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  1. Anyone who has been to the recent ST4 old age clinical scenario staton, could you please describe how to approach the station please You are a newly appointed ST4 trainee in old age psychiatry. Martha Jones is an 84 year old lady who has been admitted to the organic in-patient ward 2 weeks ago having been found wandering. She had an ACE of 68 and was found to have a urine infection that has been treated. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s has been made following a CT scan that showed atrophy. A repeat ACE has improved to 73 – dropping marks in recall and orientation, with errors copying a star. She was previously living independently. She wants to go back home when she is feeling better, however her daughter/son wants her to move straight into a local dementia registered residential home. The occupational therapy assessment indicates she would probably manage at home with a care package three times a day. In the last ward round the consultant noted she had capacity to decide to go home. The patient’s notes indicate she lives alone in council rented downstairs flat with a cat. Martha’s daughter wants to speak to you about discharge plans. You have Martha’s permission to speak to family. You have 15 minutes with the daughter/son but you can finish earlier if you choose to do so. The interviewers will assess your communication skills and your ability to form a successful doctor – carer partnership