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  1. i agree with you..they should let us know about our ranking...no one knows whats happening.. there is a full potential for selection bias with the present situation...ridiculous..
  2. congrats guys!!
  3. is it allowed? :
  4. of course you can reject FTSTA for ST3...congratulations anyway...good luck with your new career
  5. looks complicated.... : : :
  6. I received ST 2 offer in Yorkshire yesterday afternoon and accepted it.
  7. congrats appa...i thought they would start offering jobs from tuesday onwards...i guess it is different for different deaneries..anyways...cheers for ur success
  8. pfx, this website mentioned by does not mention about any swaps but rather states, [highlight]EndTheMadness.org is an ambitious and unique effort to combat the angst and hardships associated with dating in the religious Jewish community[/highlight] any clarification on that please..
  9. Thanks drphoenix, it looks promosing now....lets see in the coming week whats in our destiny. cheers for that and best wishes to u.
  10. Thanks Irfan..Much apprecited..
  11. from the poll and the experiences shared earilier, scotland seems to be the best so far in managing this recruitmant process.
  12. all the best NY!! there ought to be some decline of post...all the best to you..
  13. no point complaining but i believe some amount of discrimination or favouritism is bound to take place everywhere and england is no different..
  14. i agree...
  15. any other people who declined st2 yorkshire? would be much appreciated.. cheers!! :