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  1. I came back to this forum after a number of years to find some info for a course and then I bumped into your posts/blog which have significantly shifted from some 4-5 years ago. I suppose the most pertaining question at the moment is: how are you?
  2. not necessarily. There are different levels of authentication
  3. Or use lastpass and generate password
  4. Thanks for selling my password which happens to be my email, bank account etc password! Could I have the share of the sale please? On a serious note, thank you for update.
  5. Dear WM Is this website immune from Heartbleed bug or do we need to change password? Regards Concerned citizen!
  6. I cannot suggest here. Sort of advertising and against the rules of house
  8. I said a bit! not full
  9. You are right NY. I attended a SIMG meeting recently and it appears that majority of the SMIGs will be able to get into the SCP which they are hoping to open again in the middle of this year. The level of extra training will be decided on which country you have your specialist training from. Apparently the the no of extra years will range from 1 to 3 years before you achieve your fellowship. Sorry Yellow is not my colour!!! a bit colour blind!! and is it SIMG or SMIG? can you give us the full sentence rather than acronym thanks
  10. Check in with a psychotherapist!!! they make a living out of psychiatrists wanting 1:1!!!
  11. WM what happened to all windows phones etc...
  12. I guess a bit of intoxication makes you read 2013 instead of 2012! thanks for reminding!
  13. depends on what you want I need Internet and lots of it Here is my package with Vodafone that I am happy with: Unlimited minutes and text and unlimited internet for three months thereafter 16 GB with iPhone 5s 16GB and free spotify for a year (which would be £120 if bought separately). all for £62 which after NHS discount comes down to £50. Vodafone has a good signal in my area that 3, O2 and Orange (which has Masts on my building!) didn't have. They also can give you Sure Signal which is a device that relays your calls through your home broadband and gives you 100% signal at home ( I think it is a one off £50) But search the signal map of all networks, they usually have coverage map.
  14. Welcome! I have gone thru the exams/st and now a consultant. It is a hard life and a lot of responsibility. It is a completely different world than whatever job you have done. If you are happy with the current job (and you seem to be) and don't have financial issues (consultant job doesn't give you that much extra), I would stick to the Specialty Grade and go up the salary scheme annually. However, if consultant degree is a must for you, I would advise the article 14 route. It is a hard job to gather lost of evidence but I have seen a colleague who did it in less than a year. It is difficult to pass the exams in one year so the former option is more practical in my view.
  15. I may be wrong but you only need AC status for those jobs that have inpatient care for the purpose of MHRT/Managers Hearing etc. If the job is in community you don't need that.