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  1. Well, that came as something of a shock. A great deal of emphasis on the symptomatology of lobe lesions including EEG appearance, incidence rates for psychiatric disease, genetics and, for some reason, Child and Adolscent Psychiatry! The question style has changed significantly. Rather than being presented with a stem naming a condition and a list of symptoms one of which may be correct you are presented with a description of symptoms that someone comes to see you with and from that you've to work out what they've got and then, based on that figure out what the result of some test might be. For example: A 37 year old woman comes to see you complaining of jerky movements of her arm and neck, her mother died in a nursing home in her 60's what EEG findings would you expect to see in this woman? (sorry, don't remember the answers)
  2. Paper 2 course - Question focussed with discussion and access to books and the internet. Found it quite useful but not as intense as I was expecting it to be. Other's there said they'd got more out of the Manchester course. Paper 1 course - cancelled at short notice - unforseen ircumstances - refund pending.
  3. It may also come in under the neuroanatomy heading - gross vs microscopic changes seen in the various dementias and other brain diseases.
  4. Does anyone have any information about the Oxford course? Particularly positive experience of friends or colleagues? They claim a 96% pass rate on their website -
  5. If your six-month post was educationally approved then it should count towards time served. However, you will still need to meet the new criteria with respect to WBPAs The requirements can be found here: All the best
  6. As far as I'm aware, having evidence of successfully completing approved SHO posts is sufficient. If you want evidence for your portfolio and have the time there are CPD modules on the website specifically designed for Foundation trainees. Don't forget though that most SHO will be having similar problems.