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  1. Moving with children for 1 year LAT post? A difficult decision to make. If you are happy with your current job and if you can continue in that job for 1 more year, why cant you stick to it and try next year. Just a thought. In my opinion, it is not very hard to get a ST4 number anymore if you can prepare well. Obviously you know your strengths and weakkness and you are the best person to make the decision. Good luck.
  2. I had another query - after getting ILR and returning to India, can a person come back few years later if needed? I heard from someone that after 2 yrs ILR can become invalid if you are away from UK. I heard something similar to this and so I will do bit of research on this.
  3. There is a sense of security with British citizenship particularly if you want to comeback to Britain in the future or your children for education or work. You never know the rules in future to enter Britain. You also dont need to get any visa for many countries if you go on holidays.
  4. Hi all, I was researching the pros and cons of getting British passport and wanted to share my research findings. This is very relevant if you are planning to go back to your home country particularly India. After obtaining British citizenship if you decide to settle down in India, you can renounce your british citizenshp and get an Indian passport after 1 year of residence in India. But your children won't be able to renounce their British citizenship until they become 18.So they won't be able to get Indian citizenship. This means your children will have to pay higher fees in most schools and they can only apply to certain colleges which have NRI quoto and will have to pay NRI fee which is often very high. Unfortunately most good professional colleges do not admit NRIs. On the postitive side, they can come to UK for further education but I am not sure whether the British universities will admit them if they had done their schooling in India.
  5. Why do people care whether India cares?
  6. Thanks Sure. That reassures me. I hope they don't change that. I think you must have read this by now.... http://www.ukba.home.../goodcharacter/ We will carry out criminal record checks on all applications from people aged 10 and over. You must also provide details of all civil proceedings which have resulted in a court order being made against you. You must give details of all unspent criminal convictions. This includes road traffic offences but not fixed penalty notices (such as speeding or parking tickets) unless they were given in court. You must include all drink-driving offences. An explanation of unspent convictions is given below.
  7. How will the traffic offences affect the application for ILR and citizenship according to the new changes? I have got 3 points for speeding
  8. Yes. BMA will refuse as your issue is predated to ur membership. it is simple psychreg ask BMA to help now. If they help keep your subscription going. If they say no cancel it this months itself as it is of no us otherwise. BMA will not get involved with an already existing case prior to joining. Its like asking Insurance to cover a pre-existing fault.
  9. Sorry. But that is not a real non profit course if the trust gets money out of it for the CPD fund.
  10. I am loosing my confidence now. May be I will end up living here all my life. Anyway, Hope you have a nice trip.
  11. Communication skills for psychiatrists are as important as surgical skills for a surgeon. A person who lacks knowledge can still pretend successfully in exams if he has excellent communication skills. Overseas doctors are disadvantaged in this respect as they never had communication training as undergraduates and once again English is a second language. So it is not easy to change ur communication immediately but try to mirror ur consultant or spr on the ward as much as possible. Try and perform OSCE infront of ur critical colleagues and get feedback on ur communication. The local MRCPsych courses should focus repeatedly on communication skills ignoring useless lectures. So guys, Don't waste ur time writing petitions planning to sue the college etc. Focus on communication and I am sure you can win. Let me finish with an example. In 2007 I was a first year SHO and I did an OSCE station in local teaching. The station was to explain lithium. I told him everything you could read in a text book and I felt that I did brilliantly because I had not even left out a small side effect of Lithium. Mind you I had an MD from India and my knowledge was good. The actor told me that if he were a real patient he would never take Lithium as he felt that I scared him with all the side effects. He said that he would rather suffer with depression than taking that scary drug. Eventhough I was knowledgeable I was unable to sell my knowledge due to my appalling communication skills. The examiner told me that it was a clear fail. It does not matter what you say but how you say that really matters. I hope I have not patronised anyone. Good luck guys.
  12. I disagree with you Dorian. I can appreciate dream's efforts but the comment he made about the accent deserves some strong protest. If he had not meant the accent, let him explain. Dream - Good luck with your work and I think you have got everything else right. But if you think the accent is making the difference then the college needs to change.
  13. It is unfair that the SAS doctors get a poor deal in NHS. Little chance for career progression, high defense union costs, little or no funds for training, poor salary - These were the things which made me strive for a training post. SAS doctors need more recognition in the NHS. I think SAS doctors get a poor deal particularly in psychiatry as oncalls are not available to them.
  14. MDU - defense union BMA - trade union They are for different purpose. Defense union helps with medico legal cases, GMC issues, negligence issues and compensation. It is like a medical insurance. You are already covered by NHS indemnity but it is always important to have your own defense union as sometimes the trust will try to safeguard their own interests which might leave u in a limbo. MDU is probably most expensive but you can shop around. Get quotes from other defense unions like MPS. In contrary, trade union helps with pay and contract issues. It is not so important but if you have problems with your pay etc you will have noone to support you. I personally have both but I would say defense union is more important than trade union.
  15. Exactly. That is what I am doing. At ST4 level most of the candidates are appointable and the competition is tougher than the previous level so the higher the number of vacancies, the higher the chance of being successful. It's as simple as that. What if everyone decides to do the same??