners however it did not make much difference as they did not even acknowledge it forget considering the issue.
  8. Thanks mee for the very useful info
  9. Thanks for the good tips mee Can anyone please tell how to tackle patients who give very little info and those who walk out in the middle. Thanx in anticipation
  10. Hi all I called up the royal college and the reply was ' The college is aware of it and are investigating the issue' ' Its only a tiny number of candidates that are affected and they will be contacted by letter soon and if u dont hear dont worry ' and at last 'THE COLLEGE WILL BE FAIR TO EVERY ONE ' can u beleive it
  11. Introversion is thought to be due to excessve sympathetic lability.--FALSE Introversion and Extroversion --Balance of ARAS Neuroticism--Excessive sympathetic liability
  12. 8. Autistic children do not show attachment to mothers -FALSE
  13. 11. Autistic children are unable to make eye to eye contact --FALSE
  14. 2. Theory of mind difficulties are as common in the general population as they are in people with autistic spectrum disorders --FALSE